Gift ideas for 12 year old boy

50 Best Gifts For Tween Boys Who Have Everything

Does your kid love Legos? This building kit from Lego has 135 pieces to create a stunt car. It comes with a powerful pull-back motor, spoiler, bumper, and wide rim tires with amazing power and acceleration. The pull-back toy motor and a brand-new toy engine pop-out function of the toy race car activates on impact and moves ahead in speed. It makes a cool present for tweenagers who love cars. Check out this honest review video to learn more about the product.

25 Best Gifts And Toys For 12-Year-Old Boys In 2023

Magic set, building kit, STEM toys, binoculars – pick the best for your tween.

Gift ideas for 12 year old boy

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Gift ideas for 12 year old boy

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Gift ideas for 12 year old boy

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25 Best Gifts And Toys For 12-Year-Old Boys In 2023

At the age of twelve years, children are on the verge of childhood and adolescence. So for purchasing a gift for these age groups, you need to consider several traits. We have picked the best gifts for 12-year-old boys for you to choose from.

Some boys may want toys, while others may ask for productive gadgets at this age. Our list has some thoughtful and exquisite options for both categories, offering you unique gift ideas for young boys. Check them out to buy the right gift for your son, grandson, nephew, or friend.

Top Picks

Gift ideas for 12 year old boy

Best For Learning Physics: Thames and Kosmos Ultralight Airplanes STEM Experiment Kit

Best Engineering Set: LEGO Technic 42072 Building Kit

Best For Critical-Thinking Skills: Ravensburger Gravitrax Starter Set Marble Run and STEM Toy

Best For Learning New Words: Scrabble Game By Hasbro Gaming

Best Portable: Flipside

Best LEGO Set: LEGO Architecture Chicago 21033 Skyline Building Blocks Set

Best For Awakening Curiosity: Chuchik Toys Best Binoculars for Kids

Best For Developing Creativity: Crayola Colored Pencils

Best For Developing Planning Skills: ThinkFun Circuit Maze Electric Current Brain Game

Best For Logical-Reasoning Skills: ThinkFun Gravity Maze Marble Run Brain Game

25 Best Gifts For 12-year-old Boys

1. Best For Learning Physics: Thames and Kosmos Ultralight Airplanes STEM Experiment Kit

Thames and Kosmos Ultralight Airplanes STEM Experiment Kit

You can design five ultralight airplane models in various ways with this kit. The exceptional set comes with 44 pieces allowing different wing configurations, a manual book to guide you through the concepts of aerodynamics, and a cardboard glider stand that will prepare for a launch. The parts are made of lightweight plastic and bamboo, allowing the gliders to fly high with the wind assistance without any electronic battery requirements. You can explore various wing positions and angles to determine how the flight design affects its performance. With so many exciting features, it makes one of the best toys for preteens.

Item Weight: 6 ounces | Product Dimensions: 8.8 x 11 x 2.5 inches
Most character names in Harry Potter have a special meaning—and some are inspired by real people.

2. Best Engineering Set: Lego Technic 42072 Building Kit

LEGO Technic 42072 Building Kit With Pull Back Toy Stunt Car

Why We Think It’s Worth Buying: With over 5,059 reviews on Amazon, this product is a winner.

Does your kid love Legos? This building kit from Lego has 135 pieces to create a stunt car. It comes with a powerful pull-back motor, spoiler, bumper, and wide rim tires with amazing power and acceleration. The pull-back toy motor and a brand-new toy engine pop-out function of the toy race car activates on impact and moves ahead in speed. It makes a cool present for tweenagers who love cars. Check out this honest review video to learn more about the product.

Item Weight: 10.4 ounces | Product Dimensions: 10.32 x 5.55 x 2.84 inches

With seven Lego sets sold every second and 400 billion bricks circulating globally, Lego is known to be the world’s largest toy company (1).

3. Best For Critical-Thinking Skills: Ravensburger Gravitrax Starter Set Marble Run and STEM Toy

Ravensburger GraviTrax Marble Run Starter Set

An innovative marble run and STEM toy, this comes with 122 pieces so that you can design your own action-packed track systems. It helps your kid learn about the laws of physics on the track. Plus, you can experiment using different angles and heights to even control the speed of the ball. The toy also helps develop critical skills like spatial reasoning and planning skills in kids, making it one of the best gifts for growing boys. Take a look at this review cum testing video to know more about this toy.

Material: Plastic | Item Weight: 4.18 pounds | Product Dimensions: 13.5 x 13.5 x 4.5 inches

As several small pieces are a part of this STEM toy, make it a point to invest in a storage box to keep all the pieces in one place and prevent them from being misplaced.

4. Best For Learning New Words: Scrabble Game By Hasbro Gaming

Hasbro Gaming Scrabble Game

Why We Think It’s Worth Buying: The 17,547 reviews on Amazon indicate that this product has a loyal following.

This fun game of words from Hasbro Gaming helps your kids learn new words and build words. It is an old-school classic game that can keep your kids and family busy. It can be played by anyone, from young children to the old, and makes for an excellent family game. The time-tested game comes with a drawstring bag to store the tiles.

Material: Wood | Item Weight: 10.1 ounces | Product Dimensions: 1.5 x 15.75 x 7.52 inches

5. Best Portable: Flipside

Gift ideas for 12 year old boy

Flipslide is a fast-paced puzzle game that can be super addictive for a 12-year-old. It is all about mastering the moves to beat the blocks by matching colors, and it is super hard to put it down. Plus, your child has four different game modes to choose from, i.e., Multiplayer Mode, Speed Mode, Memory Mode, and Level Mode. The game board is portable and can be carried anywhere, anytime.

Color: Black | Batteries: 2 AA batteries required | Item Weight: 4.2 ounces | Product Dimensions: 2.99 x 5.98 x 1.93 inches

6. Best Lego Set: Lego Architecture Chicago 21033 Skyline Building Blocks Set

LEGO Architecture Chicago 21033 Skyline Building Blocks Set

Image: Lego Store

Why We Think It’s Worth Buying: Do not miss out on this product that has earned 1,062 positive reviews on Amazon.

This Chicago skyline building blocks set by the trusted brand Lego help recreate the city’s blend of modern and historical architecture. It has been developed to suit a child’s interests, such as travel, culture, history, architecture, and design. This building block set features important architectural landmarks of the city, such as Cloud Gate, Willis Tower, DuSable Bridge, John Hancock Center, etc.

