Mothers day games


By Micaela Bahn Published: Mar 21, 2023

26 Best Mother’s Day Games That Are Fun for the Whole Family

From trivia to charades to “Mother, may I,” these are all Mom-approved.

By Micaela Bahn Published: Mar 21, 2023

mothers day games

Moms really do it all, and Ree Drummond just puts a finer tip on that point! When she was raising the four Drummond kids, she cooked almost all the weeknight dinners, worked around the house and the ranch, and started a whole darn food blogging business! But you don’t have to go the Ree route to prove that moms have a crazy hard job. These wonderful ladies are everyone’s role models. They love us unconditionally, even when we drive them up a wall, even when we *sometimes* forget to say ‘thank you.’ That’s why we have Mother’s Day set aside to make sure she gets credit where credit is due. So, give mom the special occasion she deserves with gifts, tributes, a homemade brunch, and these cute Mother’s Day games!

Ahead, you’ll find games for all ages that make for sweet new family traditions and pay tribute to the woman who’s always had your back. Sure, gifts for mom are sweet and flowers can make anyone smile. But a round of mom-themed bingo or trivia will leave you feeling closer than ever. Tell a few of your best mom jokes while you play, and you’ll be rolling on the ground laughing. Plus, games are a great, low or zero-budget activity that you can do from home. Don’t sweat it if some of the kids can’t visit! Many of these options are also easy to do over FaceTime. Give these cute and silly games a try this year for some beautiful memories and mom-umental fun.


mothers day games pun game

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Dads, step aside—we all know who’s actually the funniest parent! Have a competition when you see who can come up with the most Mother’s Day-themed puns. Time to prove once and for all who’s really pun-stoppable! (Don’t worry, they’re supposed to be terrible. 😂)

Mother, May I?

mothers day games mother may i

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This one is especially good for keeping little ones out of mischief and testing their memory! As the day goes by, everyone is required to ask, “mother, may I” for any task they want to do. Activities can be big or small, from doing their homework to watching TV. But if they forget to ask, they’re out!


Mothers day games

Mother’s Day planning can be a daunting task for everyone involved. How do you repay someone who gave you so much on just one day? You want to plan something that is fun and special, ensuring that you make them feel appreciated, but you also want to make it personal and easy. Staying in doesn’t sound very exciting, does it? Let’s not jump to conclusions!

With these 10 fun, exciting Mother’s Day games and activities for the whole family, you will be able to make the most of any Mother’s Day celebration, or any family gathering, regardless of where you are. You’ve decided to host at home? Turn your backyard into the laugh-filled, lively area where love and happiness blossom! Whether you have decided to serve brunch or dinner, these games are perfect for any time of day.

Some games will work better for different situations, depending on what type of planner you are. For those with procrastination issues, like myself, there are the time-honored classics that make setup SUPER easy and quick, such as charades or limbo. Others require you to plan ahead a little, such as scavenger hunts and friendly feud. Don’t worry, the work will pay off when you see the smiles on everyone’s face and hear the unlimited laughs that are sure to come!

1. Mad Libs

Mothers day games

Mad Libs, like we all know, is a party game filled with laughter, fictional stories, and LOTS of creativity. This is one of those games that does require some preplanning on the host’s part. To begin, write a story that is mom themed, making sure it is missing some key words, and replace them with blanks. Every word will add its own spice to the gameplay! The story about mom can be true or made up, that is totally up to you.

Under each blank, place the type of speech that the key word was. This may be an adjective, a noun, a verb, or any other part of speech. Make sure that you are specific, that way the story makes sense. Print, or write, out the Mad Lib to give the players before the games begins. Make sure that nobody is drinking anything when the stories are read, or else you may be in the splash zone before you know it!

2. Mother’s Day Charades

Mothers day games

Make charades all about Mom this Mother’s Day. Requiring very little preparation, this group game is the perfect choice for the everyday procrastinator. Take numerous pieces of paper, and on them, write Mom’s favorite movies, songs, TV shows, and even reactions. Crumple up all of the pieces of paper and place them in a bowl.

Set a timer for 60 seconds and choose the first player. One person will have 60 seconds to get everyone on the same page. The whole time, the player must act without saying any words. Once they finish, the next person will begin their turn.

There are no manners in this game, and whoever screams the correct answers, wins the round! The winner’s prize will be chosen by Mom. Family members will get a kick out of this game, and there are always tons of laughs while you play.

3. Scavenger Hunt

Mothers day games

A scavenger hunt is always fun for everyone involved, so this game is perfect for any age group and the whole family! As another simple game, this one will have the children rolling in laughter in a matter of minutes. While Mom is covering her eyes and ears, the children will go and hide different types of treasure that consist of things mom like.

If they want to keep the treasure secret, the kids can tell their mom how many gifts they have hidden for her. If they don’t mind that she knows, they can give her a checklist of gifts for her to find. The most exciting part of this game is that Mom will most likely be finding gifts for days, constantly reminding her of how appreciated and loved she is!

Scavenger hunts always leave the kids giggling, as they hide gifts for mom all over. On the other hand, mothers will get to play, finding some of their favorite gifts, hidden by their kids. This game is a classic, with loads of fun for the whole family, making it one of the best ideas for family gathering, regardless of the holiday.

