Indian girl names

82 Indian Baby Girl Names All Parents Will Love

If none of the below names feel like the right fit for your baby, then check out our list of Irish baby girl names, Greek baby girl names or French baby girl names. Or take a look at our baby name generator for even more inspiration.

77 Indian girl names that you’ll love

Indian girl names

If you’re looking for an Indian girl’s name to give your precious daughter, then you’ve come to the right place, as we’ve rounded up the best 77 Indian girl names along with their meanings. Whether you want to pay homage to your Hindu heritage with a traditional Indian girl name, are looking for an Indian girls name inspired by Indian cities or even Indian goddesses, there are so many lovely choices to consider in your search for the perfect name.

If none of the below names feel like the right fit for your baby, then check out our list of Irish baby girl names, Greek baby girl names or French baby girl names. Or take a look at our baby name generator for even more inspiration.

  1. Aanya – This sweet sounding name actually means unique, so is ideal if you’re looking for a stand out name.
  2. Aarya — This pretty name means honourable and noble. Aashvi — Pronounced ‘aa-sh-vee’. This cute name means blessed and victorious.
  3. Aashvi — Pronounced ‘aa-sh-vee’. This cute name means blessed and victorious.
  4. Alaia – Meaning virtuous, the lovely Rochelle Humes named her eldest daughter Alaia, so we think it’s going to rise in popularity.
  5. Amara — Meaning immortal.
  6. Amulya — This name means priceless, as is any baby.
  7. Anaisha – This pretty name means special, so it’s ideal for your special baby.
  8. Aniya — This name is just like its meaning, gracious.
  9. Anushka — We love this strong name which means grace.
  10. Bimbi – We think this name sounds so cute. It means glorious and marvellous human being.
  11. Binita – Meaning modest, shorten this name to Nita for a cute nickname.
  12. Chaya – Meaning shadow, we love the sound of this magical name.
  13. Darika – This feminine sounding name means maiden.
  14. Dhara – This name means bearer, and we think it sounds so pretty.
  15. Divya — Meaning ‘divine brilliance’, we think this name is suitable for any daughter.
  16. Eena – This short yet sweet sounding name means mirror.
  17. Eesha — If you had difficulties conceiving then this name could be lovely to give your daughter, it means ‘a wish’.
  18. Ela – Drop the ‘L’ from the popular girls name Ella for a Hindu baby girl name.
  19. Farida — This muslim name means unique.
  20. Ganika – Give your baby a floral name with Ganika, meaning flower.
  21. Geetika – This name means beauty so we think it’ll be an excellent fit for your beautiful daughter.
  22. Haleema – With meanings including patient, sympathetic, gentle, mild, humane, this name has a lovely sound.
  23. Ira – Another shorter name, meaning a devoted one.
  24. Ishanvi – She was the goddess of knowledge so is ideal for your intelligent baby girl.
  25. Imara — A short and sweet name that means strong.
  26. Janya – Meaning life, we love the sound and meaning behind this name.
  27. Jasmine – Fans of Aladdin will be more than familiar with this popular choice, deriving from the name of the shrub.
  28. Jaya — The same name of the Buddhist goddess and means victory.
  29. Jeevika – meaning water or river, it makes a nice choice if you’re looking for a longer name that can be shortened.
  30. Kyra – Having a summer baby? Kyra means sun, making it perfect for your little ray of sunshine.
  31. Kahala – Although this means mischievous, we think it’s such a cute name for your bundle of joy.
  32. Lali – Not only does this sound super cute, it also means darling girl.
  33. Leena – Looking for an ‘L’ name? We love this option, meaning Lord of the Universe.
  34. Liya — This sweet name means I am with God.
  35. Mahika – There are a number of meanings around this unique name including The Earth, dew drops and mist.
  36. Mahi — Your daughter will no doubt be telling the world the meaning of this name, which is goddess.
  37. Maya — Meaning dream and also the name of TV presenter, Maya Jama.
  38. Monisha – Meaning intelligent woman, it can be shortened to Mona.
  39. Meghana – An Hindu twist on Megan, we love that it means cloud.
  40. Meera — Also spelled Mirabai and means prosperous. This is the same name of the great female Hindu mystical poet whose works are popular throughout India.
  41. Mila — If you’re after a name that’s short, sweet and beginning with ‘M’, this could be the one.
  42. Misha — Meaning who resembles God.
  43. Myra – A rather popular Indian baby name, meaning beloved.
  44. Naira – Meaning shining, this is a gorgeous Indian name for a baby girl.
  45. Navya — Another name we think your daughter would like the meaning of, which is young and praiseworthy.
  46. Neesha – An alternative spelling of Nisha, this name means night.
  47. Omala – This very pretty name means bestower of the Om, Earth.
  48. Prisha – If you think your girl is destined for stardom, this name, meaning Talent given by god is the perfect choice.
  49. Pavani – We love the sound of this name that means full moon.
  50. Priyanka — Name of famous Indian actress, Priyanka Chopra, and it means loveable.
  51. Qiyara – A name meaning pretty is the perfect name for your pretty baby girl.
  52. Rachita – Meaning created, we think it’s a lovely twist on Rachel.
  53. Radhiyaa – Meaning successful, this is a lovely longer name.
  54. Riya – This short name has a lot of meanings, including gem, goddess, graceful and singer.
  55. Ria — This name means rich, something we all wish to be.
  56. Roja — Looking to name your little girl after a flower? Well this name means rose.
  57. Sai – Meaning female friend, we love the idea of friendship with your little girl behind this name.
  58. Saira – This is such a gorgeous name meaning Princess. It has been made popular here by TV presenter, Saira Khan.
  59. Sahara — This name has multiple meanings, including dawn and early morning.
  60. Shaili – Meaning river, this sweet sounding name is a brilliant unique choice.
  61. Shyla — Another name for Parvati, the Hindu goddess of fertility, devotion, and harmony. It means daughter of the mountain.
  62. Salena – Love the sound of names like Serena or Selena but want something different, this Indian version meaning moon goddess is a great option.
  63. Sita — Goddess of the land is the meaning of this pretty name.
  64. Taalika – This unique name means calm.
  65. Tamanna – Meaning desire or wish, it can be shortened easily too.
  66. Urmi – If you love the ocean, the name Urmi is a sweet idea for your baby as it means wave.
  67. Valini – We love that this name means stars – perfect for your little star!
  68. Vyoma – Meaning bird who lives in the sky, we think this is such a cute choice.
  69. Watika – Want your little one to love the outdoors? This sweet name means garden.
  70. Wishi – Have you been longing for a daughter for some time? This name means fulfil wish which we think is just perfect.
  71. Xiti – Meaning beautiful, we adore this unique sounding name.
  72. Yahvi – This short name means heaven or earth.
  73. Zaida – Meaning proper name – we can’t think of a more fitting choice!
  74. Zara — Not only the name of our favourite high street store, but this name also means blossoming flower, bright as the dawn and brilliance.
  75. Zenia – This cute name means noble and we love the sound of it.
  76. Ziya — Meaning light, something every child brings into this world.
  77. Uma — If you think your little girl is going to be ‘one to watch’ then this name could be perfect for her, it means splendour and fame.

