WorkAbility Queensland provided both local and state-wide workforce solutions, building on the sector’s existing strengths and networks across the state. The Strategy was designed to enable local workforce solutions for local needs through partnership and collaboration with key stakeholders to ensure Queensland would have the right people, with the right skills, in the right place, at the right time to achieve full implementation of the NDIS by July 2019. In order to meet these key priorities, the strategy aimed to deliver:

Place Based Activity

Local leadership, coordination and workforce planning in each region to assist the sector to build a skilled, sustainable and diverse NDIS workforce. This included formation of local stakeholder working groups to support workforce development that meets the needs of the people with disability in the region.

State-wide Coordination

Foster purposeful strategic relationships across the skills eco-system to inform, guide, support and direct the development and implementation of the workforce strategies that meet the needs of the NDIS.

NDIS Jobs Promotion

Deliver targeted strategies to promote the diverse range of jobs and careers in the disability sector.

Training Quality Strategy

Undertake work to ensure quality, timely training is available to better support the development of skills and attributes required to meet the implementation demands of the NDIS.

Strategic Partnerships and Leverage of Resources

Establish a range of strategic partnerships and harness and leverage resources across the skills eco-system to meet the demands of the NDIS rollout.

Workforce Research

Undertake a range of research projects to provide valuable intelligence about the types of skills, workers, demand and changes in the NDIS workforce environment over time.


Evaluate the impact and effectiveness of the Strategy.