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45 Best Closet Organization Ideas for a Functional and Clutter-Free Wardrobe

A walk-in closet is a luxury and should be treated as such. Fully embrace the space by creating a boutique look. A splash of fun wallpaper, a plush seat, and an ornate mirror contribute to a beautiful and calming environment. Arrange shelves like in a store by alternating shoes, hats, and bags. When you love the look of your closet organization ideas, you’ll be much more likely to maintain them. Plus, you can think of it as your getaway in your home—a place where you can relax and enjoy getting ready for the day.

14 of the Best Walk-In Closet Organization Ideas for Your Storage

Simplify your life with these walk-in closet storage solutions that free up space and restore order.

Mary Cornetta has been in the professional organizing industry for over 5 years. She knew she had a passion for decluttering and organization upon graduating Marist College in 2007, however, pursued it as a hobby instead of a career. All of that changed when Mary founded Sort and Sweet Inc on Long Island in 2017. Since then, she has worked hands-on and virtually with hundreds of clients to clear their clutter and create functional systems in their homes and offices. Mary runs the Sort and Sweet social media accounts, creating content and writing captions with organizing tips and inspiration for more than 12,000 followers. Recently relocated to Savannah, she continues to own and operate the business with the help of a talented team. Mary has been a weekly contributing writer for House Digest and has been interviewed as an expert by Martha Stewart Living, Real Simple, and Health magazines. She is the owner of the blog, Organized Overall, in which she details how she creates organization in her home.

Without helpful walk-in closet organization ideas, the benefits of all that space could go to waste. A poorly planned walk-in closet can lead to missing items, damaged shoes and handbags, and clutter on floors and shelves. Not to mention, you’ll lose time looking for things that may be shoved into a corner that then need ironing or repair.

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The good news is that plenty of walk-in closet organization ideas will keep your clothes, shoes, and accessories in check. We’ll show you how to customize your closet to fit your needs and maximize every inch of space. With organizing solutions and space-saving hacks, your walk-in closet will be your favorite place to, well, walk into. Learn how to organize a walk-in closet with our best tips.

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1. Create a Boutique Feel

A walk-in closet is a luxury and should be treated as such. Fully embrace the space by creating a boutique look. A splash of fun wallpaper, a plush seat, and an ornate mirror contribute to a beautiful and calming environment. Arrange shelves like in a store by alternating shoes, hats, and bags. When you love the look of your closet organization ideas, you’ll be much more likely to maintain them. Plus, you can think of it as your getaway in your home—a place where you can relax and enjoy getting ready for the day.

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2. Choose a Closet System

A custom closet system, available at local home improvement centers, is an easy way to update a typical 8×10-foot closet—and it can be installed in a weekend! Choose from a selection of drawers, clothes rods, and shelves to maximize your space. Customizable accessories like modular drawer dividers and shoe storage are other helpful walk-in closet organization ideas. In addition, a small charging station is useful for cell phones and tablets.

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3. Separate Folded Items

Wire organizers help streamline walk-in closet storage and let clothes breathe since they allow clothes to air out, making them less likely to harbor mold or pests. Many wire shelving systems offer snap-on shelf dividers that let you sort clothes more thoroughly. Remember to sort like with like, and keep stacks of clothes below 1-foot in height to ensure they don’t topple over.

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4. Use all Available Space

While empty space can be a good thing elsewhere in your home, you’ll likely need to utilize every square inch of your closet—especially if you share a walk-in closet with a partner or roommate. If you’re already taking advantage of a double-hang rod, introduced compact shoe storage, and have tidily folded your tops on the shelves, look up. The top shelf, usually found above the top rod, is ideal for things you rarely use. For example, special occasion bags, shoes, holiday sweaters, or off-season clothes can be placed into labeled bins or boxes and lined across the shelf. Add a small step ladder to your closet to reach these items when needed.

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5. Utilize a Hamper

Where there are clean clothes, dirty ones are usually nearby and likely in a jumble on the floor. Use this walk-in closet organization idea to make laundry day easier—add a hamper (similar to this Better Homes and Gardens Braided Seagrass Laundry Hamper, $35, Walmart) inside your walk-in closet. Choose a portable hamper with handles or wheels, or free up floor space with an over-the-door design. A divided laundry bag allows you to presort items before washday.

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6. Efficiently Store Shoes

Did you know that the average woman owns 40 pairs of shoes? Before deciding how to store your shoes, take an accurate inventory of what you have. There are many shoe storage options for walk-in closets, from small cubbies to spacious pullout shelves. Keeping shoes visible, sorted, and easy to access encourages an efficient morning and cleanup routine.

  • Slender shoes like flats and flip-flops can fit two in a cubby.
  • Tall boots can sit atop high shelves when out of season and on boot trays on the floor when worn frequently.
  • A tall, glass-front cabinet holds shoes in one convenient place that’s easy to see.
  • Acrylic shoeboxes can be stacked on shelves or on the floor.
  • Over-the-door and hanging shoe organizers are great ways to free up floor space and enlist vertical storage.

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7. Plan for Accessories

Accessories come in all shapes and sizes, calling for a personalized storage system to accommodate everything. If your closet is also your dressing area, create a small vanity with a mirror for a mini grooming station.

