Lashify reviews

How LASHIFY saves me time and money on lash extensions, plus a RARE site-wide discount

Since Lashify is most likely new to you if you’re reading this, I tried to anticipate all the questions you might have about it!

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I’ve always wanted to try eyelash extensions, but I’ve never actually taken the plunge. For one thing, the thought of keeping my eyes open for an extended period of time while a stranger applies cyanoacrylate glue to my lash line scares me, and for another, I’ve never wanted to shell out the extra cash required to try them. Because of this, I’ve always stuck to run-of-the-mill strip lashes whenever I felt my lashes needed a little extra oomph.

Enter Lashify, the world’s first DIY lash extension brand. With Lashify’s system, you can get salon-quality lashes all from the comfort of home—no keeping your eyes open for a long time or superglue required. They’re very different from both in-salon lash extensions and false eyelash strips. You apply Lashify’s lashes—also known as Gossamers—straight to the underside of your natural lashes, which leads to a more seamless, natural look.

Gossamers are hand-made and meant to feel virtually weightless once you have them on. The lashes come in tons of different lengths and volumes, so you can customize your lash experience based on what you want your lashes to look like. Once you’ve applied them, Lashify’s Gossamers are meant to last for up to 10 days. Before you ask, the answer is yes—you can wash your face with them on, and even use an oil-based cleanser, as long as you avoid your eyes.

The best part? If you have sensitive eyes (which many of us do—it’s a delicate area!) Lashify won’t bother you. In fact, these lashes were designed with sensitive eyes in mind. All of the brand’s formulas were ophthalmologist-tested, hypoallergenic, and irritant-free. This means no cyanoacrylate, which is usually the culprit for people who are allergic to in-salon lash extensions. Their formulas also don’t contain latex or formaldehyde.

Below, check out exactly how to put on Lashify lashes, and you can follow step-by-step with my pictures. I hopped on a call with Lashify’s lead educator, Jill Medicis, who gave me expert tips and tricks for how to apply the lashes best.

How LASHIFY saves me time and money on lash extensions, plus a RARE site-wide discount!

I never like to gatekeep a good beauty secret, and I’ve shared this one (Lashify) before, but this time I’m more excited than ever because of the exclusive deal I have for you! BUT FIRST, we’ve gotta talk about why I’m absolutely addicted to Lashify and how it has saved me SO MUCH TIME, and money (not to mention saving my natural lashes from damage!!) since ditching lash extensions for these DIY at home lashes instead.

lashify lash extensions lashify lash extensions

BUT FIRST, the discount

This discount is so insane we have to talk about it before anything else. Because we are THE FIRST to ever get it and I feel so giddy/excited/honored and I want to make sure none of my besties miss out on this rare opportunity to stock up and get a discount on WHATEVER YOU WANT from their site!

For 2 days only, you can use code mintarrow to get 20% off site-wide at Lashify.

That means you get 20% off a control kit that has everything you need to get started, or 20% off stocking up on volume lashes, or 20% off all the extra goodies that I mention below that you’ll want to have once you become addicted to Lashify!

Lashify: a lash extension addict’s best friend

I’ve worn some type of lash extension for the last 14-ish years?! Really ever since they became pretty popular and common-place. I jumped right on that bandwagon of wake up looking like you have makeup on and basically never got off.

But I’ll tell you what I HATED about lash extensions: the cost ($250ish for a new full set, and $100+ for a fill every 2 weeks? YIKES.). I also hated that they were SO HARD on my lashes. Anytime I “took a break” and took them off, I looked like a hairless cat after.

But what I hated most of all about my “I can’t quit this” lash extension addiction was laying there, for an HOUR, every other week, getting new lash extensions glued onto mine.

Oh also, I almost forgot about the bloodshot red eyes after the glue would drip onto my eyeballs. My husband always found that somewhat disturbing. But I was convinced, all that “beauty is pain” process was worth it!

And then Covid hit. And ALL the lash salons in California closed down. So I had to get creative.

