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100 Most Popular Hispanic Girl Names With Meanings In 2023

Another name for your precious darling! Perla means ‘pearl’. It is a popular name but still worth a consideration.

35+ Adorable Mexican Baby Names

From art to food to culture to scenic destinations, Mexico’s given the world so much. so it’s unsurprising that the country is also rich in baby name inspo! The most popular Mexican baby names often have Spanish roots, but there are a few surprises in the top 10 Mexican baby names for boys and girls (including choices like David and Elizabeth!). If you’re looking for a Mexican baby name for your little boy or girl, you’ll want to peruse this list of popular Mexican names—which also includes some unique choices given to modern Mexican children.

Mexican Boy Names

Alejandro : The Hispanic version of Alexander, meaning “defending men,” is a popular pick for baby boys in Mexico. The feminine Alejandra is also a steady favorite.

Alfredo : Maybe not as popular in the States but a worthy contender for your little boy, this name of Italian, Spanish, and Portuguese roots is darling. It is a combination of two words meaning “elf” and “counsel.”

Antonio : It means “highly praiseworthy” and this cute Mexican boys’ name is in the top ten for Mexican baby boys; it also is commonly used there in the middle spot after Marco or Jose, for example.

Armondo : We love this popular Mexican boy name originally from the German, which means “army man” or “soldier.”

Carlos : The Spanish version of Charles means “free man” and is a popular pick in Mexico and here in the States.

David : This Hebrew name gets top marks from Mexican parents, meaning “beloved.” A similar choice that holds a high rank in Mexico is Daniel from the Hebrew, meaning “God is my judge.”

Gerardo : Classic, Spanish, and oh-so-cute, Gerardo lands in Mexico’s top 30 most popular names for boys, meaning “spear strength.” There are many famous people by this name, including the baseball player Gerardo Parra.

Javier : The adorable Spanish version of Xavier is a popular Mexican baby boy name, and has mixed Basque/Arabic root meanings “new house” or “bright.” The Mexican boy name lends easily to the sweet nickname Javi, as MTV Teen Mom fans will recognize from that show’s starlet Kailyn Lowry’s middle child.

Jose : It wouldn’t be a list of Spanish-language baby names without this gem, that holds the #4 spot in Mexico but also is often combined by parents there for a two-parter like Jose Antonio or Jose Luis to rank again in Mexico’s top 30. Jose means “Jehovah increases” in Spanish and Portugese.

Juan : The Spanish variation of John is the second-most popular Mexican boy name, and also ranks in the top 30 when paired for double names Juan Manuel and Juan Carlos. The options are limitless with this classic pick which translates to “the Lord is gracious.”

Luis : It’s the French/German version of Louis and it means “renowned warrior.” Most lists have this name toward the top for Mexican baby boys, and it also is frequently paired with other popular picks as a smart middle name for a little one.

Matteo : A romantic sounding Italian name that earns high marks in Mexico; Matteo means “gift of God” and it has plenty of cute nickname options.

Miguel : The Spanish/Portuguese variation of Michael translates to “who is God like?” in Hebrew. It is a very popular Mexican baby boy name that’s a lovely, lesser-used alternative to Michael.

Rafael : It falls in Mexico’s top 30, and this handsome Mexican boy name meaning “God has healed” in Spanish would have your baby in good company with such celebrities as the tennis player Rafael Nadal and, of course, revered 15th century painter, Raphael.

Raul : This cute Spanish name is one of the top 30 for boys in Mexico. It is the Spanish version of Ralph, meaning “wolf counsel.”

Santiago : If you’re into place names, this one is an ace. Mexican municipality Santiago makes gorgeous inspiration for a baby boy’s name and its tiny town within, Villa De Santiago, is widely held up as one of the most beautiful places to visit in North Mexico.

Mexican Girl Names

Adriana : We love this girl’s name that falls just outside Mexico’s top 20. Adriana is a beautiful Mexican girl name that has beachy vibes thanks to its nod to the Adriatic sea and derives from Latin.

Alicia : This pretty Mexican girl name is very popular with parents; it’s the Spanish take on Alice and means “noble.” It also lends beautifully to nicknames Ali, Lili, and Licia.

Araceli : A classic choice that falls in Mexico’s top 30 baby girl names. Araceli has the gorgeous translation “altar of the sky” and nickname options Ari, Ara, and Celi.

Elizabeth : Surprisingly, this English name is one of Mexico’s popular picks for little girls. Elizabeth means “pledged to God” from the Hebrew.