Item Weight: 1.05 pounds | Product Dimensions: 10.32 x 7.52 x 2.4 inches

7. Best For Awakening Curiosity: Chuchik Toys Best Binoculars for Kids

Chuchik Toys Best Binoculars for Kids

This toy binoculars by Chuchik is unlike other binoculars as it is made up of high-quality BAK-7 lenses that help you see even far spaces crisp and clear. The tried-and-tested binoculars are small and lightweight, just the right size for small hands to carry it around. It will encourage and inspire your kid’s curiosity to explore nature and step outside.

Item Weight: 6.1 ounces | Product Dimensions: 3.9 x 3.25 x 1.65 inches

8. Best For Developing Creativity: Crayola Colored Pencils

Crayola Colored Pencils For Adults

Why We Think It’s Worth Buying: Over 37,715 customers on Amazon have opined that this is one of the best products in its category.

The pre-sharpened colored pencils from Crayola help your kids discover the soothing activity of coloring. This tried-and-tested set includes 50 different color shades to add vibrancy to your kid’s coloring books or even original masterpieces. It will also evoke creativity and imagination in your kids and can be easily carried around wherever they go.

Color: ‎50 Ct | Product Dimensions: ‎0.63 x 7.31 x 8.25 inches | Item Weight: ‎10.6 ounces

9. Best For Developing Planning Skills: ThinkFun Circuit Maze Electric Current Brain Game

ThinkFun Circuit Maze Electric Current Brain Game

Circuit Maze from ThinkFun is a logic game that teaches your kids basic principles of circuitry and comes with 60 challenges of increasing difficulty. It is made up of high-quality components and comes with a clear and easy-to-understand instruction manual. The Circuit Maze helps to develop your kid’s critical thinking skills along with their planning skills, logical reasoning, and spatial reasoning all through fun gameplay.

Batteries: 3 AA batteries required | Item Weight: 1 pounds | Product Dimensions: 11 x 9.5 x 2.5 inches

10. Best For Logical-Reasoning Skills: ThinkFun Gravity Maze Marble Run Brain Game

ThinkFun Gravity Maze Marble Run Logic Game

Why We Think It’s Worth Buying: The 32,000 positive reviews on Amazon are proof that this product meets customers’ expectations.

Gravity Maze from ThinkFun is a gravity-powered maze game that sharpens your kid’s mind and helps develop critical skills. This creative toy for young teenagers and tweens also helps children improve their logical reasoning, planning skills, and spatial reasoning with 60 challenges of increasing difficulty. It is super fun to play with your family and can also work as a Christmas or birthday present.

Material: Stainless Steel, Paper, Plastic | Item Weight: 1.1 pounds | Product Dimensions: 9.38 x 3 x 10.5 inches

11. Activ Life Kid’s Flying Rings

Activ Life Kid’s Flying Rings

Why We Think It’s Worth Buying: The tried-and-true product has earned over 18,624 good reviews on Amazon.

The innovative flying rings from Activ Life are 80% lighter than regular flying discs and avoids any form of injury or jammed finger. This time-tested toy will not only help you to reduce the screen time for your kids but also help them indulge in outdoor activities and enjoy hours of catching, tossing flying rings. Plus, this also works as a pool toy for kids as well as adults. It is a suitable option if you are looking for sports-related presents for young boys.

Material: ‎Plastic | Color: ‎Glow-in-the-dark | Item Dimensions LxWxH: ‎9.88 x 9.88 x 0.74 inches

12. Copernicus Toys Edible Chemistry Kit

Copernicus Toys Edible Chemistry Kit

As unique as it sounds, children getting introduced to the intricacies of science experiments will love this kit. It features 15 edible experiments, and the kit includes magic color crystals, calcium acetate, sodium alginate, stirrers, plastic bags, a pipet, an instruction book, and more. Children can create color-changing foaming jelly, polymer pudding, and more. Suitable for children aged eight and above, we recommend using this set under adult supervision for safe playing. If you are looking for unique toys for young teens, this set is a good option.

Product Dimensions: 6.2 x 4.2 x 4.2 inches | Weight: 8 Ounces

13. Joyjam Toys

Joyjam Toys

This is a fancy stunt car that tumbles 360°, flips, and spins. It also has four-wheel, heavy-duty, friction and a tri-axial system that can easily work on land, beach, grass, and wetland. It is shockproof and durable; you don’t have to worry about kids being tough on the toy. Plus, this entertaining toy for preteens comes with batteries for the remote and a rechargeable battery for the car.

Batteries: 2 Lithium Ion batteries required | Item Weight: 13.1 ounces | Product Dimensions: 5.71 x 5.71 x 2.36 inches

14. eYotto Kids Sports Waterproof Watch

eYotto Kids Sports Waterproof Watch

This is a functional, stylish kids sports watch with 50M waterproof technology and shows the time, date, and week. It also has an alarm, stopwatch, and a dual time feature. The durable PU rubber band helps the watch bend freely, makes it breathable, and is comfortable on the wrist. The high elastic PU protective cover is scratch, drop, and bump resistant. This is a must-have item for boys aged 12 and those living an active lifestyle.

Band Color: Black | Band Material: Rubber | Item Shape: Round | Batteries: 2 Lithium Metal batteries required

15. Marky Sparky Faux Bow

Marky Sparky Faux Bow

Faux Bow 3.0 is a popular alternative to the regular bow and arrow. The convenient design holds six extra arrows and a removable launch tube for storing while traveling. The lightweight arrows fly at lightning speed and travel distances for some great backyard fun. The durable lightweight, foam tip arrows offer enough safety to your kids, without compromising on power, distance, and fun!

Item Weight: 1 pounds | Product Dimensions: 15.3 x 2.3 x 12.3 inches

16. Thames and Kosmos Mega Cyborg Hand STEM Experiment Kit

Thames and Kosmos Mega Cyborg Hand STEM Experiment Kit

The Mega Cyborg Hand introduces inquisitive minds to the nuances of hydraulic, pneumatic, and robotic systems. It is an exquisite STEM experiment kit where your child can incorporate their learnings and skills to construct a giant wearable hand using air and water pressure. This hand does not require batteries or motors to operate. Instead, the hydraulic pistons make the fingers move, and you can easily grab things as you move your hands. Moreover, the adjustable joints allow precise control and movement. It offers three configurations – left hand, right hand, and claw-like – to fit most hand sizes.