Lashify legit changed my life, FOR THE BETTER.

I got to quit the damaging, never-ending cycle of salon professional lash extensions for something that was quicker, more affordable, looked even BETTER, that didn’t damage my natural lashes, AT ALL.


So what the heck is Lashify?

These are not strip lashes.

These are not the same as anything else you’ll find on the market.

They are patented, DIY lash extensions that HONESTLY look even better than professional lash extensions. AND they won’t damage your lashes.

Lashify are little clusters of extremely lightweight, SUPER high-quality little lash extensions that you put on to your natural lashes with “bond” that’s strong enough to hold up for about a week to ten days, but WILL NOT damage your natural lashes. Don’t believe me? You need to watch me pull off and then re-apply them because I’m continually AMAZED at how long and healthy my natural lashes stay, all while I’m ushing Lashify.

diy lashes lashify kit

But what’s it gonna cost me?

The initial cost for the Lashify Control Kit is $150, but refill sets only cost between $17-$25 depending on the type of lashes and whether you’re a Lashify X member. In contrast, traditional lash extensions can set you back between $150-250 every couple of weeks, making Lashify an undeniable winner in terms of affordability.

Right NOW though, you can get 20% off SITE-WIDE with code mintarrow – something they’ve NEVER offered any other influencer. So this is a very very big deal! You can stock up on all the things I think will make your Lashify experience AMAZING for a way better deal than any of the other deals I’ve seen them offer!! This isn’t just on one set or on one product, it’s SITE WIDE. So, like, everything.

diy lashes

So what should I get from Lashify?

Start with The Control Kit. It has pretty much everything you need: Lashes in 2 sizes, bond (the glue), the fuse tool to apply them, a mirror that’s perfect for applying anywhere in the world that also functions as a travel kit, and a waterproofing product called Glass that I honestly don’t use a ton but some people really love it!

But which lashes should you buy? I have opinions on this…a lot of them!

As a Lashify enthusiast, I’ve tried virtually every style they sell, except some of the crazy colored gossamers (their name for lash extensions). The Stardusts top the list of my absolute favorite Lashify lashes. The Fluffy lashes add a touch of glamour without being overbearing, while the Plus Collection lashes are so lightweight, they last the longest among all the styles I’ve tried. The Curl Plus are my fave of all the “core” gossamers.

If you’re confused about which lashes to order, just start with the core gossamers, curl are my fave, and I like the lengths 12 and 14 for beginners. 16s are great if you really want length!

If you’re someone who LOVES volume lashes and you’re used to lash extensions, try the Fluffy lashes in 14 and 16, or if you like this very natural but a little more volume look, these Chocolate Stardusts are AMAZING.


  • PreCleanse: this is a MUST for getting your lashes all squeaky clean before you apply. Trust me there’s no other cleanser like it on the market that will perfectly prep your lashes. And you don’t want to waste your time or money putting lashes on that are just going to slide off because you still had some lingering oils and didn’t prep them well enough!
  • Melt Away or Release: another MUST because you do not want to damage your natural lashes when it’s time to take off the old set and put on a new one, or even when you’re ready to take them off and just have a break and use mascara (or use nothing) for a few days. I like that I can do this sometimes, because my natural lashes remain perfectly in-tact even when I’m wearing Lashify lashes week after week, and month after month!
  • Wandoms: funny name, amazing idea. These little covers are super helpful to keep your fuse tool from getting sticky while you’re bonding your lash extensions to your eyelashes! They’re pretty cheap and make a tremendous difference with getting your lashes on in the right place and having them not stick to the fuse tool.
  • Night bond: I do love this stuff for longevity. I coat a layer onto my wandoms and then fuse one more time at the end just to really get them to stick together for a good week! I swear by this step. It’s not a MUST but it’s something I pretty much always do now.
  • Bondage: not an absolute must either, but another bond that I think works super well with some of the other bonds! I like to put a layer on of this after the regular Whisper Light bond, and if you join their Facebook Page called Lashify Life (which I HIGHLY recommend because they’re always sharing amazing tips and tricks!!) you’ll see a lot of mentions of Bondage and you’ll have some serious FOMO if you don’t have it and can’t use it!

lashify lash extensionsat home eyelash extensionsat home lash extensions

Lashify Q&A

Since Lashify is most likely new to you if you’re reading this, I tried to anticipate all the questions you might have about it!

