60th birthday gift ideas

42 Creative and Unique Gift Ideas for Their 60th Birthday

We found the best gifts for anyone who’s celebrating this milestone birthday.

43 Unique 60th Birthday Gifts to Celebrate Their Milestone

60th birthday gifts, cookies and book

Any birthday is worth celebrating, but a 60th birthday? That calls for going all out. The traditional birthday gift is diamonds (similar to a 60th wedding anniversary), but if they’re out of your budget, look to these best 60th birthday gifts instead. They might not be as flashy as those crystals, but these ideas for men and women are just as impressive. And the main thing is, they really honor all the people born in 1963, so you’ll find a ton of nostalgia gifts to bring them back to their youth.

But before you dive into this list, think about who you’re shopping for — there are gifts for siblings, parents, aunts, uncles, cousins and friends. While Dad might like a funny gift that runs on the cheaper side, Mom will probably want something a little more sentimental that pulls on her heart strings. We have all that and more, and the real treat is that nothing on our list costs more than $100. In fact, most are under $30!

Now all you need to do is get the perfect birthday card (we have one of those here too BTW!), and write a sweet message honoring their incredible life so far, and everything that’s about to come their way!

42 Creative and Unique Gift Ideas for Their 60th Birthday

We found the best gifts for anyone who’s celebrating this milestone birthday.

60th birthday gifts

A 60th birthday is a milestone to be celebrated! Whether you need a gift for your grandparent, mom, dad, partner, or best friend who’s turning 60, it’s a big day that deserves a thoughtful gift. And there’s a little bit of pressure on you as the giver, too! You want to find the perfect present, so we’ve done the work for you to guide you to the best 60th birthday gift ideas for your loved one.

Sometimes it seems like the birthday girl or boy already has everything they need, and you really don’t want to buy something that’s just going to get stashed in the closet. New experiences, such as a class; items they can enjoy in the moment, such as edible gifts; or something to support their hobbies or interests are great options for people turning 60. Truth: What they probably don’t need (or want!) are gag gifts, especially because it’s always more satisfying to give something they’ll actually use and love.

No matter who you’re shopping for, we’re here to help with a list of fun and creative 60th birthday gifts for everyone you know. These aren’t the same old gift ideas you’ve seen before! Regardless of your budget, we’ve got options from less than $25 to more luxury items that would make a great gift from the whole family or a group of friends who want to pitch in for one big splurge.

Here are our favorite picks for the best 60th birthday gift ideas for anyone and everyone.