Things to do when bored at home

Things to do when bored at home

There is only just so much television one should watch, but another perfect way to escape is through good old fashioned reading. If you’re in need of some suggestions, my favorite “happy” books as of late include: You Are A Badass (feels appropriate during these times especially), This Will Only Hurt A Little (Busy Philipps) A Man Called Ove, Becoming (by Michelle Obama), Elanor Oliphant Is Completely Fine, Be Frank With Me, and What Alice Forgot. (Please let me know what you’re reading right now!)

Things to Do When Bored at Home

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As much of the world adjusts to a new normal of restricted living, the need to find things to do when bored at home only increases. The luxury of everyday happiness is a given for some while others feel cooped up inside and are sleeping just to pass the time.

Many of us have now been social distancing for over a year, and honestly . . . some of these home projects and canned soup recipes are getting old. If you are having a hard time with isolation and quarantine, are feeling overwhelmed, or a little bit crazy, we wanted to share some ideas for those people who are really bored at home alone.

Here are 56 fun things to do when bored AF at home without leaving your house once.

Fun things to do when bored at home alone

  1. Find wildflowers 🌸 in your front yard and try pressing them! Use a book.
  2. Sort your bookshelf by color or size. Or face them backward for a neutral vibe.
  3. Order (or print) a coloring book and do every page with a different type of paint. 🎨 Watercolor, acrylics, oils, colored pencil, sharpie, chalk, digital paintings, etc.
  4. Practice a TikTok or Instagram #dancechallenge. To post or not, you be the judge .
  5. Watch DIY videos and learn a new skill. Code, weave, dribble, cook – you got this!
  6. Perfect a new hairstyle. Hair crowns, headbands and hot lather shaves. 🪒
  7. Do regular self-care. Facemasks, wash your hair, scrubs, baths, candles and more.
  8. Go for a walk everyday. Try not to make it scheduled so it feels fresh and not routine. It helps make the days a tad less claustrophobic.
  9. Teach your dog a new trick and take that pic. Give treats to such a good boy!🦮
  10. Cats love cuddling. JK! They for sure love you. Take the ‘cutest cat ladies and their furry companions’ photo Instagram’s EVER SEEN.
  11. Change all dead lightbulbs and battery powered string lights, cuz duh.
  12. Spruce up your place with mood lighting. Placing LED strips underneath the furniture or behind pictures will create a dramatic effect and improve ambience.
  13. Fix broken makeup. Mix what’s left in a cracked compact with alcohol and let dry. Put olive oil in your mascara tubes that are dry for a new life.
  14. Clean makeup brushes and sponges. Throw out the dry, cracked lipsticks. 💄
  15. Plant an herb garden. Can’t leave the house? Propagate the plants you do have into an empty egg crate. Once rooted in 3 – 4 weeks, it’s time to pot.
  16. Paint garden rocks to use as plant identification markers. 🌱
  17. Get fancy and take a new profile photo for your social media profiles. But make each photo’s outfit and backdrop customized for that platform. AirDrop? Yes.
  18. Paint a mural on your wall, paint a room, a picture or hey, paint yourself. 🖼️
  19. Create funny memes and hope they go viral.
  20. Learn a new language.. or maybe just a new accent.
  21. Don’t just scroll Netflix, watch the top ten greatest movies of all time.
  22. Read a book, digital or otherwise. You are smart, romantic, historical, scientific, sci-fi, fictional, adventurous, funny, informative, inspirational and above all e q u a l .
  23. Listen to the first vinyl you ever bought all the way through. It just hits right.
  24. Make a music video. Have fun with it and create a funny spoof or parody.
  25. Create a song on Garage Band, Ableton Live, Pro Tools or Logic Pro.
  26. Time yourself doing a puzzle. Take it apart and re-do trying to beat your first time. Loser bakes the cookies.🍪
  27. Practice drawing the new tattoo you want on yourself, your friend or on paper. When you can finally go to the shop, it will be personal, unique and drawn by you!
  28. Rearrange every room in your home, decluttering while you go.
  29. I guess it’s time to tell you to go through those clothes that are not a fit. 🧢👗👖👔
  30. Look through your photo albums and send old photos to friends and the fam showing they are in your thoughts.
  31. Make your WILL after going through every important personal belonging you own.
  32. Achieve financial freedom. Smart budgeting, finish your taxes, max out your 401k. Ask. For. That. Raise! 🤑
  33. Set up the perfect workspace and lighting for your next Zoom meeting and download cool new backgrounds to use. Think modern homes, tropical destinations or lean into an aesthetically pleasing textured backdrop.
  34. Speaking of Zoom, video with your friends and play a game online together. Physically distant, but socially together.
  35. Meditate or stretch it out for 10 minutes every day. FYI, there are apps for that.
  36. Drink 30 gallons of water before noon. Not only will you be close to good on your water intake for the day, but also peeing so much you are bound to get steps in.
  37. Make a charcuterie plate. Supplies running low? Anything in your kitchen can be cut into tiny pieces and look like a fancy appetizer.🌭
  38. Play truth or dare with your S.O. You’ll thank me later.
  39. Dress up as your partner, and have them dress up like you.
  40. Write someone a handwritten letter. Just…don’t mail it quite yet.
  41. Journal. Diary. Write a poem or a book. Something to look back on. 📓
  42. Get a day planner or a notebook and start scheduling out your week in advance. Block it out by hours, very specifically. Having a schedule will keep you grounded and sane. It will give you things to accomplish and check off, things to looks forward to, and a sense of forward motion and purpose.

