Mothers day presents

70 Luxury Gifts for Mom That She’ll Adore (and You’ll Want to Steal)

This audiobook service has a similar fee structure and selection to others we’ve tried, but each purchase supports a local bookstore. Plus, the in-app recommendations are a cut above.

The 35 Best Gifts for Mom

A selection of the best gifts for mom, including slippers, bath bombs, and flowers.

For the holiday season, we’ve kept our favorites, and we’ve added some standout finds, like a luxe comb, a seminal tome, and a fancy silk pillowcase.

Mothers come in various shapes, sizes, ages, and attitudes. But they all have something in common: They are loved and thoroughly deserving of a thoughtful gift for everything they do. Of course, every day is the perfect day to celebrate an excellent mom. Whether you’re a doting child, a devoted partner, or a fellow mom acknowledging a job well done, the gifts ahead pay tribute to all of the mothers we’re lucky to know and love.

Sleeping beauty

Two pillows with Lilysilk 25 Momme Oxford Envelope Luxury Pillowcases, shown on top of a bed.

Mothers day presents

Lilysilk 25 Momme Oxford Envelope Luxury Pillowcase

This pillowcase, made from the highest-grade mulberry silk, is lustrous and weighty right out of the box.

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Silk pillowcases absorb less product from your skin and create less friction than their cotton counterparts, so they are a favorite item of beauty-conscious sleepers. Moms who live in dry climates and those with curly locks may particularly appreciate what a smoother night’s sleep can do for their skin and hair. Our top choice for the category is the Lilysilk 25 Momme Oxford Envelope Luxury Pillowcase. It’s made with 6A mulberry silk, the highest grade, and has a luxurious 750 thread count. The instructions suggest hand-laundering only, and senior editor Jen Hunter has had great success regularly washing her pillowcase with Soak detergent.

Classic Cali vase

Mothers day presents

Heath Ceramics Bud Vase

Available in four solid colors and two patterns, this petite vase makes a bright addition to a nightstand or windowsill.

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The Heath Ceramics Bud Vase is a timeless classic, designed in the 1980s by Edith Heath, the late, legendary American studio potter who co-founded Heath Ceramics with her husband, Brian. Choose from two patterns and four solid colors, including a lavender-hued pink and an indigo blue. At 3¾ inches tall, the vase may seem slight for the price, but moms with an eye for artisanal beauty will appreciate that it can spark joy in any small corner, with or without a few blooms.

Hair apparent

Mothers day presents

Yves Durif Comb

Handmade in Italy from ivory-toned resin, this chic, wide-toothed comb works both for detangling and for styling.

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Big-ticket luxuries (a fancy dinner, sparkly jewelry) are splashy. Yet everyday ones (good tea, a plush robe) might do more to tilt the proverbial quality-of-life scale. Case in point: If your dear mother is still wielding an old drugstore comb after showering, you can do her the favor of introducing the wide-toothed and durable Yves Durif Comb. Handmade in Italy from cream-hued resin, this elegant comb is anti-static, and it works to detangle and style all hair types. With a softly curved back and architecturally tapered teeth, it is a pleasure to hold and behold.

By and of women

A copy of the book Our Selves: Photographs by Women Artists, on top of a table.

Mothers day presents

Our Selves: Photographs by Women Artists

Encompassing over a century of photography, this coffee-table book explores expansive ideas of womanhood.

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Our Selves: Photographs by Women Artists is the companion book to the groundbreaking 2022 Museum of Modern Art exhibition, and it includes over a century of photography, ranging in forms from advertising to social documentary. With striking images captured by iconic as well as lesser-known artists, this collection explores how photography can kickstart socio-political movements, such as queer liberation and civil rights. Interspersed with 13 thought-provoking essays, the silver tome may also spark conversations around the coffee table, instead of simply sitting on it.

Cozy cashmere

A woman wears the Naadam The Orignal Cashmere Sweater in navy blue.

