A new online learning program is available for people that are looking to self-manage their own plan or are currently self-managing and looking to increase their skills and knowledge.

Self Managing your NDIS Plan includes ten e-learning modules and has been developed by Care College through co-design with QDeNgage consultants as part of the NTSSS. project.

This is a free Industry resource to help build greater NDIS participant capability and empower individuals to confidently manage all/some/part of a plan in a way of their choosing through the modules.

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Modules include:

  • Introduction to Self-Management 
  • Understanding your NDIS plan 
  • Reviewing your plan and advocacy 
  • Setting up the structure you want 
  • Managing workers 
  • Working with Allied Health Professionals 
  • Managing your records and financial obligations 
  • Setting up a process that works for you 
  • Transitioning to Self-Management
  • Participants stories x 2 

The Self Managing your NDIS Plan helps to build greater NDIS participant capability.
Date published
December 9, 2021