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Top 100 middle names for girls

Elegant and pretty—Scarlett is a feminine name of French origin that refers to the color and was historically an occupational name for cloth merchants and fabric dyers in Medieval times.

90 Middle Names for Girls, Whether You Want Something Traditional or Unique

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Picking a first name for your future bundle of joy is a whole lot of pressure, but when it comes to middle names the heat is off and you can have a little more fun. Indeed, a middle name is the perfect opportunity to explore monikers you weren’t entirely ready to go all in on (like Clementine, Peyton or Faye). And so with that in mind, here’s a list of middle names for girls, whether you want something traditional, trendy, with a special meaning or just plain cool-sounding.

Classic Middle Names

90-middle-names-for-girls: Portrait of a young Black girl wearing braids and safety gear for elbow for skating or skateboarding. She smiles and holds a skateboard behind her head. She stands on a boardwalk that overlooks the water.

1. Claire

This feminine name of French origin means “clear” and “bright.” It also has a delicate sound that’s downright precious.

2. Ruth

This name of Hebrew origin has vintage charm, a strong sound and a sweet meaning of “friend.”

3. Ellen

This timeless classic meaning “shining light” belongs to an impressive number of famous women (Ellen Pompeo, Ellen DeGeneres and Ellen Barkin, to name a few).

4. Faye

Old-fashioned in the best possible way, Faye is a beautiful name of French origin that means “belief” or “faith.”

90-middle-names-for-girls: A portrait of a adorable happy laughing white toddler girl with brown hair and bangs and brown eyes with her feet covered in drawings in a pink shirt with fairy print with balloons on her back as wings playing in the front yard outside the house on a hot summer day blowing soap bubbles and drawing with chalk.

5. Faith

“Trust and devotion” is the meaning of this feminine name of English origin, which first rose to popularity among Puritans in the 17th century.

6. Marie

Much like Marion, Marie can be interpreted as the French version of Mary (and all the religious significance that comes with it), but the name is actually derived from the Latin phrase stella maris, or “star of the sea.”

7. Emma

This sweet and pretty name has Germanic roots and a meaning of “universal one.”

8. Abigail

One of the more popular monikers on the list, this Hebrew name is perfect for daddy’s little girl; it means “my father’s joy.”

9. Ada

Another short and sweet name with Germanic origins—Ada is closely related to the names Adelaide and Adeline, and has noble connotations.

90-middle-names-for-girls: A young Black baby girl wears a white and pink floral dress with a matching bonnet on a white couch. She reaches out toward the camera.

10. Eve

Eve is an anglicized version of Latin and Hebrew names that mean “life.” (Needless to say, there’s biblical significance here.)

11. Grace

Here, a charming, feminine name of Latin origin for a beacon of goodness and purity.

12. Margaret

Sweet, pretty and sophisticated—this traditional name has Greek origins and a meaning of “pearl.”

13. Anne

An anglicized version of the Latin name Anna and Hebrew name Hannah, this short-but-sweet number means “grace.”

14. Hope

Another sweet, one-syllabic option—this one is of Puritan and Old English origin (and we probably don’t need to tell you what it means).

90-middle-names-for-girls: Young white girl with scruffy blonde hair sits against a white wall. She wears a gray green tank top.

15. Marion

Marion is not only a feminine name with Christian (i.e., Virgin Mary) roots, it’s also a gender-neutral moniker of French and Latin origin that means “star of the sea.”

16. Phoebe

Phoebe is an energetic name of Greek origin that means “radiant, shining one.” It’s also pretty fun to say.

17. Scarlett

Elegant and pretty—Scarlett is a feminine name of French origin that refers to the color and was historically an occupational name for cloth merchants and fabric dyers in Medieval times.

18. Jane

Simple and sweet, this classic girl’s name of English origin means “God is gracious.”

19. Eloise

This name of French and English origin means “healthy” and “wide,” but we associate it more with the mischievous antics of the charming little girl from Kay Thompson’s classic book series.

90-middle-names-for-girls: A young girl of color with brown skin and dark hair plays with her bob-length hair in the hallway of a house. She wears a blue and pink top.

20. Elizabeth

Elizabeth is a biblical name of Hebrew origin and a fine, traditional choice that means “God is my oath.”

21. Charlotte

The diminutive, feminine form of Charles, Charlotte is a name of French origin that means “petite.”

22. Amelia

Amelia is a cute and charming choice that’s derived from the Hebrew word amal, which means “work.” Give this one to a hard-working and determined little girl.

23. Sophia

A melodic name of Greek origin that means “wisdom,” Sophia ranked in the top 10 on the Social Security Administration’s list of most popular names.