Our pick

Mothers day presents

Naadam The Original Cashmere Sweater Women’s

Our favorite cashmere sweater is both luxuriously soft and shockingly affordable. It comes in seven sizes and over a dozen colors.

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As comfortable as a robe but with a bit more sartorial flair, Naadam’s The Original Cashmere Sweater makes a gorgeous gift. During our testing, we were happy to discover that this sweater felt luxuriously soft—despite its reasonable price. It comes in a bunch of colors and a wide range of sizes, so it can work for postpartum mothers and empty nesters alike. If you have a little more to spend, and you want to really wow her, the Naadam Cashmere Duster Cardigan feels like a wearable blanket yet looks like an elegant cape.

A scarf of all trades

A person wearing a gray Scarf Shop Cotton Giant scarf.

Mothers day presents

Scarf Shop Cotton Giant

This enormous cotton scarf can work as a drapey statement piece or an impromptu picnic blanket, sunshade, or nursing cover. It’s handmade, so order ahead.

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The Scarf Shop Cotton Giant Scarf measures 54 by 108 inches—larger than a twin mattress! So it can act as a statement piece/neck warmer or, when called upon, a picnic blanket, a sunshade, a nursing cover, or even an emergency towel. These gauzy cotton scarves are extremely soft and come in a ton of hand-dyed colors. And, most importantly, they’re machine-washable. But you should note that because they’re handmade, shipping can take a few weeks.

Literary listening

Mothers day presents Membership

This audiobook service has a similar fee structure and selection to others we’ve tried, but each purchase supports a local bookstore. Plus, the in-app recommendations are a cut above.

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On the surface, is a lot like other audiobook services: A $15 monthly fee entitles subscribers to one title a month, plus a 30% discount on additional à la carte books. Listeners can return books that are not to their liking, and subscribers can cancel at any time without penalty. But that’s where the similarities end. Rather than supporting an oligopoly, lets customers choose an indie bookstore (by name or location) to support via their purchases. And the editorial content—including bookseller picks and themed reading lists—is far superior.

A cotton kaftan

A person wearing a colorful cotton kaftan.

Mothers day presents

Silkandmore Cotton Kaftan

Don’t let the chaotic Etsy page deter you. This lightweight kaftan—with its generous cut and wide range of prints and colors—suits almost every body type and style preference.

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If your mom has even a glimmer of Stevie Nicks energy, she’ll love sashaying around in Silkandmore’s Cotton Kaftan—the boho answer to the house dress. This breezy, one-size-fits-most kaftan’s construction is relatively simple: a rectangle of fabric with a reinforced V-neck, interior drawstring waist, kimono-like sleeves, and subtle side slits. It’s handmade in India of mulmul cotton (a fine, flowy fabric that gets softer with washing). Staff writer Samantha Schoech (who co-wrote this guide) said she finds the longer, ankle-length kaftan more versatile, but there’s also a knee-length version. She wears hers as a beach cover-up, a nightgown, and even a sundress (she owns three, so one is always laundered and ready to wear).

Flowery feet

Mothers day presents

Adb Botanical Color Flower Power Bamboo Socks

These soft, ribbed bamboo socks are pigmented with flower-based dyes. Each pair is unique, but the colors do fade slightly with washing.

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Remember ironing botanicals between two sheets of wax paper and giving the finished product to your mom? Adb Botanical Color’s Flower Power Bamboo Socks—which are dyed by hand using pigments from plants like cosmos, marigolds, and red rice—are the grown-up version of that childhood gift. Each super-soft pair is slightly different, and they’re all as vibrant as wildflower fields. They come with hand-washing instructions, but our tester threw them in the machine, and though they did fade a little, they were no worse for wear.

Eco soap

Mothers day presents

Mater Re-bar Rope Soap

This single bar is made from repurposed soap ends. It’s strung along a water-resistant coconut husk rope, lending an artful flourish to shower time.

