Gifts for nurses

50 Great Gifts for Nurses That They’ll Actually Want

A nurse gift box can contain anything you want and anything the nurse may like. If you are stumped on what to include in your box, there are premade ones available to purchase.

45+ Best Gifts for Nurses: Clever Ideas and Awesome Tips!

45+ Best Gifts for Nurses: Clever Ideas and Awesome Tips!

Do you need help finding the best gifts for nurses? Be it Nurses Week, graduation, Christmas holidays, birthdays, or whatever the occasion, let our gift hunting guide give you ideas and help you find the perfect gifts for nurses!

Disclosure: Included in this article are affiliate links from Amazon where we may earn a small commission. Your purchase helps support our work. For more information, check out our privacy policy.

Factors to consider when choosing a gift:

  1. Budget. Consider your budget when buying gifts. If your budget is limited, only buy gifts that you can afford and pimp them up with personalized decor or message. Most of the time, inexpensive gifts are the ideal gifts. Included in this gift hunting guide are DIY gifts for nurses that are inexpensive, useful, and easy to do!
  2. Usefulness. Some people like receiving gifts that they can actually use. Consider their circumstance, their current status, and what they actually like or need.
  3. Appropriateness. Unless it’s a close family or friend, do not buy a gift that the recipient has no position to afford. Your gift shouldn’t leave anyone in desperation on how to reciprocate.

Here are 45+ of the best gifts for nurses and ideas and tips you can use:

Table of Contents

  1. Stethoscope
  2. Digital Stethoscope
  3. Personal Protective Equipment
  4. Mask Extender/Clips
  5. Decorative Plaque
  6. New Nurse Survival Kit
  7. Gift Cards
  8. Detox Bath Salts
  9. Rice Bag Warmers
  10. Shoe Bag for Nurses
  11. Indulgence in a Jar
  12. Nurse Coffee Mugs
  13. AWAKE Chocolates
  14. Nurse Coloring Books
  15. Or this coloring book
  16. Human Organ Lunch Tote Bag
  17. Infusion Water Bottle
  18. Foot Massager
  19. “101 Blessings for Nurses” Cards – A Box of Blessings
  20. Playing Cards
  21. Nurse Compression Socks
  22. Nursing Shoes
  23. Self Inking Rubber Stamps
  24. Nurse Calendars
  25. Spa Gift Basket
  26. Personalized Nurse Tumblers
  28. Pens
  29. Nurse Sticky Notes
  30. Nursing Clipboards
  31. Nurse Planners and Notebooks
  32. Custom Nurse Planner
  33. Scrubs for Nurses
  34. Nurse Bags and Stethoscope Cases
  35. True Stories of Becoming a Nurse
  36. Chicken Soup for the Nurse’s Soul
  37. Coffee Makers
  38. Funny Shot and Wine Glasses
  39. Scrubcheats Nursing Reference Cards
  40. The Nurses: A Year of Secrets, Drama, and Miracles with the Heroes of the Hospital
  41. Keychains and Key Rings
  42. Oh Sh*t, I Almost Killed You!
  43. Nursing Cheat Sheets
  44. Nursing Study Guide Books
  45. Nurse Flashcards
  46. NCLEX Review Books
  47. Nurse Watches
  48. Sleep Basket for Nurses


Best Gifts for Nurses-Stethoscope

These are our favorite stethoscopes from 3M Littmann because of their quality and outstanding acoustics. Nurses use stethoscopes every day – it’s an essential tool in our practice! Give these amazing stethoscopes to your nurse friends. Different colors available.

TIP: Consider making or buying a stethoscope name tag to go along with your gift.

Digital Stethoscope

Gifts for nurses

The 3M Littmann Core Digital Stethoscope literally takes listening to a whole new level! This stethoscope has 40x amplification, active noise cancellation that reduces unwanted background sounds, and can be connected to its Eko software to visualize and share (HIPAA-compliant) heart sound waveforms.