You can, of course, get more specific for what to do when you’re bored at home alone, considering your own goals and interests.

Have a super detailed schedule and make plans, don’t stay in your PJs all day (what you are wearing sends signals to your brain and changes your mood), make sure you’re doing a variety of activities including plenty of creative time, get some physical activity, get outside when you can, plan your meals, schedule time with friends and family as you would if you were going out with them, keep learning and keep your mind engaged.

Some of these might seem like weird things to do at home, but you gotta get creative when bored. We’ll be right there with you, Zooming, napping, and constantly washing our hands.

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Things to do when bored at home

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Things to do when bored at home

HOLY SELF QUARANTINE FAMILY! We’re a few days in and I am already feeling like, “ok, I can’t take it anymore.” So what do we do when we’re so bored we want to bang our heads against a wall? We get fucking creative and we unbored ourselves. I have put a lot of thought into things we can all do at home – I mean with all of this free time, obviously – and I hope this inspires you to quit watching the news, the clock, the weather, what have you, and make the most of an undoubtedly crappy situation. I am right there with ya though babe, and I can’t wait to hear what you’re doing to keep yourself sane in these wild times!


things to do at home when you


YES! A lot of streaming will be happening in the next few weeks so why not change up the scenery every now and then? All you need at a minimum are sheets, or blankets, pillows, battery operated fairy lights (bonus, if you have them), an adult’s determination and a child’s imagination.


If there were ever a time to play and try some new beauty technique it’d be now. I have never personally watched a beauty tutorial myself (I know.) but you bet you’re ass I’ll be perfecting the art of contouring by the end of the week.


I listen to music pretty often, but not with the intention like I’ve have had lately. Right now I need music. It gets to a certain level of bored around 5 pm and that’s when it’s time to blast the tunes, make dinner, make a cocktail, and dance around the house. I’ve been adding a lot of my current favorite “happy” songs to a playlist that you can listen to HERE – or, I challenge you to make your own!

things to do at home when you


In times of high anxiety, a cocktail is always welcome. All you really need to get started is 3 things: a spirit of your choice, a “sweetener”/simple syrup (which you can easily make – grab honey and mix it with warm water – boom.), and some type of acid/citrus. Honestly, it’s that easy. Start with 3 parts spirit, 2 parts citrus, 1 part simple syrup and get to crafting ya crafty bitch!! And by all means, feel free to get as aggressive and inventive as you want, the point is to have fun and forget your worries for a while! (WATCH: a few weeks ago I did some cocktail experimenting with Belvedere, we made a thing of it, and it was more fun than I can even try to express to you – here’s the VIDEO.)


It’s crucial to have at least some level of physical activity right now. And with so many different at-home workout apps/videos available we have no excuse! Buzzfeed just rounded up a ton of the best at-home workout videos and apps to check out. There’s a pretty good variety depending on what you feel like doing so let’s get off our butts and move people!


Hell YEAH it’s time to treat yo’self! Bust that face mask out you’ve been wanting to try. Give yourself a proper pedicure. Work on your nail art game, or use that delicious bath bomb you’ve been saving. Nothing wrong with a little beauty and relaxation.

things to do at home when you


Cooking and baking is an amazing way to reduce stress and keep your mind occupied. But taking your baking another level by adding the “decorating” part will keep you (and the kids if you have them!) entertained for a whoolllleee lot longer. My suggestion is to bake sugar cookies, make a classic sugar cookie frosting, add some food coloring to make some fun colors, and craft some little pieces of edible art! (Sugar cookies are good for a while too – the gift that keeps on giving.)