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In some stages of motherhood, a quick shower is the most “me time” a mom will get. The harried hero you know may appreciate the unusual beauty of Mater Re-Bar Rope Soap, a one-of-a-kind, terrazzo-inspired bar strung along a coconut husk rope. In her Brooklyn studio, Mater Soap founder Addison Walz molds together cut ends from the manufacture of the brand’s more-traditional bars. This soap is made from a blend of natural oils (olive, coconut, castor, avocado) and butters (shea, mango). The Re-Bar Rope Soap—which can be looped over a shower valve or bath spout—gets softer and prettier with each lather.

Good hair days

Close-up of a Day Rate Beauty Petite Power Pin in someone's hair.

Mothers day presents

Day Rate Beauty Petite Power Pin

This 5.5-inch sturdy metal pin comes in nearly a dozen shades. And it holds most hair lengths and textures more securely and elegantly than a traditional elastic (but the technique takes practice).

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Give the gift of good hair days in a few seconds flat with this excellent accessory. The Day Rate Beauty Petite Power Pin comes in nearly a dozen sizes, and there are 11 colors to choose from, so they can blend in with or stand out against any hair color. Supervising editor Hannah Morrill reports that just one 5.5-inch pin (in prosecco) is enough to tame her thick, medium-length hair. She says the technique takes a little practice, but the end result is more elegant than her go-to “mom bun.”

Notes of her own

Top view of Papier Notebook.

Mothers day presents

Papier Hardback Notebook

This lovely and affordable hardback notebook can be customized with details like monogramming and cover colors.

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Whether the mom you adore is at work on her next masterpiece or just the parent tasked with keeping everyone’s schedule straight, she’ll likely appreciate a lovely and personal notebook. The Papier Notebook has a two-tone hardback cover, and you can choose the colors. It also includes 96 pages of lined, plain, or bullet-dotted paper to house her musings, keen observations, and grocery lists. You can monogram the front cover so everyone knows it’s hers. Or you could give it a boring label, like “Taxes,” so no one will bother to read it.

Botanical napkins

Mothers day presents

June and December Wild Pretties Napkins

These four flour-sack napkins are lovely and absorbent. And they still look good after multiple washings in a machine.

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Cloth napkins can transform even the most mundane meal into a fancy-feeling affair. There’s one problem—most become marred with unsightly stains after just a few dinners. That’s why June and December’s Wild Pretties Napkins are such a find. They are preshrunk and machine-washable; it’s even safe to iron and bleach them, which supervising editor Hannah Morrill said she’s done without any fading. And each screen-printed flour-sack cotton napkin is reversible, with two illustrations (wild carrot and alfalfa, dandelion and clover sprig).

A breezy nightgown

Two people reclining, arms touching, while wearing vintage style white cotton nightgowns from Heirloom Art Co.

Mothers day presents

Heirloom Art Co. Long Sleeve White Cotton Nightgown

These affordable nightgowns are old-fashioned in all the best ways, with options for ribbons, pleats, embroidery, and buttons on a variety of flowy styles. Be warned: They’re a bit transparent, for a barely there feel.

Buying Options

Depending on how deep in the mom trenches your recipient happens to be, her own sleepwear is likely the last thing on her mind. Change that up by giving her one of Heirloom Art Co.’s White Cotton Nightgowns. The flowy, Victorian-style offerings are just right for glamorously streaming Netflix after the kids go to bed. They’re perfect for waltzing around in the wee hours of the morning like a modern-day Jane Austen heroine. And they’re great under a cardigan when you need to hop in the car to do a school drop-off. These versatile gowns are sheer but not see-through, and they come in a number of lengths and sleeve options to suit your mom’s style.

Wake up and smell the coffee

Three colorful bags of coffee from Atlas Coffee Club side by side.

Mothers day presents

Atlas Coffee Club

Monthly or bimonthly, this coffee subscription delivers beans from around the world, working with a region’s farms to fine-tune the brews.