  • A jewelry tree or jewelry box will ease your morning dressing routine.
  • Drawer organizers are another jewelry storage idea if you feel more comfortable keeping items out of sight.
  • Purses can hang neatly on hooks and hangers, and small clutches fit perfectly in shoe cubbies.
  • Place seasonal items like scarves, gloves, and hats in lidded bins.

Adhesive storage labels are a walk-in closet organization idea that cuts down on search time.

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8. Cue Customization

If you choose to install a closet system, be sure to pick one that grows with you. Track systems allow for change or additions in the future as your wardrobe or lifestyle changes. The initial design should be spaced out from floor to ceiling, leaving your current things with some room to breathe. Then, as you accumulate more items or as your lifestyle changes (say you land a new job that requires a suit and tie on a daily basis) you’ll be able to comfortably add more shelving and space for your favorite hangers, (such as these Better Homes and Garden Velvet Clothing Hangers, set of 30, $12, Walmart).

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9. Use Blank Wall Space

Most wall space in a walk-in closet is covered with hanging clothes and shelves, but occasionally, you’ll see a bit of blank wall that could be turned into storage. If you have open wall space, find decorative hooks and use them to hang your most-worn accessories like hats, bags, and scarves. Below the hooks, place a narrow console for smaller items such as sunglasses and jewelry. A set of hampers will fit nicely under the console, maximizing a walk-in closet.

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10. Add Closet Lighting

Good lighting is often overlooked when planning a closet makeover, but it’s an important feature to consider in clothing closets so you can see colors accurately. Look for a ceiling-mount light that will provide extra illumination in walk-in closets. Lamps are also great lighting options. If your walk-in closet has a window, install a light-blocking shade for privacy and to prevent clothing items from fading.

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11. Store Large Items

Another walk-in closet organization idea is to use out-of-the-way space to store more oversized, bulkier items that typically don’t fit elsewhere. For example, reserve a high shelf or two for a carry-on suitcase or weekend bag. This way, you won’t need to trudge up to the attic or the basement every time you take a quick trip. Instead, you can just reach up, grab a bag, and start packing right in the same room.

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12. Create a Clothes Care Drawer

With extra space, you’ll have room for things you might not have stored in a walk-in closet. Reserve a basket or drawer as a fabric care section. Steamers, irons, sweater shavers or stones, lint rollers, stain remover, a sewing kit, and shoe polish and brushes can be tucked away in one spot, ready for an outfit emergency. Consider adding an eyeglass repair case, extra shoe laces, or heel caps in the kit, giving a home to things that might get lost in a junk drawer.

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13. Plan Outfits

Most walk-in closets contain multiple sections for hanging clothes, combining short and long lengths. Use a small section to prep your clothes. Find, create, or print out labels and attach them to dividers for each day of the week. Then, choose your outfits and hang them behind each divider. This takes the stress out of deciding what to wear on busy mornings and keeps your clothes organized and ready to go.

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14. Hang a Double-Rod Organizer

Maximize your closet’s height with a double-rod closet organizer. Organize shorter clothes, such as blouses and tank tops, on the upper bar and pants and skirts below. Trim down on wasted space by designating a place for empty hangers, such as at the end of one bar. Reserve shelf space for folded garments, such as T-shirts and sweaters, that don’t necessarily need to be placed on a closet rod.

45 Best Closet Organization Ideas for a Functional and Clutter-Free Wardrobe

Genius hacks for every style and budget to maximize space and keep your clothes and accessories sorted.

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When your walk-in closet or small wardrobe starts brimming with clothes, shoes, accessories and all of your everyday essentials, it can be stressful and hard to manage. The fix? These brilliant closet organization ideas that’ll maximize your space, no matter the size (they’re perfect if a built-in storage system isn’t in your budget, by the way).

Of course, you’ll first want to spend time editing your wardrobe. But once that’s handled, check out our genius hacks to keep your remaining closet necessities in order (we’ve even included innovative organizing products from our 2022 Best Cleaning and Organizing Awards). Use drawers to store things like makeup, sunglasses, belts and hair clips. Hang your necklaces and hats from hooks for easy access. Build floating shelves to display your bag or shoe collection and label baskets to organize items you’d usually have a hard time keeping together (socks being just one example). Consider hanging curtains to conceal clothes and try color-coordinating containers for a cohesive look. What’s more, some of the DIY closet organizers featured are handmade. There’s everything from fabric bins and a scrapbook organizer to a framed sunglasses display and soda tab hangers.

With so many hacks to choose from, bringing order to a cluttered closet can be a breeze. And if you’re worried about how chaotic your kids’ spaces can get at times, many of our closet organization ideas work for adults and children alike. Happy organizing!

Keep Small Accessories in Drawers

closet organization ideas, sunglasses, socks and hair barrettes in white drawer

LA Closet Design

The small items you tend to misplace, like socks, sunglasses or hair accessories, can be neatly organized in drawers. This keeps your must-haves within reach, while freeing up much-needed counter space.

Fold Sweaters in Clear Boxes

closet organization ideas see through boxes with sweater and towels on the shelves

Sanctuary Home Decor

Blogger Karen decided to keep her sweaters in linen boxes with transparent fronts after noticing moths were damaging her clothes. They’re especially great if you’re not a fan of mothballs (Karen isn’t either), and their drop-front openings make it easy to see pieces without pulling them out every time.