4. Memories of Mom

Mothers day games

Memories of Mom is the perfect game for the sentimental type of family. With some preplanning, it is almost guaranteed to end with Mom’s eyes being filled with happy tears, quickly creating some of mom’s favorite memories. Ahead of time, give everyone an assignment and a piece of paper.

All participants should be told to write down their favorite memories of the mom of the day, so that they create something for mom to keep.. These can be their funniest memories, their happiest memories, or even the best stories that they have heard, the times they had so much fun, or whatever reminds them the most of Mom. The family member may also bring a photo to share.

On Mother’s Day, have everyone read aloud their favorite memories of Mom. Make sure there is plenty of time after the game finishes, because there will be A LOT of reminiscing! Laughter, tears, and hugs are guaranteed rewards. Let Mom keep the answer papers as a reminder of the impact she has made on everyone there.

5. Give Mom a Break

Mothers day games

This game is competitive, and every player has the opportunity to be the winner when the day comes to an end. At the beginning of the day, each player is given five safety pins to put on their shirt. On a side note, if there are small children participating, wooden clothespins can be used instead.

Once the rules are laid out, everyone should begin to watch what they say, or they will quickly lose their pins.

Throughout the day, the players are not allowed to ask Mom for anything! They aren’t even allowed to say mom. Anytime a player hears another player ask Mom for something, they will call them out and steal one of their pins. If a player runs out of pins, this doesn’t mean that they are out of the game! Until the day is over, they are still able to steal pins from others.

At the end of the day, players will tally their pins. The player with the most pins, wins the game and the bragging rights of being the most self-sufficient person present. This will quickly become one of mom’s favorite games, as she will finally catch a break!

6. Two Truths and a Lie

Mothers day games

This version of Two Truths and a Lie is not as scandalous as the typical version. Players will choose two statements that are truthful, ensuring that they are the most ridiculous truths that they can think of, and they will choose one more that is a lie.

Make sure that you are keeping your best poker face during your turn, because you don’t want to just give the answer away. Everybody else has to attempt to choose the correct false statement. This is a perfect game to see who knows mom best and get to know her a little more as well!

7. Mommy Bingo

Mothers day games

Want a game to test your knowledge about mom? Mommy Bingo is one of the perfect mother’s day games to play. With Mommy Bingo, the players will put their knowledge of Mom to the test.

To prepare, customized Bingo cards are made. You can make these yourself, or you can print some templates from online, with a variety of customizations that can made. Words can be used for an older crowd, or photos can be used so that younger players can participate easier.

The winner of this game can give Mom the chosen gift. Remember, this day is all about her!

8. Balloon Stomp

Mothers day games

Balloon Stomp is one of the awesome, fun mother’s day games! Before the day begins, have the kids (and the partner) write tasks that they are able to help Mom with around the house. Make sure that they aren’t only writing down the easy ones either. This could include washing dishes, folding laundry (I know, I know), or even breakfast in bed.

Once the tasks have been written down, place the ideas into balloons. There should be one task inside each balloon. After they have all been placed, the balloons are blown up. When the game is ready, put all of the balloons in a room of the house, preferably one without a ton of furniture.

Set a timer for a minute and have Mom pop as many balloons as she can by stomping on them. Everyone should cheer her on as she goes! Once she has completed, she will collect all of the tasks from the balloons, determining what will be done over the next week. Whoever wrote the task must complete the task over the course of the week. Of course, Mom will appreciate it.

9. Wait on Mom

Mothers day games

Wait on Mom is a fun game for everyone who wants to participate. Before she even gets out of bed, Mom is given a bell and a bag of the kids’ favorite candies. Trust me, this is still about her!

For the rest of the day, Mom will ring the bell when she wants help with anything. This may be a cup of tea, breakfast in bed, retrieving her shoes, or just a hug. The first kid to answer Mom’s call will get a candy. Quickly, Mom will feel appreciated, and the kids will be enjoying a sugar kick.

10. Friendly Feud

Mothers day games

If you are a part of a competitive family, then this Mother’s Day version of the classic game show Family Feud will have everyone on their toes! Before the game, the players may create question cards, all of which are about Mom, creating the perfect game of mom trivia. They may also order customized Mother’s Day cards online to play the game.

The family will choose teams and a player to act as the host. The host will allow a player from each team to come up, and they will then choose a random card. Once the question is read, the players will “buzz in” by making a buzzing noise. The first player to buzz in will guess an answer, and then the next player will guess an answer. The player with the highest-ranking answer will choose to pass or play.

The game continues like a typical game of Family Feud after this. This game is filled with laughter, hilarious answers, and lots of fun! The players may choose to have an awards ceremony at the end of the game if they wish.


Overall, these Mothers day games and activities are wonderful ways to make mothers feel like they have a ceremony just for them! Mother’s day is a wonderful day for fun and celebration!

Beginning at breakfast, and continuing out throughout the entire day, moms will be at the center of attention. Kids will get a change to learn about their mom, from mom’s favorite color, her favorite songs, what she loves to create, her favorite games to play, and so much more!

These games and activities will help you to make the day all about the woman who gave you life, either by birth or by love. It doesn’t matter! Go, and celebrate your moms today!


My name is Ellie! I am a resident of Northeast Tennessee. I love animals of all shapes and sizes, fantasy fiction novels, and anything outdoors. I have a wonderful husband who loves me almost as much as my two fur babies. I love being a part of this awesome community.

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