Best luggage brands

14 Best Luggage Brands of 2023

Here, we tested various luggage brands to identify the top contenders.

Best Luggage Brands for 2023

Best Luggage Brands

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There’s nothing quite as enticing as the bite of the travel bug. Whether it’s soaking up the sun on white-sand beaches, checking off another country on your bucket list or adventuring through a new city, wanderlust inspires millions of jetsetters each year.

Though traveling is a thrill, it can also be stressful. You can’t control every aspect of your trip, from flight delays and jet lag to language barriers. However, you can remove some of the anxiety of packing by choosing a piece of luggage that’s dependable, adaptable — and will last you for many miles to come.

Here, we tested various luggage brands to identify the top contenders.

What to consider when buying luggage

Unless you frequently travel for work or you lead a digital nomad lifestyle, you probably only purchase new luggage every five or so years. Suitcases with wheels, duffels and even backpacks experience normal wear-and-tear over time, but generally speaking they should be able to keep up.

When we tested top picks from leading luggage brands, we considered a variety of factors:

  • Material
  • Types of Travel
  • Size and Measurements
  • Budget and Warranty
  • User Reviews


Talk to any traveler, and they’ll have a specific opinion on hard-sided vs. soft-sided suitcases. While some prefer the extra layer of protection that hard-sided luggage provides, others value the ability to pack just a little more in a soft-sided option. Soft-sided luggage may withstand baggage piled on top (like under a plane), but it could get soaked in a sudden downfall on a tarmac. Hard-sided luggage isn’t always pliable to fit in overhead compartments in an aircraft, but it won’t soak up water. Both have pros and cons, so consider your travel habits when purchasing a product.

Types of travel

There are many ways to see the country — or the planet. Some folks are fans of flying the friendly skies, while others would prefer to drive or take a train. Others like to explore via cruise, whether through the Caribbean, the Alaskan frontier or the Everglades. When you choose the luggage, it needs to be something that can move how you do: suitcases that meet the size requirements on airplanes, duffels that are easier to pack in the trunk, and so on.

Size and measurements

These days, nearly all luggage brands will ensure their carry-ons are small enough to fit in overhead compartments. However, you may still run into issues if you take a quick jaunt between two cities like New York and Boston and the overhead bin is way too small. If you are someone who wants to avoid checking a bag in all scenarios, opt for the smallest carry-on size you can find. If you take longer trips or you’re a parent who needs to pack more gear, consider a checked-bag option that gives you more room.

Budget and warranty

Since luggage is an investment you only make every few years, you may be willing to spend a bit more. However, some people may be unable to shell out the cash for a suitcase. When reviewing luggage, we kept various price points in mind — and we considered the warranty. Accidents and damage happen, so a solid warranty can give a traveler peace of mind.

User reviews

The best way to understand the value of a product is to hear from other people. While our reviewer personally tested each product, they are only a sample of one. When deciding on our final selections, we scoured the internet for verified reviews to help guide our process. All prices are current as of this writing, but you should check for deals!

14 Best Luggage Brands of 2023

away luggage labor day sale 2023

Regardless of how frequently you travel, having a good suitcase is essential to making your trip as smooth as possible. It should be spacious enough to hold everything you need, lightweight and compact enough to ensure it’s easy to carry and durable to hold up to the wear and tear of traveling. In recent years, the Good Housekeeping Institute’s Textiles Lab have tested over 80 luggage brands to find the best suitcases of 2023.

Our top picks:

We put each case through its paces in the Lab by evaluating factors like abrasion and scratch resistance, water resistance, weight and size, ease of use and durability. We also pack each bag with a standard load to compare compartments and see how much it can hold. Then we bring in consumer testers to use the luggage on an obstacle course and give feedback on aspects like handle comfort, wheel performance and maneuverability.

At the end of this article, you’ll find more information about how we test luggage and helpful tips to consider as you shop. But first, here’s everything you need to know about our top-tested luggage brands.

Best Overall Luggage: Samsonite

best luggage brands samsonite luggage


Samsonite earns our top spot for the best luggage brand because it has a wide assortment for every preference — from business travelers to vacationers — and has continuously proven to be high quality as we’ve tested it over the years. In particular, it stands out for its durability and ease-of-use features: There’s been no struggling to open and close the cases, and packing them has been a breeze thanks to the functional compartments that maximize space. It’s certainly not inexpensive, but as direct-to-consumer luggage brand prices have skyrocketed, Samsonite’s have remained fairly consistent.

Both hardside and softside styles from the brand have excelled in our tests. We’ve also been impressed by each of the sizes, including carry-ons, checked bags and underseat luggage. Some of our favorite models (pictured here) include the Solyte DLX softside carry-on, the Freeform hardside carry-on and the Stryde Glyder checked bag, which makes the case wide instead of long so it’s less likely to tip over.

best luggage brands samsonite luggage testing at good housekeeping


Best Value Luggage: American Tourister

best luggage brands american tourister

American Tourister

If you’re on a budget or you don’t use luggage regularly — i.e., it doesn’t need to be the most durable and you don’t need all the bells and whistles — American Tourister offers competitive pricing and an excellent variety to choose from. There are lots of options if you prefer bright colors and fun prints, plus there are cases for the entire family, including a Disney collection. Ideal especially for vacationers, the models are fun and functional between the designs and versatile offerings.

Just note that while luxury hardside cases are usually made of polycarbonate, American Tourister typically uses ABS plastic, which is more affordable but more prone to scratches. Still, it gets high ratings from online reviewers who note that the bags are surprisingly spacious. Another perk: The brand offers luggage sets for an even better value, especially if you need to purchase multiple pieces.

Best Carry-On Luggage: Away

best luggage brands away luggage carry on


Away is one of the most popular luggage brands on the market, and our testing shows it’s actually worth the price. Though the brand has a wide range of offerings, we especially love the hardside carry-on. It’s made of 100% polycarbonate that proved to be durable and lightweight in our evaluations — even lighter than some fabric bags we’ve tested. It was also surprisingly spacious and held a full packing load in our review. The company offers a 100-day return policy on unused items; it also offers a lifetime limited warranty on its suitcases that covers any “functional damage.”

Besides the main Carry-On model, it comes in variations like a Bigger Carry-On (which the brand says can hold 20% more), a Carry-On Flex (which has an expandable zipper) and a Carry-On with Pocket (which gives you an outside compartment).

an empty away carry on laid open flat on a white table, good housekeeping

Emma Seymour

Best Luggage for Frequent Flyers: Hartmann

best luggage brands hartmann


This luxury brand is on the pricey side but has timeless designs — from hardside to tweed fabric — that never go out of style. In fact, the brand’s marketing and aesthetics are focused heavily on its heritage. It has been a top performer in our tests thanks to its spacious interior that’s easy to pack and its wheels and handles that make it smooth and comfortable to maneuver.

One of our top-tested Hartmann models is the Vigor, which comes in three sizes. It earned high scores across the board — especially standing out for being scratch-resistant, lightweight and spacious — and outperformed even pricier styles, so you know you’re getting a good bang for your buck.