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Sync O

Hybrid lubes like Sliquid Silk are like getting the best of both worlds: They’re compatible with condoms and most toys but last longer than the average water-based option because they’re formulated with a small amount of silicone.

The 19 best sex toys for couples

best couples sex toys

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Shayna Murphy

Updated August 24, 2023

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Looking to bust out from the usual routine and make your sex life hotter than ever? From wearable vibrators to butt plugs and everything in between, the best sex toys for couples can make whatever you do between the sheets feel even better and give your partner something they’ll always remember: better orgasms.

These must-haves for your goodie drawer from leading brands like We-Vibe, Lelo, Satisfyer, can help you hit all of your sweetie’s favorite erogenous zones for an unforgettable night. So add one (or two or three) of these 25 couples’ sex toys to add your cart, ASAP.

1. This wearable vibe that’s great for long-distance relationships

best sex toys for couples

We-Vibe is the leading brand in couples sex toys, and the Chorus takes everything to the next level.

When it comes to couples’ sex toys, We-Vibe is the gold standard. The brand’s wearable devices are ideal for long-distance relationships because they’re app-enabled, meaning your partner can control this device even if they’re on the other side of the world.

The Chorus, which is an upgraded version of the beloved Sync, is a C-shaped vibrator that’s designed to be worn during penetrative sex (although you can use it for solo play, too) and delivers simultaneous G-spot and clitoral stimulation. It also features 10 vibration patterns and, unlike the Sync, the Chorus comes with a remote control that’s very innovative—the tighter you squeeze it, the more intense the vibrations get.

2. A wand vibrator that might be better than the Magic Wand

best sex toys for couples

Hitachi Magic Wands aren’t the only game in town, you know.

Are you team Magic Wand or team Le Wand? At the end of the day, it’s like Cardi B said—you can get ’em both baby, you don’t gotta choose. But if you’ve never tried Le Wand before, you owe it to yourself to give this luxury wand vibrator a go.

Le Wand packs all the power you’d expect, but unlike the Magic Wand—which notoriously only comes with two speeds: intense and really intense—you get 10 speeds plus 20 vibration patterns. If you want something that’s travel-friendly, the Le Wand Petite is a smaller, USB-rechargeable version that’s worth a try.

3. This vibrating c-ring that’ll help you go all night long

best sex toys for couples

This ultra-soft c-ring can help prolong and intensify orgasms in an amazing way.

The Tor 2 is one of those sex toys for men that just keeps on giving. Made from ultra-soft silicone with a smooth, matte finish, this c-ring has six vibration patterns and can help penis-owners maintain erections for longer periods of time, but is also good for clitoral stimulation.

Although it’s designed to be worn around a penis, the Tor 2 can be put to work in other creative ways, like wrapping it around your finger and using it to stimulate your partner along other parts of their body. This versatility is a big part of why Lelo products are among the best in the industry.

4. A lube for all seasons—and situations

best sex toys for couples

Stay slippery, even when you aren’t completely wet.

Lube is amazing, full stop. Shopping for the best one, however, requires a little finesse, as the main types—silicone, water-based, hybrid, and oil-based—work for different things.

If you just want a go-to option that’s compatible with most toys and condoms, a water-based like Sutil Rich is great because it’s paraben- and glycerin-free and formulated with lotus root and horny goat weed (yes, really) to provide a thick, cushiony base, great for all kinds of play.

Silicone lubes like Uberlube are just as popular because they last forever and have a higher viscosity than water-based lubes (meaning they’re extra slippery), but you should avoid them if you’re using silicone toys, as they’ll lead to overall deterioration in the material itself. (For anal sex and other backdoor play, however, silicones are lovely.)

Hybrid lubes like Sliquid Silk are like getting the best of both worlds: They’re compatible with condoms and most toys but last longer than the average water-based option because they’re formulated with a small amount of silicone.

An oil-based lubricant, like the Gun Oil Pink Water, has the best viscosity of all lube types and is ideal for fisting and non-penetrative sex. But as a good rule of thumb, you should avoid this pick if you’re using condoms, as oil and latex don’t mix.

5. These condoms for a sexier spin on safety

best sex toys for couples

Latex condoms like those offered by B Condoms can help make safe sex even sexier.

Condoms come in handy for more than just penetrative sex—although they’re important for that, too, if you’re trying to prevent STIs and unwanted pregnancy. The Trojan Bareskin condoms are a fan-favorite option readily available on Amazon for your convenience.

Flavored condoms like those made by Durex are also latex-based and can be an awesome way to make oral sex more satisfying for couples.