TIP: The Eko software can capture, save, and annotate recordings which can be helpful in telemedicine. You can learn more about its features here.

Personal Protective Equipment

Gifts for nurses

Everyone will probably need to wear masks well into the new year. While nurses working directly with COVID-19 patients have to wear N95 respirators, nurses who work in other settings need to wear a mask with a high level of protection while working with patients. We are still hearing of employers not supplying their nurses with adequate PPE so most nurses will appreciate a gift of a whole box of disposable masks.

Mask Extender/Clips

Gifts for nurses

Give those nurse ears a break with these mask extenders. These are straps that a suitable to be used on most face masks and prevents them from slipping below the nose.

Decorative Plaque

Gifts for nurses

A funny or inspirational plaque on their office wall or at home can inspire a nurse for the day or reaffirm their value at the end of a long shift. This is an easy gift to make – find a quote or a saying that is just right for the nurse you want to give it to, copy the image or create your own picture, print it out, mount it on a block of wood, and finish it off with a layer or two of clear lacquer spray or varnish.

TIP: Need ideas on what to put, we got you covered. Check out our 80 nurse quotes here!

New Nurse Survival Kit

Survival Kit for Nurses

Recognizing the new nurse in your life? A unique way to show that you support them is by giving them a gift basket! First, grab a basket and fill it with simple items that they can use during nursing school and especially during clinicals.

WHAT TO INCLUDE: Some of the things you can include are retractable pens, sticky notes, candies, snacks, hand sanitizers, gift cards, or anything you listed on this article!

Gift Cards

Gifts for nurses

Still not sure what to gift for your favorite nurse? Send them an Amazon EGift Card for an amount of your choice. Amazon will send it straight to their email or by text message and they can have fun selecting just what they want or need. There are over 300 card designs to choose from and for a nurse, you might want to select “We appreciate you” or “Above and beyond”.

MINIMUM AMOUNT RULE: There is an old law that states that gift cards for nurses should be valued not less than 100 USD. Ask any nurse and they’ll agree! 😉

Detox Bath Salts

Best gift for nurses: Bath Salts for Nurses

Detox bath salts are great and inexpensive gifts for nurses that they will surely appreciate and find good use for especially after a stressful day at work. These bath salts give a wonderful silky feel to water and works to soften and exfoliate the skin. Additionally, soaking in magnesium in the Epsom salts is believed to be absorbed through the skin which can aid in relaxation and helps to reduce muscle aches and pain.

HOW TO MAKE: To make a detox bath salt, simply mix equal amounts of table salts and Epsom salts, optionally, you can add essential oils for fragrance. Lavender is known to aid in relaxation and sleep. Then simply package them in a decorated cellophane packet, a recycled glass jar, or recycled bottle.

Rice Bag Warmers

Rice Bag Warmers for Nurses Gift Ideas

Bag warmers are a handy gift because you just pop them in the microwave for a minute or two and they’re ready to ease muscle pain or warm your hands and feed. Nurses can find them useful at work to warm their hands on a cold day.

HOW TO MAKE: Sew a rectangular bag and fill it with white rice (not instant). For the fabric, we recommend flannel or by using scraps you have. Get creative by adding ribbons.

Shoe Bag for Nurses

Best Shoe Bags for Nurses

Packing shoes in fabric bags protects clothing from dirt and they’re so much prettier than the usual alternative of plastic shopping bags. This is an ideal gift for the travel nurse working on your unit or even a nurse friend that likes to visit out of town on their off days.

HOW TO MAKE: These simple drawstring bags are easy to make and, like the rice bags, can be made from scraps of fabric. Watch this video if you need some instructions on how to make a simple drawstring bag.

Indulgence in a Jar

Mason Jars for Nurses

This next gift for nurses has a theme of self-indulgence. Simply fill a jar with small treats, decorate it with some ribbon, and attach a catchy label that you write or print out yourself. For a busy day at work you can make a “pick-me-up jar” filled with snacks like beef jerky, nuts and dried fruit, a sachet of delicious coffee, and a few sweets. Maybe even add a pen – because nurses are always losing theirs!