Francisca : This pretty Mexican girl name is a top-20 pick in Mexico; it has Latin roots with the dual meaning “from France; free man.”

Gloria : A gorgeous Mexican girl name with religious connotations, Gloria is in Mexico’s top thirty names for girls. It means “glory.”

Juana : Mexico’s #3 most common baby name for girls is such a fun choice. Juana is the feminine version of Spanish boy’s name Juan also on this list, meaning “the Lord is gracious.”

Leticia : This is a precious, lyrical name from the Latin meaning “joy, gladness,” and rests in Mexico’s top 10 for baby girls.

Maria : One of the most popular Mexican girl names holds Mexico’s #1 and #2 spots—in the first position, it is paired with Guadalupe (a Spanish place name meaning ‘river of black stones’) for a double name that packs a punch. Maria means “bitter, beloved, or drop of the sea.”

Margarita : It’s not as popular in the U.S. as in Mexico where it holds the #5 spot, but this lovely Spanish-derived name meaning “pearl” is a very pretty choice.

Patricia : Meaning “noble, patrician” from the Latin, this popular Mexican girl name is in Mexico’s top 15 and has a fun, vintage feel here in the States.

Quintana : This unique Mexican baby girl name would be so pretty for a daughter; it means “fifth girl” in Spanish and sounds adorable rolling off the tongue.

Rosa : It’s not a shock that this well-loved Spanish-language name makes our list; Rosa falls in Mexico’s top 20 baby girl names and means “rose” or “a flower.”

Silvia : A pretty Mexican girl name that holds Mexico’s #25 spot for popularity, it sounds silvery and sweet when spoken. Silvia means “from the woods” for a cool nature name with Spanish roots.

Tijuana : We’re loving this unique Mexican place name for a baby girl; the Mexican border city just south of California will lend your baby girl plenty of flair.

Veronica : A cute baby girl name in Mexico’s top 10. Veronica is adored the world over, but still not overused. It means “she who brings victory” or “true image.”

Yolanda : A top-30 baby girl name for Mexican parents, Yolanda has Greek roots and means “violet flower.”

Gender-Neutral Mexican Names for Boys and Girls

Amor : The Spanish word for “love” makes the cutest gender-neutral Mexican baby name for your little love, and is a choice rising in popularity in Mexico.

Azul : An oft-used Mexican baby name for boys or girls, Azul translates to “blue” in Spanish.

Desi : We’re loving this gender-neutral Mexican baby name choice meaning “desired” from the French.

Beyond Mexican Baby Names.

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100 Most Popular Hispanic Girl Names With Meanings In 2023

Adorable Hispanic names are influenced by people’s heritage and traditions.

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100 Most Popular Hispanic Girl Names With Meanings In 2023

Spanish names are inarguably some of the most cherished and popular names worldwide. Hispanic girl names can reflect your family’s Latino or Hispanic heritage and stay connected to the tradition. While Hispanic heritage traces its roots to Spanish-speaking countries, Latino identity finds roots in Latin American countries.

The term generally denotes countries with a historical and cultural link to Spain and colonies that were part of the Spanish Empire. These countries include Hispanic America, Equatorial Guinea, Western Sahara, and the Philippines.

To distinguish people with the same first name, people living in countries with Hispanic surnames usually have two last names, one from a father and another from the mother. In this post, we list down some of the popular Hispanic names that you can choose for your little girl. Read on!

Unique Hispanic Girl Names With Meanings

1. Mireia

Exotic and poetic, Mireia has it all! A beautiful name, it means ‘to admire’ in Latin.

2. Zarita

Your daughter rules the roost at home, doesn’t she? Name her Zarita, which means ‘noble lady or princess.’

3. Ynez

Are you looking for a religious yet trendy name? Try Ynez. It means ‘holy.’

4. Xiomara

Girls today need to be fighters. They have battles to win. Pick the name Xiomara for your daughter. It means ‘famous warrior.’

5. Xenia

A pretty feminine name, Xenia means ‘well-born’. A great option for your little darling!

6. Violeta

A rather common Latin name, Violeta refers to the ‘violet flower’. Your daughter is no less than a beautiful flower, after all.

7. Veronica

If you are a fan of the popular comic series ‘Archie’s’, this name will strike a cord. Veronica means ‘bringer of victory.’

8. Valentia

A poetic name with a strong meaning! Valentia means ‘power’.

A spelling variant of Valentia is Valencia, which is also a beautiful port city on the southeastern coast of Spain. Valencia is known for its arts, culture, and futuristic science museums.