If you’re one of the TikTok stragglers like me, take some time to explore the platform. See what the kids are up to and try making some of your own! Being home bored is the PERFECT time to start experimenting. And with the silly nature of the platform itself, I guarantee you’ll give yourself a proper giggle even just trying.


I mean! Why not! Whether it’s a blog, a book, a portfolio – if this speaks to you, do what you have to do to finally make it happen. So that when this is all over you don’t feel like you’d taken the time for granted. If you’re curious about blogging, read my article on getting started – “Blogging: The Truth About The Beginning“.

things to do at home when you


If you have to be stuck at home, you might as well work on making it something you’re even more proud of. Gallery walls require some time and strategizing, as do “hat galleries“, and if you need inspiration, the internet and Pinterest completely have your back. (I especially enjoyed this article when getting started with a gallery wall.)


One of the first things I did during this crazy time of being cooped up was clean out my damn closets and drawers. Organizing and decluttering your space is a great way to shift your energy into a more relaxed state. I even went so far as to fold everything the Marie Kondo way and, let me tell you, if you really want to pass the time – tiny fold your life away. (My God if the final product isn’t the most satisfying thing on the planet. )


I know shopping is tough right now but this “care package” doesn’t have to be anything too crazy. Hust think of it as a way to let someone you care about know that you’re thinking of them. Even if it’s just a simple handwritten letter. A few days ago my dad sent me an article he tore out from a magazine about how one of the first private jets was called “Caroline”. It was so simple but it meant a lot. I think we could all use a little love and kindness right now.



There is only just so much television one should watch, but another perfect way to escape is through good old fashioned reading. If you’re in need of some suggestions, my favorite “happy” books as of late include: You Are A Badass (feels appropriate during these times especially), This Will Only Hurt A Little (Busy Philipps) A Man Called Ove, Becoming (by Michelle Obama), Elanor Oliphant Is Completely Fine, Be Frank With Me, and What Alice Forgot. (Please let me know what you’re reading right now!)

Side note: I mostly read WWII stories, if you’re interested in that subject matter as well my favorite books include: All the Light We Cannot See, Nightingale, Code Name Verity, The Lilac Girls, The Room on Rue Amelie, We Were The Lucky Ones, and The Alice Network.


We all wish we could hit reset on 2020, but the only thing we can control is our attitude towards the future. I have ALWAYS been a huge fan of making vision boards. It’s something I do every year and these days I usually craft from my computer. Whether you make it physical or digital, I guarantee you’ll feel better about setting some goals and intentions for life beyond these trying times. (We will eventually move past this. Think of how you’d like to envision the next much happier phase!)


In the same vein as creating a vision board, you can make all kinds of creative “mood” and “vision” boards on Pinterest – no new news there. But I personally let my Pinterest activity fall by the wayside in the past few months. So I am taking it upon myself to “clean up” my boards, organize a bit, and pin my heart out. If you’re a creative/blogger/content creator like myself, I loved this blog post from Blair Starky about “How To Grow Traffic With Pinterest“. Super insightful, there is a lot to think about and put into action from these tips!


If there’s one thing most therapists and mental health professionals suggest we do on our own in times of stress is to journal. You can write on your computer or in a pretty journal, whatever, just write. Much like meditation, there’s no method to journaling – you just do. The goal and intention is to move all of the monkey chatter going on in your brain on to paper as a way to work out things that may be weighing heavily on your mind. It’s an incredibly therapeutic practice, one I don’t make enough time for it myself. But with so much going on we all need to find a way to constructively decompress.



IT’S A PERFECT TIME AND THERE ARE SO MANY PUPS WHO WOULD KILL FOR SOME HUMAN KINDNESS AND CARE. Some organizations I love and support – who could use a little help – include Mutt Scouts, A Purposeful Rescue, and Love Leo Rescue (but trust me, there are TONS in LA, just ask your friends if you want to look around <3)


As we speak, Tommy is in his office working on his Spanish with the help of Babbel! He’s a pretty big fan of this particular platform, but there are many others out there you can try!


Now we’ll read the plaques, won’t we. Learn all about the tours over on Travel and Leisure’s article: “Stuck at Home? These 12 Famous Museums Offer Virtual Tours You Can Take on Your Couch.”


Whatever the subject, there’s a master class on it. Learn from the “masters” on topics ranging from cooking, mixology, acting, magic, photography, music production, design – seriously you name it!! Head to for the full rundown and get to learning!