Interviews are underway with Queensland disability employers to inform the development of the Common Induction for NDIS Workforce Micro Credential.

Project Officer Tannia Lancaster has been meeting with providers from the project’s Advisory Committee to determine key themes and elements for inclusion in the Micro Credential.

The Credential is a pilot initiative being led by WorkAbility Qld. Its aims to create a shorter learning opportunity for NDIS workers to meet Industry and organisational training requirements around a mandatory induction for new employees and will incorporate priority industry skills and common required elements of training.

Project Officer Tannia Lancaster said interviews with multiple service providers showed common areas of industry need that could be addressed in the pilot.

“In the interviews we ask employers what the top four areas or elements that are important to them when inducting a new person to the workplace. For example, what skills must a
new worker have in order to do their job effectively.”

“Generally speaking there has been many commonalities with key areas emerging such as professional boundaries and WH&S (including manual handling) ranking highest on the list of responses due to duty of care being a legal requirement. After that some of the other responses related to assisting with medication, specialization in high care needs, and roles and responsibilities.”

The Micro Credential pilot project team will continue to gather intelligence and information through further interviews with other stakeholders across Queensland.

The final product for the Common Induction for NDIS Workforce Micro-credential will be industry endorsed, portable and responsive to industry workforce skilling priorities.

This micro-credential pilot project is funded by Department of Education Small Business and Training (DESBT), and will be developed and delivered with selected partners in Far North Queensland and South East Queensland in 2021.

To read more about the NDIS Micro Credential Pilot Project click here.

To have your say on the development of the Common Induction for NDIS Micro Credential please email Project Officer [email protected]

Picture: Project Officer Tannia Lancaster interviewing Sarah Dart, HR Manager and Dave Holden, HR Officer from ARC Disability Services Inc.

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Date published
March 15, 2021