9. Trini

The short and sweet name means ‘the holy trinity – the father, son and the holy ghost’!

10. Tonia

The name is perfect for your precious girl as it means ‘invaluable’. Apart from a great meaning, Tonia sounds beautiful too.

11. Adalina

Adalina is a lyrical name and means ‘little noble’. The perfect name for your little princess!

12. Adora

This cute name means ‘adoration.’ Your baby is adorable, and this name will suit her just fine.

13. Adelita

Another feminine name with a strong meaning, Adelita means ‘noble and a warrior woman.’

14. Aleta

Aleta – the very sound of the name sounds exotic and beautiful. It means ‘winged’ – the right name for your little angel.

15. Agueda

A virtuous name for your baby girl, Agueda means ‘good’. As exotic as they get, here’s a name that is full of attitude and charisma.

16. Amada

Your baby is the love of your life. Name her Amada, which means ‘beloved’ in Latin.

17. Ana

Do you want to keep it short and simple? Try Ana! This classic name will never go out of fashion and means ‘favor or grace.’

18. Angelica

Another classic name, Angelica means ‘angel or messenger’. If you want to stick to traditional names, Angelica will be a good bet.

19. Antonia

Antonia means ‘invaluable’ in Latin. It is a traditional name but beautiful nevertheless.

20. Ariadna

Exploring Hispanic names in search of a unique name for your baby? Try Ariadna. It means ‘utterly pure’ and is a great choice for your little daughter.

21. Teofila

Here’s a name that is the epitome of a good Hispanic name. Teofila means ‘God’s friends’. A pretty name with an even prettier meaning!

22. Susanita

There’s something lyrical about Latin. It is a beautiful language. It is also the source of some amazing baby names. Take Susanita, for example. It means ‘lily.’

23. Soledad

Being alone does not mean being lonely! Soledad means ‘solitude’ -a great name for a unique little girl.

24. Sol

The sun, shining bright and spreading light around the world is the giver of life. Sol means ‘Sun’ in Latin. It is a short name but a beautiful one!

25. Sofia

Some names never lose their charm. Sofia is one of them. It means ‘wisdom’ in Latin.

Colombian-American actress Sofia Vergara, known for her role in the sitcom Modern Family, is a popular bearer of this name.

26. Sens

Sens means ‘holy’. It is sweet little name for your baby. Perfect if you want to keep it simple.

27. Sara

Another traditional name, Sara means ‘noble lady or princess’ – a name perfect for traditional families.

28. Sanchia

A very Hispanic name, Sanchia means ‘holy’. It is an awesome name if you want to keep your daughter connected with her roots.

29. Salud

Good health – that is what all mothers wish for their children. Salud means ‘health’ in Latin. A cute name with a nice meaning, Salud will be a great option for you.

30. Rocia

Looking for a delicate and feminine name for your daughter? Pick Rocia! It means ‘dew’ in Latin.

31. Basilia

Your daughter is the sovereign at home, isn’t she? Basilia will be the perfect name for her as it means ‘queen’.

32. Benita

Another traditional Latin name, Benita means ‘blessed’. Your daughter is a blessing from the God above!

33. Bonita

Hispanic names are so poetic and musical, don’t you think? Bonita means ‘pretty’, the perfect name for your lovely baby.

34. Bibiana

The birth of your daughter has changed the mood at home, hasn’t it? There is so much joy to be experienced now! Breathe it all in and name your baby Bibiana, which means ‘alive’.

35. Beatriz

Beatriz is a traditional name but with a meaning that transcends time. It means ‘voyager of life.’

36. Caridad

A pretty baby like your daughter deserves a pretty name like Caridad. It means ‘dear’.

37. Celestina

Your dreams of having a family came true with the birth of your daughter. She is a blessing from up above. Name her Celestina, which means ‘heavenly’.

38. Carmen

Carmen is a pretty little name. It is still popular in South America. But it has universal appeal. Give it a try. It means ‘song’.

39. Clarisa

Clarisa is name that is filled with hope, hope for your baby’s future. Claris means ‘fame’ in Latin.

40. Celia

Another name that means ‘heaven’, Celia is a great option if you want a lyrical name with a strong meaning.

41. Rosita

Your daughter is as beautiful as rose flower. Name her Rosita, which means ‘rose’.

42. Robertina

Robertina means ‘bright fame’, another name that reflects your dream for your daughter!