For those with a latex sensitivity, non-latex varieties made from polyisoprene or polyurethane can be excellent alternatives. Of the two, polyurethane—very thin and made of plastic, like the Trojan Supra Bareskin—is best for those with a severe latex allergy, as synthetic-rubber polyisoprene is still technically within the latex family. (If you’re unsure which to try, be sure to talk with a healthcare professional.)

6. This award-winning suction vibrator for oral sex lovers

best sex toys for couples

Some love triangles are worth getting into.

For a lot of vulva owners, clitoral stimulation isn’t just foreplay—it’s a necessary part of getting off. A suction vibrator like the Love Triangle by Satisfyer is perfect for this, as it’s designed to recreate the feel of oral sex and is more dynamic than the brand’s flagship product, the ultra-popular Satisfyer Pro 2.

Part of what sets the Love Triangle apart—besides the fact that it’s brand new—is that it’s compatible with the Satisfyer Connect app (the Pro 2 isn’t) and could work well for couples in long-distance relationships. Both the app and the Love Triangle, which is palm-sized and waterproof, offer a playful way to merge technology and intimacy, which is exactly what sex tech is all about.

7. These too-cute butt plugs that’ll make your heart melt

best sex toys for couples

These plugs are a must-have for Valentine’s Day

Shaped to look just like an old-fashioned candy heart, this silicone butt plug from Adam and Eve is one of the sweetest things you can buy for bae. It also has a heart-shaped base that’s stamped with a flirty little message, so if you’re trying to start a conversation about backdoor play, these cute plugs are a cheeky way to start. You can choose from three color combinations, and as this plug is just three inches in insertable length, it’s not an intimidating size for beginners.

8. A really good strap-on harness

best sex toys for couples

The Aslan Jaguar and the SpareParts HardWear Joque are two of the most popular harnesses out there now.

For couples into pegging or any kind of consensual power exchange, it’s crucial to find a strap-on harness that works for the giver’s body type. Good harnesses don’t come cheap, but the SpareParts Joque is worth the investment if you’re shopping for something that can be worn on the regular. It’s machine-washable and has a stretchy silicone o-ring, so unlike with most harnesses, there’s no need to keep swapping out rings as you level up in dildo size.

9. This vibrating thong so discreet you can wear it in public

best sex toys fo couples

Some classic moves just never go out of style, and this is one of them.

Imagine yourself at a five-star restaurant and you’re about to enjoy your meal, when suddenly you feel a little buzz. That’s not the flutter of true love rising up from your belly and making your cheeks blush, though—it’s this thong-and-vibe combo from OhMiBod. Powerful, seductive, and just a little dirty, this couples’ sex toy is USB-rechargeable and has two vibration patterns, plus it comes with a remote control, so your partner can control it from across the room while you sit back and enjoy the ride… and try not to make too much of a scene.

10. This hands-free vibrator that’s weird but also brilliant

best sex toys for couples

The Eva II might look weird, but trust us—it really works.

Marketed as the world’s first hands-free couples’ vibrator, the Eva was designed to close the so-called pleasure gap that Dame Products founders Alexandra Fine and Janet Lieberman say prevents cisgender women from having the same kind of fun in the bedroom as their male partners. Because approximately 37 percent of American women need clitoral stimulation in order to orgasm, the Eva—and its new and improved model, the Eva II—delivers a vital assist.

The clever device has two little silicone “hands,” which tuck under the labia so the toy stays directly on top of the clitoris, even during sex. The Eva II has more impressive staying power than its predecessor, as it can run for up to five hours off a single charge. It also operates at a whisper-quiet volume, which makes it one of the more discreet toys to have in your arsenal.

11. This sex furniture that’ll blend right in with your decor

best sex toys for couples

For those with chronic pain, this sex furniture from Liberator is a game changer.

Sex furniture—and specifically, pillows, wedges, or full-scale ramps—can be helpful in the bedroom, especially for those who have mobility challenges. Certain pieces, like the ultra-discreet Liberator Flip Ramp, can provide leverage and a crucial layer of support during intimacy, which makes it especially useful for all-night affairs. It looks like a comfy ottoman when it’s not in use and doesn’t take up the kind of space that other pieces of sex furniture do. However, it can also fold out into a ramp, allowing for deeper penetration, especially for anal sex. (PS. I have one at home and, nope, no one ever knows what it really is unless I tell them.)

12. An ultra-bendy vibrator that hits every angle

best sex toys for couples

You can easily contort this vibe to hit any angle.

Love using a vibrator with your partner but wish you had one that you could bend and contort in ways that a normal vibe just doesn’t go? Let me introduce you to your new favorite invention, the MysteryVibe Crescendo. This body-inclusive smart vibrator is singular in that it can bend to fit any body shape and can stimulate erogenous zones you never even knew about, thanks to its six powerful built-in motors. This toy syncs up with the MysteryVibe app, which you can use to set your own or your partner’s vibration patterns. It’s also waterproof, so it could add something extra to your next bathtime.