Buying Options

We’ve tried countless great coffee subscriptions, but for the caffeine-craving mama with a global palate, your best bet is the Atlas Coffee Club. Each delivery hails from a different country, many of which are less-customary coffee destinations, such as India and Nicaragua. Atlas works directly with local farmers, so bean production can get creative; one recent project lauded by supervising editor Ben Keough used anaerobic fermentation to extract more-unusual flavors from an uncommon Indian coffee. You can choose whether to send a 12-ounce bag monthly or bimonthly, and each one arrives with a postcard featuring trivia about that country’s coffee industry. Your mom can choose her preferred roast and grind specifications.

Rock on

A blue Ultimate Ears Wonderboom 3 wireless speaker.

Mothers day presents

Ultimate Ears Wonderboom 3

Our favorite portable speaker provides good sound and has a tough exoskeleton, and it’s small enough to take anywhere. Plus, it’s waterproof.

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If your mom would prefer working out in the yard untethered by earbuds, or if she just needs a way to bring some jazz to a picnic, a portable Bluetooth speaker is the perfect gadget. Our favorite is the Ultimate Ears Wonderboom 3, which offers clear, full sound and is nearly unbreakable (it survived a 5-foot drop, no problem). And this model is small, so it’s easy to take on any journey. If that journey is just to the shower, this speaker is also waterproof.

The comfiest jammies

A person lounges on a couch petting their dog and wearing the Eberjey Gisele PJ Set in navy blue.

Mothers day presents

Eberjey Gisele PJ Set

This polished set is one of our sleep team’s favorites. These PJs come with pants or shorts, with long or short sleeves, and in dozens of colors.

Buying Options

With all the comfort of an oversize tee but exuding a far cuter aesthetic, the Eberjey Gisele PJ Set was among our absolute favorites from testing. After wearing these jersey pajamas for over three years, our staff tester reports that they still fit properly and feel soft, showing only minimal wear. The set offers several mix-and-match options for the tops and bottoms (you can choose short sleeves or long, with either shorts or pants). And these PJs come in more than a dozen pretty colors to suit any mom on your list.

Never-ending flowers

A bouquet of flowers in a clear glass jar.

Mothers day presents

The Bouqs Company

This is our pick for the best flower-delivery service, due its easy ordering and stylish bouquets. You can choose from three sizes, and the company reliably delivers anywhere in the US.

Buying Options

The pleasure of receiving a bundle of blossoms is nearly unparalleled. We get a jolt of energy every time we walk through a room and see cut flowers in a vase. Rather than presenting Mom with just one bouquet, though, why not extend her delight for six months or even a year? The Bouqs Company, our pick for the best online flower-delivery service, offers subscriptions for classic or seasonal arrangements that arrive weekly, twice monthly, or monthly. The first bouquet comes with a simple, clear glass vase.

Skin deep

The horse-hair-and-sisal body brush anda solid lotion “body stone

Mothers day presents

Kate McLeod The Body Routine Set

The horsehair-and-sisal body brush and solid lotion “body stone” together usher in super-soft skin and provide a pleasingly rugged sensory experience. This set is a little pricey, though.

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Every mom deserves a luxurious self-care moment, and Kate McLeod’s The Body Routine Set will elevate your own mom’s game. The at-home pamper set includes a horsehair-and-sisal body brush, which gently exfoliates. And there’s also a solid lotion “body stone,” which softens on contact with skin to dispense an elegant-smelling formula of cocoa butter with almond, apricot, avocado, and coconut oils. The whole thing comes packaged in a pretty makeup bag, so your mom won’t have trouble finding it among her other bathroom items. Supervising editor Daniela Gorny credits the set with keeping her skin soft, even in the California desert she calls home.

Some like it hot

Hot liquid in the Ember Mug.

Mothers day presents

Ember Mug 2

The heat source is built into the base of this favorite (but pricey) mug, so it stays warm even if you’re on the move. In true tech-era fashion, the temperature can be controlled via an app.