Item Weight: 1.8 pounds | Product Dimensions: 10 x 4.75 x 11 inches

17. Vango The Upside Down Challenge Game

Vango The Upside Down Challenge Game

The Upside Down Challenge game by Vango is fun and entertaining, designed for all age groups. Players wear upside-down goggles and complete various challenges while seeing the world upside down. It helps improve coordination and balance as players navigate the challenges while wearing the goggles. The game can also encourage teamwork and effective communication as players try to win.

Color: Multicolor | Material: Paper | Item Weight: 11.3 ounces | Product Dimensions: 10 x 4 x 10.5 inches

18. 4M 5576 Tabletop Robot

4M 5576 Tabletop Robot

The 4M 5576 Tabletop Robot is a fun kit that challenges your child’s imagination. It is a hands-on science kit that evokes the young scientist in your kid and fosters creativity. It also teaches your kids the basics of robotics as they learn how to build a robot crab. This robot kit offers an opportunity for the kids to learn about assembling a robot and understand how it functions, making it a popular gift for boys aged 12 years.

Batteries: 1 AAA batteries required | Item Weight: 4.8 ounces | Product Dimensions: 8.5 x 1 x 10.75 inches

19. Educational Insights BrainBolt

Educational Insights BrainBolt Brain Teaser Memory Game

Image: Educational Insights

Help your 12-year-old work on their memory skills in an engaging and entertaining way by playing the brain teaser game by Educational Insights. This game is designed to help children improve their problem-solving and critical-thinking skills. The fast-paced gameplay with solo and two-player modes keeps the game interesting as children try to remember the lighting sequence to win the game. It makes a suitable educational present for young boys, helping improve their mental skills.

Material: Plastic | Batteries: 3 AAA batteries required | Item Weight: 8.8 ounces | Product Dimensions: 8 x 5.1 x 2.1 inches

20. Baby Mushroom Ultimate Slime Kit

Baby Mushroom Ultimate Slime Kit

The baby mushroom is an ultimate slime kit that features various fun experiments with polymers and slime to teach your kids about different states of matter. Also, this is a science kit that comes with an instruction booklet that provides easy-to-follow directions for some stress-free fun. It boosts learning and helps your child put down their screens and nosedive into some DIY science fun and experiments. What’s more, this slime also glows in the dark!

Product Dimensions: 6 x 4 x 4 inches | Item Weight: 14 Ounces | Material: Wood | Color: Clear

21. Owi Inc Robotics Smartcore 6

Owi Inc Robotics Smartcore 6

The Owi Inc Robotics Smartcore 6 is an innovative six-in-one robotic construction kit that enables users to create six different robotic vehicles. It includes six pre-programmed motors and a range of other parts, including a main board, tires, screws, and connectors. With this robot kit, you can construct a tank, a rover, a manta, an ostrich, a scorpion, and a beetle. The exciting gift for growing boys is easy to assemble and helps children learn about physics, aerodynamics, and electronics while having fun.

Item Weight: 2.12 pounds | Product Dimensions: 8.5 x 1.5 x 8.5 inches.

22. SmartGames Temple Trap

SmartGames Temple Trap

If you’re looking for a skill-building game that challenges 12-year-olds while helping them become better problem solvers, the SmartGames temple trap is worth considering. It features 60 different challenges, and the game comes with a portable case, making it easy to take it with you on-the-go. The kit includes the temple — a game board — and eight sliding puzzle pieces and an adventurer. As your children play the game, they are compelled to focus and think flexibly, making it a fun exercise to improve cognitive skills.

Color: Transparent | Item Weight: 12.7 ounces | Product Dimensions: 6.69 x 9.45 x 1.77 inches.

23. STEM Solar Car Toys

STEM Solar Car Toys

This model car kit helps your kids learn to build cars with snap circuits and solar panels. The attractive robot building kit puzzle will help your kid exercise their spatial thinking and hand dexterity with hours of fun. This interactive item for preteens is also worthy of display on your bookshelf and desk. It can also work as a great family activity where everyone indulges in building and innovating together.

Item Weight: 0.44 Pounds | Item Weight: 7 ounces | Product Dimensions: 5 x 4 x 2 inches

24. Starlux Games Glow Battle

Starlux Games Glow Battle

*The prices provided in this article are based on the latest available information. However, they may vary due to changes in pricing by the seller and/or promotional offers.

The Starlux Games Glow Battle combines the classic strategy of samurai swords with the modern technology of ninja toys, making it a unique and engaging game. With four katana swords, four dojo markers, and ten game options, the game is both entertaining and challenging, as players must use their wits to outsmart their opponents. It involves two to four players, and the katana swords come with batteries with 12-hour light duration.

Batteries: 28 Lithium Metal batteries required | Item Weight: 13.6 ounces | Product Dimensions: 7.2 x 19.5 x 2.8 inches

25. Ravensburger Marvel Villainous: Infinite Power Board Game

Infinite Power Board Game

The Ravensburger Marvel Villainous: Infinite Power is a strategy board game where players take on the role of famous Marvel supervillains, each with their unique abilities and objectives. The game offers a unique and engaging gameplay experience, as players must balance their actions between advancing their own goals and thwarting their opponents’ plans. Featuring popular Marvel villains such as Thanos, Ultron, and Loki, it makes one of the best gifts for boys and allows them to pretend play their favorite characters.

How To Choose The Right Gift For A 12-Year-Old Boy?

Here are a few things that you should look for while selecting a gift for a 12-year-old boy:

  • The gift should match your child’s preference and interest. For example: If they are interested in science, then you should look for a slime kit or a robot kit.
  • Pick something not too expensive, as kids tend to lose interest in the toy soon and purchasing too many expensive toys may not be a practical idea.
  • You should also consider your child’s safety. Look for toys and gadgets for tweens that are free of toxic chemicals.

Why Trust MomJunction?

Priti Bose, the author of this article, is an experienced reviewer of toys and gifts. She has done extensive research to compile this list of the best gifts for 12-year-old boys. From board games that improve their decision-making and communication skills to colored pencils that bring out your child’s creativity, this thoughtfully curated list has top-rated, best-selling gifts for preteens. Besides the detailed descriptions of each product, she has also included a handy buying guide to help you pick the right gift for your loved ones.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Do 12-year-old boys like soccer balls?

Yes, they do. Soccer balls help in developing their motor and problem-solving skills and enhance communication. You may choose a size four ball for a 12-year-old.