43. Rita

There is beauty in simplicity. Take the name Rita, for example. It is a simple name but very beautiful. It means ‘pearl’.

44. Ricarda

It is time that girls became leaders in their chosen field. Ricarda means ‘powerful ruler.’

45. Reyna

Let the sovereign at your home get a name that befits her royal blood! Reyna means ‘queen.’

46. Ramona

Is your baby an old soul? Name her Ramona, which means ‘wise protector’.

47. Priscila

A name that is past its heydaym Priscilla means ‘ancient’. It is a good option for families looking for names that don’t sound outwardly Hispanic.

48. Rafaela

When you see your daughter, don’t you see God’s hand at work? Rafaela means ‘whom God has healed’. It is a good name to honor God in your life.

49. Pia

A cute little name for the apple of your eyes! Pia means ‘pious’ in Latin.

50. Perla

Another name for your precious darling! Perla means ‘pearl’. It is a popular name but still worth a consideration.

51. Corazon

Want to give your baby an exotic name? Try Corazon! It means ‘heart.’ Your baby holds your heart in her tiny hands!

52. Crescencia

The love you feel for your little one in incomparable. All your energy is devoted to keeping her healthy and help her grow. Crescencia means ‘to grow up, or thrive’.

53. Deifilia

Your daughter is God’s creation. She is the very essence of faith. Deifilia is a beautiful name and means ‘daughter of God.’

54. Doncia

Little girls are all about sweetness and cuddles. Name your princess Doncia, which means ‘sweet’ in Latin.

55. Dorita

You asked God for a gift. He gave you your baby! Dorita means ‘gift’, a beautiful reminder of the blessing that is your daughter.

56. Eduarda

Apart from health and faith, what else do you wish for your daughter? Prosperity? Then name her Eduarda, which means ‘guardian of prosperity.’

57. Elena

Another traditional name, Elena means ‘light or torch’, the perfect name for the little life that has filled your life with brightness.

58. Edelmira

A name, which has royalty written all over it, Edelmira means ‘nobly famous.’

59. Enriqueta

Now here’s a name that was made for your baby! Enriqueta has a beautiful ring to it and means ‘home ruler.’

60. Ercilia

Do you want to give your baby a really feminine name? How about Ercilia? It means ‘tender and delicate.’

61. Paloma

A lovely name, Paloma means ‘dove or pigeon.’ It is a name that is not too exotic or too traditional -the perfect blend!

62. Peppi

A trendy little name for your baby, Peppi means ‘everlasting’ – just like your love for her!

63. Prudencia

Life is full of potholes. It is up to you to teach your baby the need for caution. Prudencia means ‘cautious’ in Latin.

64. Odalis

Odalis is an exotic name, even by Hispanic standards! It means ‘wealthy’. Here’s hoping that your baby’s life is full of wealth – both material and emotional!

65. Olalla

As your baby grows, she’ll learn to joy of language. Olalla means ‘well spoken.’

66. Nohemi

Nohemi is a musical name and means ‘my delight.’ It is a good option for families looking for names that don’t scream ‘Latin’.

67. Nuria

With the hope that one day she’ll light up the lives of those living in pain, name your daughter Nuria. It means ‘illumination.’

68. Nina

No matter how old she is, your daughter will remain your baby. Call her Nina, which means ‘little girl’.

69. Monica

Are you a fan of the popular sitcom ‘friends’? Then you can use this name! It means ‘to advise or counsel.’

70. Luisina

Teach your little one the joy of fighting the good fight. Name her Luisina, which means ‘famous warrior.’

71. Eulalia

Another name, which stresses on the need for language. Eulalia too means ‘well spoken’.

72. Eugenia

You don’t need to be royalty. For your baby, you’re the king and queen of the world! Eugenia means ‘well born.’

73. Esmeralda

A name straight out of the storybooks! The name Esmeralda has character and means ‘emerald.’

74. Gabriela

There are many beautiful Gabrielas in the world. The famous tennis player Gabriela Sabatini is one among them. You too can use this name. It means ‘warrior of God.’

75. Fidelia

We are sure that teaching virtues are high on your parenting to-do list. The virtuous name Fidelia means ‘faithful.’

76. Felicidad

Not only is your baby a source of happiness for you, but she is also lucky! So name her Felicidad, a name that means ‘happy or lucky.’

77. Gracia

Gracia – does the name appeal to you? It is a beautiful name and means ‘pleasing and agreeable.’

78. Evita

A name made popular by the Argentine political leader, Evita means ‘life’! You baby is the one thing that gives your life meaning, isn’t she?