TIP: Hide an inspirational nursing quote inside the jar for an added mood lifter!

You could also make a jar for a relaxing bath at the end of a hectic day. This could contain a sachet of foam bath or a bath bomb, a scented candle, an herbal tea bag, some luxury chocolates, and a small bottle of luxury body lotion. These are just a few suggestions, but you’ll probably be able to come up with lots more ideas of your own. If kitchen crafts are your bent you can also just fill a prettily decorated jar with homemade cookies or sweets.

Nurse Coffee Mugs

Gifts for nurses

Coffee mug that every nurse can proudly use! Hand painted ceramic decal message mug and encased in a gift box. A perfect gift for nurses during the Nurses Week!

TIP: Or you can make a personalized coffee mug as a gift for nurses. Buy some inexpensive plain mugs and decorate them with sharpies. You can write the person’s name on the mug and add a simple line drawing, a saying or a quote. Be sure to use oil-based sharpies – the decoration will withstand regular washing but you’ll have to add a warning label that the mug should not be washed in a dishwasher. You could also use Decoart glass paint markers, with the recommended heating, if you want to make the decoration dishwasher safe.

AWAKE Chocolates

Gifts for nurses

AWAKE Chocolates are caffeinated chocolates that are a delicious and convenient alternative to coffee and energy drinks.

IT’S SUGAR FREE! Along with a dark chocolate base and as much caffeine as a half cup of coffee (50mg), each new flavor contains 0g of sugar, are keto-friendly, Non-GMO, gluten-free and more.

Nurse Coloring Books

Gifts for nurses

Help your giftee melt their stress away and relax with these set of coloring books for nurses. Some are snarky but most are relatable which makes them hilarious and a perfect way to help relieve work stress!

Or this coloring book

Gifts for nurses

Pair your coloring book with a set coloured pencils so they can get started right away. Maybe a set of funny nursing themed coloured pencils.

Human Organ Lunch Tote Bag

Best Gifts for Nurses-HumanOrgans

One thing that nurses don’t have are lunch breaks but if they do, this insulated tote bag will keep their precious lunch prepped and ready for transplant right in their waiting stomach!

Infusion Water Bottle

Gifts for nurses

Run off their feet, many nurses have a water bottle handy to make sure that they at least stay hydrated. Many people don’t enjoy plain water but with an infuser water bottle you not only add a taste of fresh fruits, and possibly herbs and spices, to your water but also energising vitamins and minerals.

Foot Massager

Gifts for nurses

After 12 hours on your feet what could be a greater luxury than a foot massager with deep kneading and Shiatsu massage functions to use while relaxing in front of the TV, reading a book or even studying if you have to.

“101 Blessings for Nurses” Cards – A Box of Blessings

Gifts for nurses

Show your appreciation for nurses with these 101 inspirational messages in a box. Give all at once to draw for a lift or to keep a box to hand out and pass around. An inexpensive but thoughtful gift to bring smiles and gratitude to nurses.

Playing Cards

Gifts for nurses

Give these set of playing cards as a gag gift and enclosed with this news article because apparently, all nurses do now is “play cards” during their shift! Throw in one to the mix!

Nurse Compression Socks

Best Gifts for Nurses--Socks

So why socks you asked? Nurses spend most of their shift standing up and compression socks help boost circulation and support the veins by preventing blood from pooling. These compression socks come with different designs and are perfect gifts for nurses!

Nursing Shoes

Nursing Shoes

Not just ordinary shoes, but shoes specifically designed for nurses!

Self Inking Rubber Stamps

Best Gifts for Nurses-RubberStamp

Nurses know that documentation is important and signing their name for each document can be tiring. Save them the time with these self inking rubber stamps just be sure to get their name and credentials right. Customization options available.