Q: Is Lashify safe to use?

Yes, Lashify is totally, completely safe to use. Sahara Lotti, the creator and founder of Lashify, invented her patented at-home lash extensions system with your natural lashes in mind. Sahara will tell you, “if we sell it, it went on my eyes first!” She personally tests and tries out every product they sell. Lashify’s bond used in the application process is non-damaging, and the lashes themselves are applied under your natural lashes rather than on top, reducing stress on your lash line.

Q: How long does Lashify last?

The longevity of your Lashify lashes can depend on the application and care. Mine usually last about a week, but I have gone 10 days before! Usually around that week mark I’m ready to take the set off, give my whole face a really good scrub in the shower, and start over again.

This brand new Frosting Method (below) is ALL the rage among Lashify lovers and I’m going to be trying it this week, so make sure you’re watching my stories and I’ll share the next time I apply another set and try this!

Q: Can Lashify be worn daily?

YES, I wear mine pretty much every day and have since I discovered them in 2020. But if you’re asking, can you apply them daily, the answer to that is also yes! I do know some people prefer to apply theirs daily, and take them off each night. But I’ll be honest with you – one of my favorite things about lash extensions is waking up looking like I have makeup on without doing ANYTHING. So it’s weekly application for me all the way.

Q: How do I clean my Lashify lashes?

Sometimes in the middle of the week I need to clean off my lashes, and I always do this using their cleanser PreCleanse. PreCleanse won’t take your lashes off because it doesn’t have any oil in it, but it’s gentle enough you can use it around your eyes.

Some people actually keep, clean and re-use their Lashify lashes. This is not me – I’d rather start out with a clean fresh set every time, and at $17ish a set, this still feels like such a good deal to me compared to $100ish I was paying for every lash fill!

Q: Can you swim with Lashify?

Yes, you can! Lashify lashes are water-resistant, and if you do a good job with the application, they can totally withstand swimming. I’ve swam in the ocean (in Hawaii where it’s warm, not in California!) and in swimming pools with Lashify and they’ve stayed on great. However, if I shower and use any kind of oil-based face wash then they do slide off. Remember, they won’t damage your lashes, but they also won’t stay on with oily skincare products either because they are held on with a gentle, non-damaging bond. So you just have to remember that and treat them with a little TLC and you’ll be fine!

Q: Does Lashify offer a subscription service?

YES! Lashify offers a membership program called the Lashify X membership. As a member, you get exclusive access to certain products, discounts, and the ability to earn points on purchases.

Q: Can Lashify lashes be reused?

While these lashes are designed for single-use, some people say they’ve been able to reuse their lashes a couple of times by gently cleaning them after removal. It’s not really recommended by Lashify since the quality of the lashes might deteriorate and not adhere as well the second time. For me, it’s just easier and not that expensive to put a brand new fresh set on. It’s like the cost of a salad and a Diet Coke.

lashify lash extensions

To wrap up, the Lashify system is a game-changer for anyone like me who’s been addicted to professional lash extensions in the past but want to save on the cost and the time it takes to get them. I promise they are SO easy to apply and I actually really do think they look better than my professional lash extensions ever did, too.

The Lashify Difference

Lashify, in my opinion, has absolutely changed the beauty world for better. Basically by making their lashes affordable, doable, and super high-quality, they have made salon-quality lash extensions accessible to everyone. And I dare you to not become totally addicted once you’ve tried them!

Don’t forget to use our discount code mintarrow for 20% off site-wide. It’s only good for two days, and this is more than they normally ever offer so make sure you jump on this and stock up while you can!!

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Lashify reviews

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Lashify reviews

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