2. Do 12-year-old boys know how to operate a laptop?

Yes, most children of this age can operate a laptop. Even if they don’t, they have the capability to learn how to operate it with your guidance.

3. What makes a good gift for a 12-year-old boy?

Most boys of this age have the ability for complex thought, and therefore, you could get them gifts that tickle their brains.

The Bottom Line

Toys are not only fun to play with but also aid in the overall development of a child. Since 12-year-olds are neither a child and are yet to step into the teenage phase, choosing a toy that suits them can be challenging. Before buying one, you must understand their tastes and preferences and narrow down on a toy that is skill-centric, safe, and fun to play with. Making sure that the toys you pick also help kindle their passions and encourage them to explore new hobbies can also help. Choose the non-toxic 50-unit Crayola Colored Pencils to boost the child’s creativity, the Scrabble Game by Hasbro Gaming for its educational value and the lightweight Activ Life Kid’s Flying Rings for outdoor fun.

Infographic: Points To Consider When Gifting A 12-Year-Old Boy

Gifting Tips For Pre-Teens

Choosing age-appropriate gifts for your pre-teen helps ensure they thoroughly enjoy using them as they align with their needs and wants. So, check out this infographic to learn the interests and needs of a twelve-year-old and consider them while selecting a gift.

Get high-quality PDF version by clicking below.

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50+ Best Gifts For Tween Boys Who Have Everything

Shopping for a tween boy has you stumped? Everyday Savvy has chosen some unique gifts for tween boys that they will rave about. We included a few electronic items, but there is so much more for your boys to explore here and you will love our tween boy gift ideas. We have several other gift idea lists for tween boys, so if you need more ideas, be sure to visit all our gift ideas.

Gift ideas for 12 year old boy

Table of Contents

Gifts for Tween Boys

The holiday season is fast approaching, and you’re looking for the perfect present that a tween boy would love. But with so many options it’s hard to know where to start – especially when they have everything already!

We have included so many different gift ideas based on the interests of preteen boys. We update these lists every single year so there are sure to be not only classic gift ideas but hot new toys and gift ideas as well. This guide presents you with over 50 gift ideas for tween boys!

The age range for a tween boy tends to be about 8-12 years old. Tween boys are often interested in sports, animals, video games and technology. This gift guide though is full of ideas that teens and even some younger boys might love.

Whether your son is into sports, technology, or just having a good time – this guide has the perfect gift for him. From games and toys to accessories, we’ve got everything you need to find the best gift for your tween boy who has everything!

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Free Gift Tracker

Have you ever struggled with remembering that great gift idea you had a few months ago or forgot where you hid that great gift or have no ideas what gift to buy?

Our Gift Tracker can help you. We added places for you to track all your gift ideas, your gift budget, where to buy the gift, and even where you hid it. Sign Up Below!

Gifts for Preteen Boys

This list has over 50 of the best gifts for tween boys. With this list, there is no need to struggle with gift ideas for tween boys. We make it easy to find the perfect gift.

Picking out gifts for tween boys can be tough, but we’ve got you covered. Whether your son is into sports, gaming, or art, we’ve got the perfect present for him. So take a look and see what catches your eye. Your son is sure to love whatever you choose!

Super Fun Gifts For Tween Boys

Check out these great gift ideas for boys!

Gift ideas for 12 year old boy

Segway Ninebot F30 Electric Scooter, 300W Motor, 10-inch Pneumatic Tires, Foldable

Older tweens will love getting around town with this Segway Ninebot F30 Foldable Scooter. The kids at our middle school all have these scooters. It is equipped with a front-wheel mechanical drum brake and a regenerative electric rear brake, the dual brake system ensures a safe ride. The 10-inch tires, with superior shock absorption, make your ride smoother and more stable even on bumpy terrain. The F30 delivers a speed up to 15.5 mph, and typical range of 18.6 miles. The 300W output provides plenty of torque-on-demand, helping you conquer up to a 15% grade slope. The Smart Battery Management System ensures battery safety and to notify you of any battery alerts when needed. With the Quick Folding System, the F30 can be easily folded in 1 second to store in the trunk. Segway also carries a model with a less powerful motor and a shorter range.

Gift ideas for 12 year old boy

Super Mario-Inspired LED Neon Light Sign

This highly-reviewed Super Mario-Inspired Neon Sign will be a hit with your Nintendo fans. This mushroom-shaped neon light is carved from high-quality transparent acrylic board and equipped with colored silicone strips. It is 9.8 x 11.8 inches and it includes a 59 inch USB cable and an ON/OFF switch. It does not include a power adapter, so you will need a 5V 1A USB socket. This sign includes two adhesive hooks for easy wall mounting. Choose from the red mushroom or the green mushroom! You can also find the Super Mario-Inspired King Boo the Ghost Face Neon light.

Gift ideas for 12 year old boy

Popdarts PRO Pack Game Suction Cup Throwing Game – Competition with a POP

This cool boredom beater game for tweens, teens and adults, Popdarts Pro Pack Suction Throwing Game is like darts, but so much cooler. Popdarts was featured on ESPN, the Today Show, Buzzfeed, Sports Illustrated and more. This unique game can be played wherever you go, indoors or outdoors. Popdarts stick best to smooth surfaces like a countertop, refrigerator, window, car windshield, glass door, surfboard – be creative! It has a unique scoring system and just scan the QR code in the box to use the app to score your game. The closest Popdart to the Target Marker = 3 points. Every other Popdart that sticks = 1 point. Landing on the Wigglenobber Target Marker = 10 points. Use “Cancellation Scoring” (just like cornhole). For example: 5 blue – 2 green = 3 blue. Each game consists of multiple rounds! First team to reach 21 points wins! The Popdarts Pro Pack has the target marker that players can land on for extra points. There is also a Popdarts Original Set and a Popdarts Glow Set.

Gift ideas for 12 year old boy

Spy Alley Board Game – Award Winning Family Strategy Game

If your tweens don’t have the classic Spy Alley Game, then they are missing out on this award-winning game. In your quest to be the worlds top spy, players will be developing skills like social deduction, reasoning, logic and skills so top secret we can’t tell you what they are. Assume your secret Identity and use your wit to unmask and eliminate the enemy spies. No two games are ever the same. Great spies learn from every mission. Your friends and family will be just like spies in training learning new strategies and changing their play. This classic game makes a great gift.