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82 Indian Baby Girl Names All Parents Will Love

preview for Popular Baby Names and Their Meanings

I had decided I was going to name my daughter Simran when I was 11 years old. It was a name I never wavered from and love even to this day. Fast forward 22 years, when I was pregnant with my first daughter: We named her Naavya. Three years later, I was pregnant with my second daughter; her name is Saanvi. When I planned of having a daughter named Simran, I clearly forgot that I’d have to take my husband’s preferences into account.

While my husband and I went through a lot of back-and-forth about what to name any of our three kids, we agreed on naming criteria. We knew it was important for them to have unique names that celebrated our Indian heritage, were meaningful and were easy to pronounce.

It’s funny how a seemingly simple criteria feels impossible to meet, even when you have nine months to decide. Whether you’ve stumbled on this list five weeks pregnant or while nursing your newborn, I imagine it might be because you also had a name picked out that got vetoed by your spouse.

Just bear in mind that this list is not called “82 Indian Baby Girl Names All Parents Will Love,” without reason; these are the most popular names for Indian girls this year. To put it together, I referenced the Social Security Administration (SSA), which provides a list of top 1,000 most-used baby names, to gather names at a macro level. I also gathered additional names at a micro level by reaching out to small businesses who sell South Asian inspired baby products: Modi Toys, the maker of diverse plush toys that sing Hindu prayers, Her Sun and Stars Co., which sells the softest minky blankets and Creative Crafty Mom, who provides crafts and gifts for special occasions. They each provide personalization, making them a treasure trove of trending names. (I also put together a list of great Indian baby boy names using the same method, if you need even more food for thought.)

As you go through this list, you may notice these trends emerge: names inspired by Indian cities and Hindu goddesses, along with names ending in -ya. My daughters’ names are Naavya and Saanvi (named after the Hindu goddess, Laxmi), so I obviously am a trendsetter of sorts. If only my husband recognized my greatness.

Indian Baby Girl Names Inspired by Indian Cities

While traveling to India may not currently be an option until we’re living in a post-COVID world, you can still draw inspiration from these Indian cities.

Indian Baby Girls Named After Hindu Goddesses

In Hinduism, there is a trinity of goddesses: Laxmi, Saraswati and Durga. And yet, there are more than 300 names for just the three of them. So there’s a high chance a name you pick could very well be named after a goddess.

Indian Baby Girl Names Ending in -ya

Why the sudden proliferation of names ending in -ya? I have no clue — these things tend to go in cycles. (On the SSA list, the most popular girls’ names all end in -a, like Olivia, Emma and Ava, which is pretty similar.) They sure sound pretty, don’t ya think?

indian baby girl names naavya and saanvi

82 Beautiful Indian Baby Girl Names to Kick Off Your Baby-Name Search

Whether they’re named after cities, goddesses or something else entirely, your baby will end up with a name they make their own. Here’s a list to inspire you.

Avani Modi Sarkar is the Co-founder of Modi Toys, an award-winning children’s brand of toys and books, rooted in South Asian culture and Hindu faith; in addition to authoring and publishing four children’s books as part of the Modi Toys collection, she is also a contributing writer for Parents, The Bump and Good Housekeeping. Avani resides in NJ with her husband and three children.