Nurse Calendars

Calendar for Nurses

Humor your giftee with these hilarious nurse calendars. Packed with amusing anecdotes, quotes, and funny jokes to give them the well-deserved mental-health break every day even for just a while!

Spa Gift Basket

Spa Gift Basket for Nurses

You know what nurses love other than caring for others –– caring for themselves! Give your nurse the gift of relaxation with these spa gift baskets. Pair them with a gift card to their favorite massage parlor.

Personalized Nurse Tumblers

Gifts for Nurses: Tumblers

Something nurses can use! These tumblers are yet another handy gifts for nurses that they can use daily! Perfect for cold and hot beverages like coffee! Customization options available.


Nursing bookmarks gift

Nursing school requires a lot of reading, check out these nurse bookmarks with inspirational message to keep them going! These are also great gifts for the Nurses Week!


Gifts for nurses

During nursing school, nurses write a ton especially when making nursing care plans which are required to be handwritten by some nursing programs. Our favorite pens are the Pilot G2 (pictured above) which are retractable, refillable, and smooth when writing.

Nurse Sticky Notes

Best Gifts for Nurses-StickyNotes

These pack of sticky notes come in different shapes and sizes to remedy your writing! Stick a bandaid to mend that sentence and make your documents all better.

Nursing Clipboards

Best Nursing Clipboards

Designed by nurses, these clipboards are a lifesaver during clinicals and a perfect gift for nurses! These nursing clipboards gives you quick access to cheat sheets, conversions, lab values and more. It gives nurses (student nurses, especially) a handy way to access their notes and supplies during clinicals or long shifts! More colors available!

Nurse Planners and Notebooks

Notebooks and Planners for Nurses

Who doesn’t use a notebook to keep track of to-do’s at home or work, shopping lists, or favorite quotes and sayings for a quick boost? And doesn’t it just give you a feeling of luxury when you write in a notebook with a beautiful cover? Plain A6 or A5 notebooks are reasonably priced and there is almost no limit to the ways in which you can decorate them. For a few ideas have a look at the 26 suggestions for decorating a notebook.

TIP: When you know that your co-worker uses a notebook at work you can feature nursing themed images or sayings like “Awesome Nurse Notebook”, “Nurse in Training”, or “Nurses are all Heart” on the decorated cover. Does your nurse friend write in a journal regularly or do you want to inspire her to start journaling to help her de-stress? Then use the same ideas to decorate a larger A4 book.

Custom Nurse Planner

Gifts for nurses

Get this updated custom student nurse planner that you can use for school, work, or personal appointments. A great gift for a nursing student to keep track of their important schedule in one place.

Scrubs for Nurses

Best Gifts for Nurses-Scrubs

You know what a nurse will actually need every day for her entire career? Scrubs! And give them scrubs with excellent quality. There are a lot of colors and designs online it’s so easy to choose. Our favorites are from Grey’s Anatomy because of their comfort, price, and quality though other brands are great too!

Nurse Bags and Stethoscope Cases

Best Gifts for Nurses-Nursing_Bag

If you’re gifting a nursing student, give them one of these nurse bags where they can fit their stethoscopes, mugs, scissors, and other paraphernalia. Nurses also love these nurse bags as they hold every tools they need.

True Stories of Becoming a Nurse

Gifts for nurses

Perfect way to showcase experiences of other nurses. Purchase the book and whoever receives this definitely will appreciate not only the book but their profession as a nurse as well.

Chicken Soup for the Nurse’s Soul

Chicken Soup for Nurses Soul

Another of my favorite book series now stories from and for nurses! You’ll laugh and cry along with these stories from all types of nurses – about the patients who affected them most deeply, their personal ups and downs as nurses, their funniest moments, their most heartwarming experiences, and lots of great tips that will help you make a difference in the lives of patients and their families.

Coffee Makers

Coffee Makers for Nurses

Does this gift even need explaining? If you’re looking for a nurse gift that’s a bit on the higher end of the price range, consider giving a coffee maker. An easy-to-use coffee machine is a great companion to a nurse who have long shifts and want a boost of energy throughout the day.