79. Estrella

A traditional name, Estrella means ‘star’. It is a popular Hispanic name, one that will always find a place in the popularity charts.

80. Esperanza

Esperanza! What an exotic name. It is such a poetic name that one can’t help but pause! It means ‘hope.’

81. Leocadia

Little babies are pure and perfect, just like a ‘bright clear light.’ That is what the name Leocadia means!

82. Idoya

Looking for a Hispanic name that is inspired by nature? What about Idoya? A sweet little name that means ‘pond.’

83. Graciana

No matter what she does, your baby girl will remain a source of joy for you. Call her Graciana, which means ‘pleasing’ in Latin.

84. Adoncia

Adoncia is a lyrical name and means ‘sweet’ in Latin. Just the name for your adorable baby!

85. Agata

Agata means ‘good’ in Latin. A reminder to do good in life!

86. Aina

Now, names do not get prettier than this! Aina, what a gorgeous name! It means ‘grace’ in Latin.

87. Alita

Another striking name for your princess, Alita means ‘noble’.

88. Alondra

Alondra means ‘lark’, perfect for parents looking for pretty hispanic female names.

89. Anita

A very common name, Anita means ‘favor’. It comes under the list of universal hispanic names for girls that will fit in anywhere in the world.

90. Bienvenida

Are you looking for cute hispanic girl names? How does the name Bienvenida sound? The name means ‘welcome.’

91. Isabel

A religious name, Isabel means ‘God is my oath’. If you are a religious family, you can try this name.

92. Ines

Who said exotic names have to be long and complicated? Ines is beautiful and exotic name. It means ‘holy’ in Latin.

93. Jacinta

Jacinta is among the most popular hispanic girls names in South America, Jacinta means ‘hyacinth flower.’

94. Juana

Another popular name that is religious too. Juana means ‘God is gracious.’

95. Lucia

Lucia means ‘light’. Your baby is the light that brightens up your darkest days.

96. Luisa

Here’s another name that will help your daughter strive in life! Luisa means ‘famous warrior.’

97. Luiz

Luiz is a name you’ll come across often in Latin America. It means ‘light.’

98. Macarena

Another name that emphasizes how lucky you are to have your daughter, Macarena means ‘blessed.’

99. Marta

Your little girl will grow up to become a beautiful and elegant lady! Marta means ‘lady’ in Latin.

100. Miguela

A very traditional and popular name, Miguela means ‘one who is like God’!

Naming your little girl with inspiration from your culture and tradition is a noble thought and gives you a chance to give them a unique name related to their heritage. This list of Hispanic girl names that we have prepared will come in handy for you if you are in search of the same. We have also given the meanings along with each name to make it easier to choose according to your requirements. So choose the name that attracts you the most and also teach your little one about your cultural heritage and its importance.

Discover More Names

When you have to choose a name for your baby, a few hundreds of names may not be just enough. Keep digging our mine of baby names until you find that one precious gem.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. How do I choose the perfect Hispanic baby girl name?

The perfect Hispanic baby girl name should sound nice, have a preferred meaning, have no negative associations, not be too common, reflect Spanish culture and tradition, and be easy to pronounce.

2. What cultural or historical considerations should I keep in mind when choosing a Hispanic baby girl’s name?

It is important to consider whether a name has a famous bearer and ensure that they are known for their positive contribution to society rather than having a bad reputation.

3. What are some common themes in Hispanic baby girl names?

Many Spanish baby girl names have connections to religion or nature, often meaning ‘blessed’, ‘heavenly’, or ‘holy’, or are named after flowers or elements of nature.

4. Can the meaning of a Hispanic girl’s name differ depending on the country or region it is used in?

Yes, the meaning of a name may differ depending on the country or region where it is used. For example, the name Mona may describe a beautiful girl in Spain, but in Colombia, it refers to a blonde or white woman, while in Venezuela, it means a girl who is full of herself. In the dictionary, it means a female monkey.

Infographic: Cute Hispanic Baby Girl Names

baby girl names hispanic (infographic)

With the Spanish language as their central element, Hispanic culture is a colorful mix of customs, traditions, arts, and cuisine. Even their names reflect their unique beliefs. Take a look at the infographic below for some popular Hispanic girl names with beautiful meanings that you may consider for your little princess.

Get high-quality PDF version by clicking below.

Download Infographic in PDF version

Choose the perfect Hispanic name for your daughter, from traditional favorities to modern picks, that celebrate the Hispanic culture and heritage.