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Many moms know the struggle of trying to finish a cup of coffee in one sitting. But yours shouldn’t have to settle for a lukewarm brew. Enter the Ember Mug 2. Of the mug warmers we tested, this model was the most portable because its heat source is battery-powered and built into the base, rather than being a plug-in hot plate. Mom can adjust the temperature of her java using the Ember app on her smartphone. The mug cannot go in the dishwasher, so make this an even better gift by routinely hand-washing it for her.

Classic reading

Mothers day presents

Lives of Girls and Women

Nobel Prize–winning short-story author Alice Munro wrote only one novel—this slim, observant, witty story of a young girl growing up in rural Canada.

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If you’re the offspring of a literature-loving mom, give her the gift of reading (or rereading) The Lives of Girls and Women, the only novel by Nobel Prize–winning short-story author Alice Munro. This is the semi-autobiographical story of Dell, a young girl growing up surrounded by women in rural Ontario in the 1940s. The era, characters, and setting are wonderfully and particularly rendered (Munro is a preternatural observer of human behavior). Yet the themes of growing up, sex, love, birth, and death—the things that make up the lives of girls and women—are timeless and universal.

Cozy slippers

A person's feet up on a sofa shown wearing a pair of gray Glerups Wool Slippers Open Heel slippers.

Mothers day presents

Glerups Wool Slippers Open Heel

These slippers are the most durable and supportive felted-wool slippers we tested. They’re warm, but they breathe well, so your mom’s feet won’t get sweaty.

Buying Options

Mothers day presents

Glerups Wool Slipper Boots

These felted-wool boots cover the ankles, so they’re a good choice for colder climates, yet they’re still easy to slip on.

Buying Options

The mom in your life deserves—nay, needs—a warm pair of slippers to travel around the house in style. Get her the lightweight, breathable Glerups Wool Slippers Open Heel, among the best we’ve ever tested. Made from just one piece of felt, they’re less prone to splitting or degradation than other felted-wool slippers. And they’re easy to slide on and off, so your mom won’t have to bend down. For the mom with consistently chilly ankles, Glerups also makes felted Wool Slipper Boots. Both are also available in rubber-soled versions, which can be worn inside and outside the house.

Never-ending photos

A white Aura Carver digital frame.

Mothers day presents

Aura Carver

With a digital frame, a mom who lives far away can see new photos instantly. The Aura Carver stands out for its easy setup, vivid display, and pleasing design.

Buying Options

A digital photo frame can serve as a direct link between you and your mom, allowing you to send new photos right to her mantle, no matter how far away she lives. The Aura Carver, one of our favorite digital photo frames, is easy to set up, and it has a sharp, vivid display. Also, it works seamlessly on Android and iOS through a proprietary app. Simply upload your photos through the app (this makes Aura especially good for documenting Little League triumphs and other fleeting-but-important moments you’d like to share), and they’ll show up in the frame. One tip: After you get the frame, start contributing photos, so when your mom opens the package and powers up the Aura, the snaps will be ready and waiting.

Espresso at the ready

The Breville Bambino Plus, shown on a counter, with a coffee mug and houseplant shown next to it.

Mothers day presents

Breville Bambino Plus

This small but mighty espresso maker is easy to use, produces consistently rich shots, and has a sleek aesthetic.

Buying Options

The mama who loves espresso drinks will enjoy and likely use this gift every morning for years. After more than 80 hours of research and testing, we think the Breville Bambino Plus makes the best espresso at home: It’s easy to use, yet it produces consistently rich shots and perfectly steamed milk. And with its sleek, compact design, this machine will look pretty in any kitchen that’s lucky enough to have it.

A (nearly) smoke-free fire

A person with a blanket on their lap sitting by the Solo Stove Bonfire, shown with flames coming out of the top.

Mothers day presents

Solo Stove Bonfire 2.0

No fire pit is completely smoke-free. But with its signature airflow system, this stainless steel model comes pretty darn close.