Gender Neutral Middle Names

90-middle-names-for-girls: A white baby girl with brown hair smiling on a bed. One of her hands is up and she wears a white, pink and yellow floral onesie.

24. Jean

This unique name of French origin means “God is Gracious.” If you’re looking for something fresh and cool, Jean is a good fit.

25. Rory

Here, a centuries-old, gender-neutral Irish moniker that’s gaining popularity as a name for girls. It means “red king.”

26. Kennedy

Originally a Gaelic surname meaning “helmeted chief,” this name has a dignified sound and clear presidential ties.

27. Scout

“To listen” and “to discover” are the meanings of this playful and energetic moniker.

28. Avalon

This name of Celtic origin has warrior-like vibes and a mythological meaning of “island of apples,” which refers to the island where the sword Excalibur was crafted, according to Arthurian lore.

29. Lennon

John Lennon might have made the name more popular but this gender-neutral moniker of Irish origin meaning “lover” was around way before The Beatles.

90-middle-names-for-girls: Portrait of a white toddler girl with red hair and bright blue eyes. The photo is taken from above and she stands on a green patch of grass while wearing a dark spaghetti strap top.

30. Rumi

This Japanese girl’s name has a mysterious vibe and a lovely meaning of “beauty,” “current” and “flow.”

31. Greer

Greer is an uncommon Scottish name with an intriguing meaning of “alert, watchful and quick.”

32. Rio

Rio is a place name (i.e., Rio de Janeiro) and a gender-neutral moniker of Spanish origin that means “river.” (And if you’re a fan of Duran Duran, it could also mean “beautiful woman who dances on the sand.”)

33. James

James has Hebrew origins, strong biblical ties and a meaning of “supplanter”—and though it’s typically as masculine name, it has been catching on as a cute moniker for girls, too.

34. Shea

This soft-sounding Gaelic name is derived from the well-known Irish surname, O’Shea, and has a meaning of “hawk-like” and “admirable.”

90-middle-names-for-girls: Close-up portrait of cheerful Asian baby girl with brown hair on yellow inflatable ring In swimming pool. She wears a black and white striped swimsuit.

35. Reign

Reign is a gender-neutral name of American origin with the same meaning as the word. It’s also the name Kourtney Kardshian and Scott Disick gave to their son.

36. Lou

A shortened version of either Louis or Louise—Lou has French roots and a fierce meaning of “famous warrior.”

37. Emery

This strong, gender-neutral name of British origin means “powerful” and “industrious.”

38. Paris

This city-inspired girl’s name also has ties to Shakespeare’s Romeo and Juliet and Greek mythology’s Trojan prince. We think it’s très chic.

39. Harper

This peppy girl’s name dates back to Medieval times, when it was used to describe someone who played (you guessed it) the harp.

90-middle-names-for-girls: A white baby girl laughing on a pink surface. She wears a pink onsie.

40. Parker

“Park keeper” is the meaning of this occupational surname of Old English origin, which has seen growing popularity as both a first and middle name for both sexes.

41. Kay

Although often used as a short form of the name Katherine, Kay is also a gender-neutral name of Greek origin that means “pure.”

42. Peyton

This dignified gender-neutral name of English origin has Medieval roots and a meaning of “fighting man’s estate.”

43. Leigh

Although traditionally an English surname, Leigh (pronunced Lee) is also a unisex given name that means “meadow” and “delicate.”

44. Madison

Traditionally a surname of British origin meaning “son of Matthew,” Madison can also be used as a gender-neutral given or middle name.

45. Everly

Although this one might bring to mind the Everly Brothers, it’s actually a gender-neutral name of British origin and an Old English meaning of “boar” and “woodland clearing.”

Nature-Inspired Middle Names

90-middle-names-for-girls: One year old white baby girl with blond hair seated on grass. She is smiling and wears a white outfit with a matching floral hair bow.

46. Willow

Soft, graceful and elegant just like the namesake tree, Willow is a timeless feminine name with Old English origins. (Fun fact: It’s also the name of Will Smith’s daughter.)

47. Brooke

We get sporty vibes from this name of Old English and German origin, which means “small stream.”

48. Briar

This unisex name of British origin refers to a thorny bush of wild roses. If you’re looking for a flower-inspired name that isn’t too precious, Briar fits the bill.

49. Maple

Maple is a British name meaning “one who lives near maple trees,” and we think it’s as sweet as the sap that the tree is famous for.

90-middle-names-for-girls: A white baby girl with brown hair playing in the field of sunflowers. She wears a yellow top.

50. Honey

Here, a term of endearment with all the sweetness of maple and a hint of Southern charm.