Funny Shot and Wine Glasses

Shot Glasses

These come in different hilarious engravings like “because patients” or “safety first, drink with a nurse” and make a great funny gift to nurses.

Scrubcheats Nursing Reference Cards

Scrub Cheats Nursing Reference

These are amazing handy references from our friends at Makes the perfect gift for nurses and medical professionals, nursing students, medical students, and residents. Take the most important clinical knowledge with you on the floor!

The Nurses: A Year of Secrets, Drama, and Miracles with the Heroes of the Hospital

Gifts for nurses

A New York Times bestseller, The Nurses is the compelling story of the year in the life of four nurses, and the drama, unsung heroism, and unique sisterhood of nursing—one of the world’s most important professions (nurses save lives every day), and one of the world’s most dangerous, filled with violence, trauma, and PTSD. This is one of my favorite nursing books!

Keychains and Key Rings

Gifts for nurses

Customized keychains and keyrings that are great gifts for nurses! Includes engraving of inspiring prayers or quotes with cute designs that nurses love.

TIP: There are some sellers where they offer free engraving. Write their name or a little message!

Oh Sh*t, I Almost Killed You!

Gifts for nurses

“Oh Sh*t, I Almost Killed You! A Little Book of Big Things Nursing School Forgot to Teach You” is a book about what it says it is. It gives you advice and experiences that can be useful for new nurses.

Nursing Cheat Sheets

Gifts for nurses

Another great gift for student nurses are these “nursing cheat sheets” which include condensed info about a key nursing topics.

Nursing Study Guide Books

Gifts for nurses

Another set of review books but this time for each nursing topic that most students find difficult like EKG interpretation, dosage calculation, and nursing pharmacology.

TIP: There are actually free bonus books included on each purchase. Be sure to get them!

Nurse Flashcards

Gifts for nurses

Nursing students love these flashcards as they’re a big help when studying for topics that require memorization of key terms (e.g., pharmacology, anatomy).

TIP: Be sure to select the “Cards” option rather than the Kindle version.

NCLEX Review Books

NCLEX Review Books are great nurse gifts!

If you’re gifting a nursing student, give them a head start for the NCLEX with these great review books. These books are not only great for preparing them for the NCLEX but can also be used as a review during their school exams.

TIP: NCLEX prep books from Saunders, Kaplan, and others are great study aids and in finding simplified ways on how to understand complex nursing topics.

Nurse Watches

Nurse Watches

These nurse watches are ideal for nurses! Instead of wearing them on your wrist, they clip on to your uniform and are compliant to the Bare Below Elbows (BBE) policy that requires medical professionals to have nothing on their arms below the elbow.

Sleep Basket for Nurses

Sleep basket for nurses

You know what nurses need after a long shift? A long sleep! This gift is particularly helpful for nurses during the night shift. Their sleep may not be long but at least help them get a comfortable and restful sleep with these gifts.

WHAT TO INCLUDE: Same with the gift basket idea, for this one, fill it with a comfortable pillow, eye shade, essential oils (lavender is what I recommend), chamomile tea, pajamas, blackout shades, and melatonin.

Hope you find our gift hunting guide for nurses helpful! There are still tons of ideas and gifts for nurses that will make your recipient filled with joy! If you have more ideas, leave us a comment below!

50+ Great Gifts for Nurses That They’ll Actually Want

Gifts for nurses

In this article, we will share some of the best gifts for nurses. Whether you are buying for a nurse new to the field or a 30-year veteran, there is a gift for every stage of a nurse’s career.

[Note: Gift ideas are our own; links are not sponsored]

  • Nursing gear and supplies
  • Activities and experiences
  • Personalized gifts for nurses
  • Gifts for at home
  • Relaxation gifts
  • Playful gifts

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Gifts for nurses

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Nursing gear and supplies

These gifts are a good option for the new nurse trying to gather their needed supplies or even a veteran nurse (it doesn’t hurt to have extras of something you use daily).