Gift ideas for 12 year old boy

Andjoor Wide Ramp for Bikes, Scooters, Skateboards and RC Vehicles

This high quality, Andjoor Wide 220 Ramp for bikes, scooters skateboards and remote control vehicles will revolutionize your tween’s outside time! They will love the great take-off angle and they will have a blast going over this ramp again and again. This ramp is almost 24 inches wide and it is so strong that it will hold the weight of three adults. Plus it has a slip-resistant finish and non-slip rubber feet. The best part is that it is easy to take on-the-go. It assembles and disassembles in about one minute to FOLD FLAT. You can carry it on your back and easily slide it into the car. Choose from a few different models of ramp.

Gift ideas for 12 year old boy

ULTIMATE SACK 5 foot, Giant Foam-Filled Bean Bag Style Chair

Your tweens will love lounging on this Ultimate Sack 5 foot Giant Foam-Filled Bean Bag Style Chair. Whether your tweens are looking for a place to lounge, play games, read, study, work, or watch the game, the Ultimate Sack is the answer. Unlike traditional bean bag chairs filled with “beans”, the Ultimate Sack is stuffed with a 100% virgin shredded, soft, brand new memory foam blend that is high quality. The foam is sealed in a liner so the cover can easily be unzipped and washed. You can choose from tons of great colors to match your tweens room, game room or basement. These Ultimate Sacks also come in a variety of sizes.

Gift ideas for 12 year old boy

Franklin Sports Over The Door Mini LED Scoring Basketball Hoop – Shatter Resistant

Up your game indoors with this Franklin Sports Pro Hoops LED Scoring Over-the-Door Mini Basketball Hoop. This cool, bright led illuminated backboard on this set has been designed to outperform all other over the door basketball sets in the market. This hoop includes a mini-game within the set and the hoop will score for you when you play the game. You will need to throw as many shots as possible in 30 seconds. Note: it does not score outside of the mini-game. This set includes a shatter-resistant backboard , a breakaway rim for light dunking and it is foam-backed to help protect your door.

Gift ideas for 12 year old boy

Doomlings Classic Card Game

This cool new Doomlings Card Game is both a fun and competitive game that your tweens and teens will love. Doomlings is a delightful card game for the End of the World! Play adorable, powerful, and mischievous characters for points over rounds, called Ages. Each Age introduces a new rule to the game. BE WARNED! Hidden in the Ages are Catastrophes, which introduce adverse effects to the game. After three catastrophes, the World Ends, and the player with the most points wins! The object of the game is to score the most points by the time the world ends. Score points by playing traits for your Doomlings’ species. When the end of the world arrives, the Doomlings with the strongest set of traits get to look the Apocalypse in the eye and declare…“I scored the most points.” You can also purchase this Doomlings Card Game at Target. You can also purchase neopreme card mats to go along with this game, but they are not necessary.

Gift ideas for 12 year old boy

HEXBUG Robotic Black Widow Remote Control Spider

Your tweens can dabble in robotics with this cool remote control spider. The HEXBUG Black Widow is the new eight-legged robotic creature that is a robotic, electromechanical marvel. The Black Widow can crawl along in a creepy fashion or scoot quickly about. It features 360-degree steering, an LED eye and under-glow, creepy sounds, and a 2.4 GHz remote control. The remote control enables the user to operate a virtually endless number of bugs independently or at the same time (each sold separately). As the largest member of the current HEXBUG robotic creature family, the intricacy of its internal mechanisms and eight-legged crawling motion is simply fascinating to operate and watch. You can also purchase the Hexbug Black Widow on Amazon.

Gift ideas for 12 year old boy

LEGO Technic App-Controlled Transformation Vehicle Building Kit

If you are looking for that special Lego building kit for your tween, this Lego Technic App-Controlled Transformation Vehicle Building Kit is a super cool kit. In a first for LEGO Technic sets, this vehicle toy flips over when it drives into a wall to reveal the second vehicle. No wall? No problem! Kids can turn the model over to switch vehicles. On one side is an aerodynamic tracked racer. On the other side is a tracked exploration vehicle. With suspension, a cockpit and tracks on both vehicles, plus a truck bed on the exploration truck, there’s lots for kids to discover.Take control with the app.Kids will love using the CONTROL+ app to operate their vehicle. Using the app, they can steer the vehicle and complete fun challenges. The app experience changes for each vehicle and cleverly switches screens when the model flips. A great introduction to engineering. LEGO Technic buildable models feature realistic movement and mechanisms, making them a top gift idea for any LEGO builder who is interested in engineering.

Gift ideas for 12 year old boy

Five Kingdoms Books

If your tween needs something new to read, they will love this action-packed, Five Kingdom Series. These books have the perfect mix of action, magic and real-life issues. Brandon Mull, the author, is also the New York Times Best-Selling author of Fablehaven and the Beyonders series. You can purchase these books in a box set or individually.

Gift ideas for 12 year old boy

Santa Cruz Complete Skateboards

Santa Cruz has been making skateboards for over 40 years and if you are in the market for a complete skateboard for your tween, these Santa Cruz Completes are a great choice. Many are just under $100 and for the money, you get 7-ply maple construction, high quality wheels and bearings. Choose from a bunch of cool decks.

Gift ideas for 12 year old boy

Nike SB Shoes

If you are looking for special shoes for your tween, consider these cool Nike SB shoes. They are both comfy and cool and you can find them at a great price point for the quality you are getting in a shoe. In my opinion, Nike SB shoes last longer than the popular canvas shoes for tweens. You can see even more Nike SB styles at Nike.

Gift ideas for 12 year old boy

Alley Hoopster Trick Shot Challenge Game

This unique, Alley Hoopster Trick Shot Kit came to life on Kickstarter and your tween will love this carefully-created trick shot kit. Become the next trick shot superstar by using the balls, launcher, backboards and hoop to create your own amazing trick shots. Place it anywhere and adjust the hoop bigger or smaller while you master your shot. This set includes adjustable wooden backboards, a hand board, ball gun, hoop and oversized ping pong-like balls to create tricks of all kinds.