Buying Options

Use promo code PARKS20

For the mom who likes spending time in the backyard or on the patio, a portable fire pit will help extend her outdoors time well into the evening. One of our favorites is the Solo Stove Bonfire 2.0, which, when operated correctly, burns wood with almost no detectable smoke. The airflow created by the stove’s double-walled design intensifies the heat of the fire, so it’s more efficient and less smoky.

A rainbow maker

The Kikkerland Solar-Powered Rainbow Maker in a sunny window, showing cheerful multicolored gears and a large hanging prism.

Mothers day presents

Kikkerland Solar-Powered Rainbow Maker

Suction this simple little machine to a sunny window, and the mini solar panel will spin the crystal, sending twinkling rainbows throughout the room.

Buying Options

The Kikkerland Solar-Powered Rainbow Maker will add some magic to any space. Just suction it to a window, and when the sun hits the solar battery, the crystals will start to rotate, refracting sunlight around the room and transforming it into a rainbow wonderland. To see it in action, check out this video.

An artsy apron

A person wearing the Rough Linen Pinafore apron, one of our best gifts for mom, in a neutral color.

Mothers day presents

Rough Linen The Original Linen Pinafore-Apron

This loose-fitting apron is absurdly comfy. And the thick linen keeps the cook protected while still looking and feeling cool.

Buying Options

Yes, buying your mom an apron might seem a little Leave It to Beaver. But Rough Linen’s absurdly comfy The Original Linen Pinafore-Apron is a great gift for anyone who spends time in the kitchen, regardless of how much they cook. (Even someone who’s just “supervising” risks being splattered.) A rectangle of fabric with two straps and big pockets, this entry looks less “prissy apron” and more “artsy smock,” and it’s actually really well designed. It’s loose in all the right places, but it won’t slip around as your mom moves. When testing the apron, we also liked the two giant hip pockets, which can fit everything from a phone to folded dish towels.

A new kitchen heirloom

A person holding the handles of a Le Creuset dutch oven, shown in orange enamel.

Mothers day presents

Le Creuset Round Dutch Oven (5.5 quarts)

This nearly indestructible enameled Dutch oven is a kitchen workhorse, and it performs equally well for braising, baking, and soup-making.

Buying Options

A common rite of adulthood involves parents passing down a well-used Le Creuset vessel to children who are leaving the nest. We say it’s time to turn the tide by giving the mom in your life Le Creuset’s Round Dutch Oven (5.5 quarts)—the upgrade pick in our guide to the best Dutch ovens. It’s large enough for soups and stews, and it makes great no-knead bread, too. Any mom who loves to cook will find herself repeatedly reaching for her Le Creuset all year long.

A classic carryall

A person wears the Cuyana Classic Easy Tote with its shape fully extended out.

Mothers day presents

Cuyana Classic Easy Tote

This unstructured, Italian leather tote can be cinched (to create a slimmer silhouette) or left open (to take full advantage of its generous capacity). But it has just one small pocket, so it isn’t the best bag for organization.

Buying Options

For many moms, a handbag is less an accessory than a utilitarian carryall—used to tote everything they could possibly need in a day, including sunscreen, hair ties, a water bottle, and an emergency PB&J. This year, upgrade your own mom’s go-everywhere, do-everything bag to the Cuyana Classic Easy Tote, one of our favorite tote bags. This bag can hold a lot and still look chic. It has short and long handles, so your mom can clasp it by hand or swing it over her shoulder. And interior ties transform it into a bundled, bucket-style bag for days when she’s carrying less. Make it even more special by adding a monogram.

A bracelet with meaning

A person's hand partially in the pocket of their jeans, wearing two Minimalistic Birthstones Bracelets with gold chains.

Mothers day presents

Danique Jewelry Minimalistic Birthstones Bracelet

This simple custom bracelet features one to six small birthstones to signify special months or dates. Other options include silver or gold chains and fixed or adjustable lengths.