New scrub set

A nurse can never have too many scrubs! You can’t go wrong with gifting one with a quality new set of scrubs.


We would be remiss if we did not suggest buying a stethoscope as a gift for a nurse. Every nurse needs a good one, which can come with a significant cost.

While there are budget models available, they are more appropriate for nurses who are still learning their craft. Every time they use it, they will think of the person who was kind enough to gift it to them. Some of our favorite brands for stethoscopes are:

Stethoscope ID Tag

If the new nurse in your life already has a stethoscope, why not personalize it for him or her? Creating a customized ID badge is both practical and fashionable. It sets the stethoscope apart from everyone else’s and helps identify it should it get misplaced.

Nursing Shoes

Nurses spend a lot of time on their feet during a typical shift. If your favorite nurse spends hours on their feet, then they will likely appreciate a pair of supportive shoes.

Compression Socks

Like a good pair of supportive shoes, socks can save a nurse from aches and pains after a long shift. Compression socks are a great gift for nurses who spend a lot of time on their feet or who have worked in the profession for many years and could use the extra reinforcement.

Nursing Bags

A stethoscope, scissors, permanent markers and pens, hand sanitizer, and alcohol wipes are just a few of the essentials nurses carry with them throughout their shifts. Nursing bags are a helpful way to keep all those tools organized at the ready.


Smartwatches are a great gift for people who are always on the go. It’s a lot more convenient to be able to glance at your rest at any incoming important notifications. Smartwatches also are available at different price points to fit multiple gift budgets.

Activities and experiences

Offering someone an experience outside of work can be a great way to give a nurse a much-needed break and an excuse to get out! Here are some suggestions for activities that you can gift with the convenience of a gift card, so they can figure out the perfect time to fit it into their busy schedules.

  • iFly is an indoor sky-diving experience, and nurses can even get 20% Off First Timer Flyer Packages.
  • Treating them to an all-inclusive pottery experience, where you can mold your own creation and come back to paint it at Color Me Mine!
  • Many nurses would love a spa day, and luckily you can purchase gift cards for local spas for the nurse in your life to pick out the treatment they’d enjoy most.
  • If you know someone likes to go to shows but aren’t sure which show they would like to go to, a StubHub Gift Card is a great option to help cover a ticket to a show!

Although some people don’t like giving gift cards as a gift, they’re convenient and give the giftee the chance to be flexible and create these experiences on their own time. Most experience events will heavily vary depending on your location, so Groupon is a great resource if you need more ideas for your local area.

Personalized gifts for nurses

Making a gift personal is the best way to ensure the gift will light up the receiver’s face. These gifts add more of a personal touch to let the nurse in your life know you put a little extra thought into them.

Personalized Nurse Water Bottle

Say good-bye to water bottle mix-ups! This is a cute extra touch on an essential that any nurse could use to stay hydrated.

Nurse gift box set

A nurse gift box can contain anything you want and anything the nurse may like. If you are stumped on what to include in your box, there are premade ones available to purchase.

Nurse teddy bear

A teddy bear is a classic gift, but one in scrubs and a mask is an excellent detail that can show a nurse you appreciate them and the work they do.

Framed Nurse Print

A customized print is an excellent way for one to express themselves through decor. A gift with a homely touch like this is a good option.

Customized Pull-Over

Most nurses already have a pullover, but one with their name on it is sure to become a new staple to their wardrobe.

Gifts for at home

It’s a nurse’s job to take care of others, so sometimes they may forget to prioritize taking care of themselves. With such hectic hours, nurses value their precious hours at home. These gifts are a great way to make these hours even more relaxing for the nurse in your life.