Gift ideas for 12 year old boy

Razor Flashback 2 Wheel Kick Scooter

This Razor Flashback 2-Wheel Scooter has cool air tires and it rides smoother than your traditional Razor scooter. Your tweens can take it back to the golden era of the ’80s and ’90s BMX with the Razor Flashback kick scooter–Razor’s homage to the early days of BMX and the company’s Californian heritage. As fun to look at as it is to ride, the Flashback is a bold-colored feast for the eyes and soul. With dual hand brakes sitting atop the BMX-inspired riser handlebar, you can make easy and intuitive stops on this smooth ride. That smoothness comes from the two 12-inch (305 mm) mag wheels that provide exceptional bump-absorption for those moments when the asphalt or sidewalk loses its composure. The extra-large deck gives you plenty of room to stand on. Designed for riders ages 8 and up, the Flashback is truly the nostalgic stuff of dreams. You can also find this cool Razor Flashback Scooter on Amazon.

Gift ideas for 12 year old boy

HEXBUG HEXMODS Pro Series Elite Raceway Customizable RC Cars

Now your older tween and teens can customize, drive and modify their own remote control sportscar. The HEXMODS Pro Series Elite Raceway is the premier bundle of the hobby-grade RC tuner car sets with 1000’s of mod combinations. This set elevates the possibilities of HEXMODS with more body styles, hoods, side skirts, bumpers, roof options, engine covers, spoilers and alternate rims! This bundle includes more performance upgrades too, like all-wheel drive and a selection of swappable suspensions, steering linkages, tires of varying grip strength, and different gear configurations and motors to control the car’s speed! The chassis handles speeds up to 26 feet per second—that’s 18 mph! Add your own flare with decals, a street legal lights kit that includes working headlights, tail lights, and LED underglow for lighting up any circuit! Comes with a 2.4 GHz remote for top level steering and play, plus a bonus of OVER 20 ft of connectable barrier to make your own track configuration to take your racing experience to the next level.

Gift ideas for 12 year old boy

Dude Perfect 101 Tricks, Tips, and Cool Stuff Book

The Dude Perfect guys are really popular, viral trick shot videos. I know my boys have watched all of their videos online. Your tweens will love this massive, photo-intensive book, Dude Perfect 101 Tricks, Tips, and Cool Stuff, and they’ll experience a behind-the-scenes look at their stunts and their personal lives, PLUS step-by-step instructions so you can attempt their tricks at home! Check out step-by-step instructions on how to perform the Dudes’ most popular tricks! Plus, explore new ways to modify the shots to keep challenging your friends, your family and yourself. Plus, they can explore photos from behind-the-scenes of some of Dude Perfect’s coolest moments.

Gift ideas for 12 year old boy

Splendor Marvel Board Game

The highly-reviewed classic Splendor game returns with this new version Splendor – Marvel Edition as a new stand-alone game. The superheroes of the Marvel Universe take over Splendor with an update to the award-winning card game of drafting and engine building, Splendor Marvel brings the same ease of play to the Marvel universe. Players can build a team of heroes and villains by drafting from 90 iconic Marvel characters. Simple rules, deep strategy, and tons of Marvel characters, Splendor Marvel is the perfect gateway game for Marvel fans getting into board games. New end game triggers and victory conditions add a fresh and thematic twist to Splendor’s renowned gameplay.

Gift ideas for 12 year old boy

Anker Soundcore Motion Boombox with Titanium Drivers

This highly-reviewed Anker Soundcore Motion Boom Outdoor Boombox Speaker makes a cool gift idea at an affordable price. Make a statement with Motion Boom outdoor speaker—press play and experience huge stereo sound that’s distortion-free, even at high volumes. This speaker utilizes the latest Bluetooth technology for a skip-free and ultra-stable connection with your device. Motion Boom’s drivers have pure titanium diaphragms to reproduce high frequencies up to 40kHz for sound that has noticeably higher clarity. Plus, it is fully waterproof and will even float back up to the surface if it’s dropped in water, which makes it a great speaker to take to the pool or on the lake. The Motion Boom outdoor speaker has a 10,000mAh battery to power up to 24 hours of playtime. It also doubles as a device charger and allows you to plug in your phone and other devices to charge while listening.

Gift ideas for 12 year old boy

RampShot Backyard Game Set

Older kids, tweens and teens will have a blast with this family backyard and beach game. RampShot is a four player outdoor game that utilizes two quality plastic ramps and four racquetball style balls. Teammates stand on opposite sides of the playing area and work together to score points by tossing and/or catching the balls. Three points for a shot directly in the net. One point if your teammate catches the ball on a fly after bouncing off the top of the ramp. If the shooter’s toss comes up short and hits the front of the ramp, the ball will bounce back in the shooter’s direction. The opposing team member can now come in and catch the ball to gain an extra shot for their team. The first team to 15 wins! Three out of four players are involved in every play keeping everyone on their toes and ready to make the big play. The grooves on the top of the ramp make for unpredictable bounces and highlight reel catches. This ultra-competitive game is completely unique and is great for the backyard or the beach! You can also get Rampshot at Wayfair.

Gift ideas for 12 year old boy

Govee Smart Light Bars – Mood Lights

Your tweens and teens will love this highly-reviewed, cool Mood Lighting Light Bar Set. These make cool room or gaming area decor and I love that these light bars have stands so you don’t have to stick the light bars to the wall! This set has Two-Way Installation: Attach the smart light to the back of your TV or PC with strong adhesive. Or, use the stands provided for an easy set-up next to or behind the screen. These ambient lights are quick to install and easy to operate. Sync Your Music: With a built-in mic, the tv backlights sync smoothly with music or sounds from your screen. Choose from four modes (Vivid, Rhythm, Strike, Vibrate), all greatly enhancing your movies, karaoke nights, or gaming worlds. Smart App Control: Enjoy access to an intuitive timer function, customizable DIY colors and light effects, plus zestful music and scene modes. This set includes: two light bars, one adapter, two table mounting brackets, two screen mounting brackets and a control box. You can check out all the cool lighting products from Govee.

Gift ideas for 12 year old boy

Flair Sports Baseball and Softball Hitting and Pitching Net

Flair Sports was developed to provide high quality training equipment to players at every level and this Flair Sports Baseball and Softball Hitting and Pitching Net was designed by a professional baseball player. It is constructed with a steel frame and high quality netting. Your kids will love the easy set-up – in just 2 minutes! The high-visibility, neon orange center of the portable net encourages the player to strive to hit or throw the ball in this area. Unlike the other hitting nets on this site the Flair Sports practice net is designed with material that is going to last. The net includes a removable strike zone that can be used for pitching, throwing, batting practice, and more. This set includes a carrying case for storage.