51. Fern

This topographic name derived from the Old English word “fearn” means (you guessed it) “someone who lives among ferns,” but we just think of the sweet little girl from E.B. White’s Charlotte’s Web.

52. Olivia

This Latin name meaning “olive tree” was the most popular baby girl name last year, according to the Social Security Administration. It’s also every bit as lovely as a middle name, with the added benefit that your baby won’t be mistaken for five other Olivias in her class when the school years roll around.

53. Rose

If you’re looking for a supremely feminine, one-syllable middle name, Rose, which quite obviously refers to the flower, is a timeless choice.

54. Flora

This name of Latin and Scottish origin boasts vintage charm and a meaning of “flower.”

90-middle-names-for-girls: An Asian little girl with brown hair sitting on airplane seat. She looks out the open window. She wears a blue top, white pants, and a pink scarf.

55. Lily

A melodic choice that’s loaded with symbolism and religious significance—Lily is a flower found throughout the bible as a symbol of innocence and a feminine name of Latin origin that means “pure.”

56. Clementine

Not to be confused with the citrus fruit—though just as sweet—this lilting three-syllable name is of French origin and means “mild and merciful.”

57. River

We probably don’t need to tell you what this one means…or that the late River Phoenix made it seriously cool.

58. Rosemary

Rosemary is an aromatic herb and a feminine name of Latin origin that means “dew of the sea.”

59. Ivy

This feminine name, picked straight from the English dictionary, refers to climbing vines and can be found throughout history. (Think: World War I veteran Ivy Campany and Ivy Cavendish-Bentnick, the former Duchess of Portland.)

60. Fiora

This name of Latin origin has a sweet, gentle meaning of “little flower” (and a decidedly fiercer sound).

Unique Middle Names

90-middle-names-for-girls: Father and daughter (18 months), both Black, walking up steps to house. The daughter has brown hair and is wearing a pink and brown polka dot dress and a matching pink bow. The father wears gray pants.

61. Arcadia

This feminine name of Greek origin has mythological ties and a tender meaning of “place of peace and contentment.”

62. India

India is a geographical moniker with British roots and a meaning that refers to the Indus river of South and Central Asia. It also has some starpower, thanks to British actress India Fisher and the American singer, India Arie.

63. Maeve

Maeve (pronounced Mayve) is a name of Irish origin with mythological roots—she was a queen in more than one context—and a meaning of “she who intoxicates.”

64. Arden

Arden is an unusual name that’s derived from the Hebrew word for the Garden of Eden; the (fictional) Forest of Arden is also the setting for Shakespeare’s play, As You Like It.

90-middle-names-for-girls: An Asian baby girl with brown hair drinking water with a straw and sitting an outdoor chair. She wears a beige top.

65. Malia

Here, a Hawaiian name that means “calm and peaceful” (and you can only hope that’s true of your newborn baby girl).

66. Juliana

Long and melodic—Juliana, the feminine form of Julius, is a name of Latin origin that means “youthful.”

67. Alessia

One of the most popular girl names in Italy, Alessia is the feminine version of the Italian name Alessio and means “defending warrior.”

68. Luna

This cute and feminine-sounding middle name is the word for moon in Latin and several Latin-based languages, and the name of the moon goddess in Roman mythology.

69. Inez

This soft and melodic name has Portuguese roots and a meaning of “pure” and “chaste.” It’s also the moniker that Blake Lively and Ryan Reynolds chose for their second child.

90-middle-names-for-girls: A serious light-skinned child with brown hair and with crossed arms is looking up in front of white wall. She wears a pink top.

70. Camila

This cute and spunky name has Portuguese origins and a religious meaning of “priest’s helper.”

71. Cosmo

Cosmo is a unique and powerful name of Greek origin that means “order, organization and beauty.” We think it’s pretty badass.

72. Naomi

This name of Hebrew origin has a meaning of “pleasantness” and some serious starpower behind it (Naomi Watts, Naomi Campbell and Naomi Judd, to name a few).

73. Zendaya

Made famous by actress Zendaya (of Euphoria), this name has Zimbabwean and Zambian origins and a meaning of “to give thanks to God.”

74. Nova

Nova—a Latin feminine name that means “new”—is an old-world choice that feels totally fresh.

Short Middle Names

90-middle-names-for-girls: Smiling little cute baby girl lying on the grass in the park. The young girl is of South Asian descent and has brown hair. She has on a navy and pink polka dot top.

75. Chloe

A popular name of Greek origin with an upbeat feel—Chloe means “fertility” and “blooming.”

76. Mila

Mila is a fairly popular feminine name with Spanish and Russian and a meaning of “miracles” and “gracious,” respectively.