Meal delivery service subscription

Most people struggle to find the energy to cook a meal after a long day of work. This is especially true for nurses, who can also work long shifts at odd hours. A great relief to them can be meal delivery services that deliver groceries and even meals on a regular basis. Here are some of the most popular meal delivery services:

Slow cooker

A slow cooker is another solution for anyone too tired to cook when they get home after a long day. Just throw in the ingredients before you leave for your shift and come home to a ready-to-eat meal.

All-in-One Stackable Bento Lunch Box Container

A bento box is a great way to separate snacks and sides in a packed lunch, and they also offer stackable compartments and flatware. It’s microwave, dishwasher, and freezer safe. So, it’ll be perfect for any meal. Includes a 3-piece utensil set and 2-year warranty.

Hot Logic Mini

This lunch bag is a great way to keep packed lunches warm and fresh throughout the day. This is a perfect gift for a nurse since their lunch breaks can sometimes be on the fly; their food will always be warm and ready with this lunch box.

Ultra Slim Design 20,000mAh Power Bank

It’s not uncommon for a nurse to work a 12-hour shift, so a portable charger to help their phone make it through the day with them is a great gift for a nurse. It’s convenient and portable, easily fitting into any pocket or bag.

Restore Smart Sleep Assistant

The Restore Smart Sleep Assistant by Hatch is a game-changer! Touting features like a catalog of soothing sounds and adjustable lighting, as well as the capability to be a routine to help you fall asleep and wake up refreshed is nothing short of amazing. The Sunrise Alarm feature also supports healthy cortisol levels, so it’s the perfect gift for nurses who work night shifts.

LEVOIT air purifier

Air purifiers cleanse the air of allergens, dust, mold, and odors. An air purifier can offer any nurse a fresh breath of air once they get home.

Keurig K-Mini Single-Serve K-Cup Pod Coffee Maker

Most people don’t start their morning without a cup of coffee. The convenience of a coffee maker is a great gift for a nurse.

Mr. Coffee Iced Coffee Maker with 22oz Reusable Tumbler and Coffee Filter

Iced Coffee made in under four minutes right in your home? Sounds too good to be true! Yet, the Mr. Coffee Iced Coffee Maker can make it a reality, and a great gift for nurses.

Relaxation gifts

When everything is all said and done, everyone loves to relax and unwind at the end of a rough workday. These gifts are a great small way to indulge yourself and wind down.

Spa Day

One thing nurses always mention they want is a spa day! A great way to give them one on their own time is through a gift card or certificate for a pre-paid one. This also can work for mani-peds, facials, and other services they may enjoy. Groupon is a great place to check for specials on these things.

Massage gun

A massage gun is a great way to release tension and work out weary muscles. You can get a great Dartwood Deep Tissue Massage gun at Target and other retailers.

Heating pad

A heating pad is a great relief to any sore areas to relieve pain and can really relax the person using it. They’re also pretty easy to find and affordable!

Relaxation candles

Candles make a great gift for nurses. Candles are widely used as a way to relax after a long day at work, especially an aromatherapy candle. Aromatherapy candles have scents typically used for relaxation, which are usually lavender, eucalyptus, and chamomile.

BodyRestore Shower Steamers

Shower steamers are a fun way to elevate your shower experience. They’re a quick way to reap the benefits of aromatherapy in your daily routine. BodyRestore’s shower steamers also come in “calm” and “energize” editions.

  • A perfect way to unwind in the shower after a long shift or even before starting your day.
  • These shower steamers are Infused with 100% organic, natural essential oils.

Playful Gift Ideas

These light-hearted gifts are sure to get a chuckle to the receiver if you want to keep it casual. Besides, who doesn’t love a gag gift that’s actually cute?

Happy Pills Earrings

These earrings are an adorable take on “happy pills” and a great way for a nurse to accessorize.

Final word

Why wait for a holiday, birthday or other celebration to give your favorite nurse a gift? There is never a wrong time to give a gift to let someone know you appreciate them. Nurses work hard. They are the unsung heroes of the healthcare profession, working long hours to ensure their patients receive quality care.

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Gifts for nurses

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