13. This stroker that’ll plunge you into a new world of sensations

best sex toys for couples

Get ready to flip all your ideas about sex toys for men around.

Masturbators are one of the best sex toys for men because they deliver climax-inducing stimulation with every stroke. The Tenga Zero Flip Hole is like a souped-up version of a Tenga Egg, which is a super-stretchy and textured masturbator designed for one-time use (although FYI, you can get more out of one if you fit the silicone sleeve over a Magic Wand or Le Wand head and use it that way instead).

The Zero Flip Hole opens up like a book, which immediately sets it apart from Fleshlights and other strokers, and features a rippled silicone interior that’ll take you and your love on a bumpy ride indeed. While these types of toys might seem like they’re meant for solo masturbation only, they can be a rad couples’ sex toy, especially if one partner is controlling the stroking action.

14. A set of affordable bed restraints

best sex toys for couples

This beginner kit can help you add a little more “50 Shades” to your life.

Looking to get kinky on a budget? This bed restraint kit from Utimi comes with all the stuff you’ll need to turn your bedroom into a veritable pleasure palace for the evening (or the rest of your life). Designed to fit all size beds, this set comes with adjustable nylon straps, handcuffs, and shackles, as well as a blindfold and a tickler.

The fluffy lining inside the handcuffs and shackles helps prevent irritation, which is important if you’re planning more involved restraint scenes together. With a little imagination and up-front scene negotiation, you can use these straps to embark on all kinds of thrilling new adventures in your sex life.

15. This dildo that almost feels like the real thing

best sex toys for couples

The Mustang will get your engine revved up. plus maybe a few other things.

I have a confession to make: Vixen Creations’ silicone dildos ruined me for almost every other silicone dildo out there. These toys—like the fabulous Mustang Royale pictured here—are made with something the brand calls VixSkin, a special type of dual-density silicone. What that means is that their dildos have a firm yet squishy feel, so they’re girthy but not too malleable. In short, they feel shockingly close to the real thing.

Mixed and molded by hand, these exquisite dildos are good for everything, whether it be solo play, fun between couples, or even pegging. The Mustang Royale in particular comes with a harness-friendly base, which is also slightly curved and designed to deliver added clitoral stimulation during pegging.

16. These vibrating anal beads that are great on-the-go

best sex toys for couples

These beads are fun way to edge into backdoor play.

If you’re still easing into backdoor play, these vibrating anal beads from B-Vibe are a must-try regardless of your skill level, as they’re small enough that they won’t scare off total newbies. They have six vibration patterns and 15 intensity levels, thanks to two powerful motors, which help give them that added oomph. With a wireless remote included, this toy is one that a partner can control from across the room, which makes it feel even more versatile. The beads also come with a cute traveling case with locking functionality, for extra security when you’ve got them with you on the go.

17. A set of low-temperature candles to heat things up

best sex toys for couples

These low-temperature candles are a good way to foray into wax play.

Wax play isn’t for everyone, but for couples who want to venture into such kinky pursuits, these low-temperature candles can fire up your sex life in some pretty spectacular ways. They burn at about 125 degrees Fahrenheit, so you’ll feel a sting to start, but the wax oil is formulated so it won’t singe skin, which makes them much safer to use than ordinary candles. Reviewers say these are large, last for a while, and make wax play feel fun and safe for beginners.

18. The most memorable DIY project you’ll ever have

best sex toys for couples

The funniest part about this kit? It actually makes a pretty decent toy, too.

This easy-to-use kit comes with everything you need to make a silicone replica of your partner’s penis, plus a little bullet vibrator for clitoral stimulation. It may seem a little wacky to some, but if your partner is always traveling or the two of you are gearing up to go long distance due to work or school, it can be a thoughtful way to stay connected. You may opt for realistic colors that match their penis or spice things up with hot pink, neon, or another one of the funky colors available. One thing’s for sure, making it together will be a date night you and your partner never forget.

19. A palm-sized bullet vibrator that covers all the bases

best sex toys for couples

The Mimic Plus is remarkably easy to charge and has plenty of staying power.

Shaped just like a manta ray, this curvy little silicone toy is ergonomically designed to fit right in the palm of your partner’s hand and packs a lot of power. Ideal for anyone who prefers vibrators that are more “rumbly” (like a cross between a wand and a bullet vibe), the Mimic Plus from Clandestine Devices is a vibrator that’s slightly larger than most bullets, but still works in the same way for clitoral stimulation, and can be used to massage around the labia and other erogenous zones. Featuring easy magnetic charging and a soft, contoured design, the Mimic Plus is a little toy that makes a big impression.

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