Gift ideas for 12 year old boy

Grounded for Life – by What Do You Meme? Family

This highly-reviewed Grounded for Life Game from the creators of What Do You Meme Family? is a hilarious game that the whole family will enjoy. Players compete to make the funniest sentences by pairing the funniest red card with the blue card for the round. Funniest combo wins a point, and the person with the most cards at the end, wins. What’s in the box: Includes 500 cards (100 Blue cards and 400 Red cards) and instructions.

Gift ideas for 12 year old boy

Segway Ninebot Smart Self-Balancing Electric Scooter with LED Light

These Segway Ninebot Self-Balancing Scooters are super cool and easy to ride! My tween has an older model and he loves it. The Ninebot is worlds away from the traditional hoverboard style scooter. It is easy-to-learn and the user friendly knee control bar design also makes it the top pick for kids and adults alike. Just step on and you can master it in just minutes. It has 8.5-inch Non-slip and maintenance-free solid tires, easy to move forward in different scenarios. Ninebot live voice teaching system and Large-area pedal, easier to learn, stand and safer. The Ninebot can easily reach the max. speed of 8.7 mph. A single fully charged battery can run up to 8 miles. Choose from white, pink or blue.

Gift ideas for 12 year old boy

Thames and Kosmos EXIT Escape Room Games

Escape rooms are all the rage and now your tweens can challenge with these highly-reviewed cool games from Thames and Kosmos. EXIT: The Game is a series of affordable escape room games for the home. Players must solve riddles and puzzles and crack codes to escape from an imaginary room or environment. But the clock is ticking! Can you escape? Each Exit game has a new theme and they are rated by difficulty on the front of each box.

Gift ideas for 12 year old boy

Engino- STEM Construction, Physics and More

If your tweens love hands-on STEM, then they will enjoy these super cool Engino Discovering STEM kits. Each kit touches on a concept such as mechanics, solar, engineering and more. These kits are highly-reviewed, affordable and there are so many to choose from! These make a great STEM science gift idea for tweens. There are several cool Engino STEM kits to choose from.

Gift ideas for 12 year old boy

The Reckoners Series: Steelheart; Firefight; Calamity

If your tweens have not read The Reckoners Book Series by Brandon Sanderson, they won’t be disappointed. This fantasy series is about super humans who are actually villains. This series will draw them in and these book make a great gift idea. Buy them in a box set or you can purchase them individually.

Gift ideas for 12 year old boy

NERF Ultra Select Fully Motorized Blaster

My boys loved their Nerf motorized blasters. They are truly unique as far as foam dart guns go. My boy have spent hours setting up hide-outs and they love having huge Nerf wars. The motorized power takes these blasters to the next level of fun. Now they can fire darts for distance or accuracy with the Nerf Ultra Select blaster! The Ultra Select blaster holds two 10-dart clips and includes 10 Nerf Ultra darts designed for distance and 10 Nerf Ultra darts designed for accuracy. A selector on the blaster lets you choose which clip you want to fire from, so you can switch between them as you battle. Take aim and rapid-fire darts from this fully motorized blaster! Hold down the acceleration button to power up the motor and press the trigger. You can load the clips as you play for less downtime to reload. The blaster fires Nerf Ultra distance darts up to 120 feet (36 meters)*. Nerf Ultra accuracy darts are the most accurate Nerf Ultra darts. They will love that this set includes a carry handle for portability. Nerf Ultra blasters work only with Nerf Ultra darts. (batteries not included). Eyewear recommended (not included).

Gift ideas for 12 year old boy

Buffalo Games Tower Tennis

This is a great indoor game to have for active tweens at an affordable pricepoint, especially during the long winter months. Tower Tennis- it’s table tennis with a twist! Hit the ball into the tower and it will spit out one of the holes randomly. If it comes out on your side, you have to hit it back in or the other placer scores a point. It’s head-to-head fast-paced action where you keep the ball alive to score. The tower is portable to you can play it anywhere. Dominate your friends or team up in this skill and action game.

Gift ideas for 12 year old boy

Black Longboards Collection. Maple Longboard Skateboard

The highly-reviewed Black Longboard Trident is a great all-around hybrid cruising skateboard. It can do it all and your tween can keep this high-quality board for years to come. It is everything from a smooth cruiser/carver board to a fast free-ride board. This board will fulfill all your longboard desires with its micro-drop, mild W concave, and drop-through trucks. It is extremely stable and responds quickly. Think of it like a sports car: fast, responsive, and fun to ride. It has an Exotic Ebony Wood Deck with 8-Ply Canadian Maple Core with custom pinstripe designs and with beautiful finish. The Laser cut grip tape locks your feet on the board. The rugged and lightweight 7-inch aluminum trucks (black) with ultra high rebound bushings create the ultimate carving experience. The 70mm Hooligan wheels create a smooth and grippy ride. Hooligan wheels have a special designed core to provide smooth, duarable, and evenly-worn wheel. Plus this board has fast and durable Abec 9 Hellion 2 bearings with built in spacers. Rolling with this cool board is effortless.

Gift ideas for 12 year old boy

Infinity Cube Fidget Toy

Your fidgety tween will love this highly-reviewed, pocket-sized Infinity Cube. Have fun for hours while practicing and improving finger flexibility. Keep your hands and minds busy during class or work. Lessen phone and other technology induced stress. It’s a wonderful desk accessory, time killer, conversation starter and everyday carry device. Composed with eight (8) tough ABS plastic blocks linked together with strong stainless steel metal rivets. Durable and can withstand constant flipping and folding. It has a smooth surface and curved edges that are easy on the hands and light on the wrist and arms. This cool fidget cube is fun for kids, tweens, teens and adults. Choose from black, bright green or metal!

Gift ideas for 12 year old boy

Original Stationery Galaxy Slime Making Kit with Glow in The Dark Stars

What kid doesn’t like making slime? Keep those tweens busy for hours with this cool Galaxy Slime Kit. Inside this neat kit, you’ll find a helpful guide with fun and proven recipes on how to make amazing ‘out of this world’ slimes! Go crazy with inks to make galactic colors, add some Glow In The Dark powder and stars to see your slime glow at night! Add galactic stars to your green slime or glitter flakes to your crazy space colored slime – pop them into the Star and Planet cases to keep squishy and hang in your bedroom at night! Make over 100 different Galaxy Slime combinations. Curious about how many variations of squishy slimes can be made? We know one thing for sure, you’re going to have a ton of fun finding out!

