State Stewardship Group

The State Stewardship Group (SSG) comprises of members from the sector and government, with specific interest, knowledge and resources to be able to influence and effect targeted employment and training solutions and outcomes at a local and state-wide level.

The SSG aims to:

  • Foster purposeful strategic relationships that provide new insights, ideas, ways of understanding and solving problems at the whole of system level and ensure that local networks are supported and connected to the big picture
  • Support the immediate challenges associated with ensuring adequate workforce supply and capability
  • Guide and direct the place based planning
  • Respond to place based needs and emerging issues at a state-wide level
  • Monitor place based and state-wide readiness
  • Ensure a coordinated approach to sector and government activities
  • Set priorities
  • Provide advice and make decisions leading to outcome focussed workforce solutions
  • Identify and coordinate relevant statewide employment and training initiatives
  • Leverage of existing state, national and local programs/initiatives
  • Apply knowledge gained through the progressive roll out of the NDIS


State Advisory Group

The State Advisory Group is comprised of people drawn from various influential stakeholder groups. This group provides strategic advice to inform development of the Strategy and assist in shaping deliverables associated with the NDIS NGO Workforce Strategy.

Its purpose is to:

  • Ensure strategic advice for project priorities and the long term work of the Strategy
  • Enable high level coordination and collaboration
  • Inform strategic approaches that can tier down and be customised to regions
  • Bring forward workforce intelligence and best practice, and promote understanding