Buying Options

Affordable and understated, Danique Jewelry’s Minimalistic Birthstones Bracelet features a dainty silver or gold chain, and it comes in several lengths to perfectly fit the recipient’s wrist. You can get the bracelet with just one gem (maybe her birthstone, or perhaps a stone in her favorite color) or several. If you don’t know your mom’s wrist size, you may be able to figure it out by measuring a bracelet or watch she already owns.

A woven bicycle basket

A vintage light blue bicycle with the woven Baba Tree Large Bicycle Basket.

Mothers day presents

Baba Tree Large Bicycle Basket

This cheery bicycle basket is handwoven in Ghana. It has leather straps and is big enough to transport your mom’s takeout order.

Buying Options

If the mom in your life loves to bike and routinely carries a purse, a baguette, and a blanket, consider getting her a bicycle basket. We particularly love the Baba Tree Large Bicycle Basket. Each one is handwoven in Ghana from locally sourced straws, so this gift is not only utilitarian but also beautiful and unique. And it’s a cinch to put on and take off: Two adjustable leather straps secure the basket to a bike’s handlebars.

A night (or two) away

A person in bed snuggled under a white quilt with sun sneaking through the curtains, representing a relaxing weekend away.

Being a mom is a wonderful experience, but it’s also a relentless and exhausting one. You may fool yourself into believing that you can give Mom a “night off” at home by pouring her a glass of wine, drawing her a bath, and giving her space. But it will be hard to keep her from responding to that little voice screaming, “Mommmmmmy!” Instead, give the mom you love a night (or the entire weekend) away from it all: A one-night stay at a luxury hotel (ideally somewhere with a bathtub and a nice view) would be the perfect escape. We’ve used Hotel Tonight to find last-minute, reduced-rate hotel rooms close to home (and, despite the name, the site does allow for planning ahead). Bonus points if the house is spotless when Mom returns.

A bevy of jelly

A set of six jars of We Love Jam in various flavors.

Mothers day presents

Welovejam Discount Jam Gift Box 6 pack

These distinctly flavored jams are nuanced and delicious, with a fresh, delicate consistency.

Buying Options

Whether the mom in your life is a toast devotee or a baker who enjoys using scrumptious ingredients, chances are good she’ll love receiving a beautiful bundle of jams. The We Love Jam Gift Box includes a customizable assortment. And it’s one of our favorite gift-basket ideas, thanks to the high-quality jams and the pretty packaging. To make the gift even more special, include a card with a personal message during checkout.

Pretty pouches

Mothers day presents

Lewis Zip Pouch Set

These zippered cotton pouches come in sets of three—and an array of prints—to keep purses, diaper bags, and backpacks a little more organized.

Buying Options

The Lewis Zip Pouch Set will be a godsend for your favorite mom, regardless of whether she needs to organize a baby stroller, a tea drawer, or a carry-on. Each set of three includes a small, medium, and large pouch in a cheery print. And since these pouches are made from machine-washable fabric and have a water-resistant lining, she won’t have to be too cautious: Spilled applesauce, smeared lipstick, and leaky sunscreen should all wash right out.

70+ Luxury Gifts for Mom That She’ll Adore (and You’ll Want to Steal)

Celebrate the leading ladies in your life with these stylish selections.

mothers day gift ideas

While the calendar may dictate that Mother’s Day falls on May 14 this year, we do happen to agree with the legions who believe that mothers should be celebrated every day. Does yours really need to wait through the darkest, coldest months of the year for some evergreen recognition, whether it’s via a handmade card, a sweet note, room service at a five-star hotel, or a trinket (perhaps packaged in a coveted orange or blue box)? No way! No mom in her right mind would turn down some luxurious pampering or a pricey cadeau if she receives it on a random Tuesday instead of a Hallmark holiday. So read on for a slew of stylish suggestions for what to get her whenever you’re feeling especially grateful.