Gift ideas for 12 year old boy

KIdzlabz Mega Hydraulic Arm Robotic Science Kit

Assembling this brand new, cool Kidzlabz Mega Hydraulic Arm Robotic Science Kit will be an exciting project for your tween to assemble. They can discover and apply hydraulic power with this multi-axis robotic arm. Water is all that’s needed to make it move. This kit includes all parts needed to make the Mega Hydraulic Arm Robot and detailed instructions. Recommended for 8 years and up.

Gift ideas for 12 year old boy

Pindaloo Skill Game

This new, upgraded Pindaloo is a cool game for kids, tweens and teens. The Pindaloo is genius and simple – once you teach yourself the first step, it will be impossible to put it down. It’s the perfect skill toy for you, and the complete set will come packaged with everything you need to get your game going. At just 8.5 x 6.5 inches of the best lightweight recyclable plastic the Pindaloo can go anywhere. Indoor or outdoor, the beach, camping, the office and school for break time. Your kids will love playing with this interactive ball and tube game for hours. Without realizing it they will improve their coordination skills!

Gift ideas for 12 year old boy

JBL FLIP 5, Waterproof Portable Bluetooth Speaker

This cool, highly-reviewed speaker is perfect for your tween’s next pool party or trip to the beach. Take your tunes on the go with the powerful JBL Flip 5. Our lightweight Bluetooth speaker goes anywhere. Bad weather? Not to worry. With its waterproof design, you can rock out to our signature sound rain or shine. Move more. Pair two JBL PartyBoost-compatible speakers together for stereo sound or link multiple JBL PartyBoost-compatible speakers to create a bigger party. Enjoy more than 12 hours of play time for your favorite music. Stand it vertical or horizontal and be bold with your choice of 11 vibrant colors.

Gift ideas for 12 year old boy

Funkoverse: Jurassic Park Strategy Game

Funkoverse Games are brand new strategy games from Funko! In this fun Jurassic Park Funkoverse Game, you’ll love playing as your favorite characters from Jurassic Park. In this Funkoverse Strategy Game, you combine your favorite characters and go head-to-head in exciting game scenarios. Each turn, you select one of your characters and perform two actions. Each character has access to basic actions like moving and challenges as well as several unique abilities that may be performed only by spending ability tokens. Funkoverse uses an innovative “cooldown” system—the more powerful the ability, the longer it will take for the ability token to become available again—so players have to spend their ability tokens wisely. Each character in Funkoverse is unique, so players are encouraged to try out different combinations of characters and items in order to discover their favorite synergies and powerful strategies for the different game scenario.

Gift ideas for 12 year old boy

Spikeball Game Set

My teen neighbor and his friends can’t get enough of this Spikeball game but this would also be a fun game for active older boys. While you can play this on the lawn at home, this game would also be fun for the beach or to take camping. Spikeball is played 2 on 2 with rules that are similar to volleyball and it is intense and fast-paced! A taut Hula Hoop-sized net is placed at ankle level between a pair of two-player teams. You smack the palm-sized ball down on the net so it ricochets up at your opponents. This game will give your tweens a great workout while they are having so much fun. You can also find Spikeball at Target.

Gift ideas for 12 year old boy

Ravensburger Gravitrax Starter Set Marble Run and STEM Toy

Your tweens will love this new way to build! GraviTrax is an interactive track system where you can design and build your own marble runs. This STEM toy for boys and girls 8 and up, encourages experimenting with gravity, magnetism, and kinetics to propel your marble to the finish. With over 100 pieces and 18 different construction elements, the GraviTrax Starter Set offers everything you need to begin building your own action-packed marble run. Discover how the laws of physics affect the journey your marble takes with curves, junctions, freefalls and even a cannon. Experiment using different heights and angles to control the speed of the marble to get it to the finish. There are also lots of Gravitrax expansion sets so you can create larger runs! You can also find Gravitrax sets at Target.

Gift ideas for 12 year old boy

LEGO BrickHeadz Star Wars The Mandalorian and The Child

Mandalorian fans will love these LEGO BrickHeadz versions of The Mandalorian and the Child. Your tweens will appreciate authentic details such as The Mandalorian’s signature weapons – a blaster rifle and a blaster pistol. The Child has adjustable ears to create happy and sad expressions, and it sits in a hoverpram ‘floating’ on 4 transparent LEGO elements. A great addition to any Star Wars fan’s collection, this awesome construction toy is fun to build solo or with friends and family, and each of the buildable LEGO figures has a baseplate to create an eye-catching display.

Gift ideas for 12 year old boy

Thames and Kosmos Structural Engineering: Bridges and Skyscrapers

Tweens who love to build will go crazy over this cool Thames and Kosmos Structural Engineering Kit. Structural engineers use physics and their knowledge of the properties of building materials and geometric shapes to design structures with sufficient strength and stability. With this kit of modular building pieces, you can learn the basics of structural engineering by conducting a series of 20 model-building experiments. Each model demonstrates a basic principle of mechanical physics or structural engineering in a hands-on way. After kids build small models to demonstrate how structural elements can be attached together to maximize the strength of a structure, they can move on to building more complex models! The 44-page, full-color manual provides detailed step-by-step instructions for assembling the 20 models in the kit. After constructing each model, short experiments pose questions to get kids thinking like a structural engineer.

Gift ideas for 12 year old boy

Sphero Specdrums App-Enabled Musical Rings with Play Pad

Older kids will love this cool new way to make music. Sphero Specdrums are app-enabled music rings that make the world your instrument by turning colors into sounds. Connect to the Specdrums MIX or Edu app and tap on anything – your clothes, drawings, or the included playing pad – to create and mix sounds, beats, and loops that all play through your mobile device. Jam on your own or with friends, anytime and anywhere.More than just playing DJ, Specdrums taps into the A of STEAM learning (‘art’) through music composition. All skill levels, from curious-minded kids to seasoned musicians, can create their own masterpieces with hundreds of instruments, loops, and sounds. Express your creativity and play music in a new, open-ended way with Specdrums. Specdrums mimic the functions of digital drums, keyboards, and MIDI pads and can play an infinite number of sounds, including your own. Specdrums rings work with Bluetooth MIDI applications on your phone or desktop, letting your creativity take the wheel. Specdrums is a unique and hands-on way to strengthen computational thinking, creativity, and problem-solving skills — all proven to help kids thrive academically. Be sure you check that the device that your child is using to play Specdrums is compatible.