77. Layla

Layla is a name of Arabic origin that truly rolls off the tongue and has a meaning of “night.”

78. Elle

This one-syllable winner is a feminine name of Greek and Hebrew origin that means “sun ray.”

79. Zoe

This spunky and energetic name is of Greek origin and, like Eve, it means “life.”

90-middle-names-for-girls: Hispanic girl sitting on floor playing with alphabet blocks. She has dark hair and wears a floral outfit.

80. Lynn

Sometimes spelled Lin—this clean and simple feminine name of French origin has a meaning to match its sound: “living near a lake, waterfall or pool.”

81. Mia

Mia has Italian and Slavic roots, a meaning of “mine” and “darling, respectively, and a diminutive sound we adore.

82. Jo

A shortened form of the names Joanna, Jody and Josephine—this short but sweet moniker has spunky, Tomboy vibes and ties to a certain sister in the much-loved, classic novel Little Women.

83. Mae

Mae is an alternate spelling of the name May that has a shared meaning related to the calendar month: “Goddess of Spring Growth.”

84. Rue

This short but sweet moniker of Greek and English origin has personality to spare, as evidenced by both the Golden Girls actress Rue McClanahan and the fictional heroine of the book series and blockbuster film Hunger Games. It can mean either “herb” or “regret,” but we’re going with the former.

90-middle-names-for-girls: Portrait of hungry baby eating orange fruit. The baby is a person of color and has brown hair. They have on a gray sweatshirt.

85. Kai

This gender-neutral Welsh name has a presence in countries around the world and a corresponding meaning of “keeper of the keys; earth.”

86. Kit

Here, a cute, peppy moniker that’s derived from the names Christopher and Katherine and has a religious meaning of “bearing Christ.”

87. Joy

This one has Latin origins, ties to the modern French word joie and a self-explanatory meaning that’s oh-so fitting for a newborn bundle of joy.

88. Tess

This punchy, one-syllable name of Greek origin means “late summer,” but it’s all energy and attitude as far as we’re concerned.

89. Kate

There are as many reasons to choose this friendly name of Greek and English origin meaning “pure” as there are famous Kates in the world (i.e., Middleton, Hudson, Winslet, Beckinsale, and the list goes on…)

90. Love

This one means…just kidding! We don’t have to tell you why you might consider this middle name, since your heart is already bursting with the feeling whenever you think of your baby.

Top 100 middle names for girls

Cute baby girl relaxing on colorful alphabetical puzzle playmat at home

You may know quite a few women with middle names like Anne, Elizabeth, Lynn, Sue or Marie. For decades, middle names for girls used to be limited to the same basic options.

The good news is that the list of middle names for girls has expanded quite a bit with time.

Pamela Redmond, baby name consultant and founder of Nameberry, tells TODAY.com that the middle name Rose has gained popularity.

“Everyone has an ancestor with Rose in their name, but it feels too simple for many to use as a first name and works well in the middle,” Redmond says.

Redmond said the “Rose trend” has expanded to include a lot of other nature names, including: Rue, River, Sage and Lark.

“Grace has been another recently popular middle name for girls, and you can expand that to other virtue names, such as Hope or Justice,” Redmond tells TODAY.com

Another popular trend? Masculine middle names.

“The boys’ name James has become a popular middle name for girls and started a trend for traditional masculine names in the middle,” Redmond explains. “This might be a way to honor a male relative or hero in your daughter’s name without ‘feminizing’ it.”

Redmond says that creating gender neutral names can add gender fluidity to a daughter’s name.

“So a conventionally feminine name such as Olivia might be balanced out by a unisex name in the middle, such as River or Zephyr,” she says.

Redmond tells TODAY.com that strong middle names for girls that honor a loved one might be more important for girls now than in the past.

“These might include mother’s or grandmother’s surname or a heroine or female ancestor’s name, though sometimes made more contemporary,” she says. “Grandma Mary or Maria might have a contemporary namesake with the middle name Mae or Maeve.”

The top five middle names for girls overall are Rose, Elizabeth, Grace, Jane and Marie. Redmond says the top five trendy middle names for girls are Pearl, Violet, Josephine, June and Beatrice.

More baby naming inspiration!

100 Middle Names For Girls

Still searching for the perfect middle name for your baby girl? You aren’t alone.

“Parents today see the child’s entire name, including surname, as a package deal,” Redmond says. “They look to the middle name to do everything the first name and last name haven’t done — represent one parent’s ethnic heritage, for example, or make the overall name more exciting or down-to-earth.”

The top 100 middle names for girls, according to Nameberry.com, are:

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