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700 Unique Female Dog Names for 2023

If you’re not able to find the perfect name for your pup, check out this list of an additional 700+ badass working dog names and 200+ hunting dog names!

Most Popular Girl Dog Names

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Choosing a name for your girl dog requires some creative inspiration and plenty of thought. After all, this is a name that you’ll be saying to your new puppy every day for many happy years ahead. Like human baby girl names, female dog names rise and fall in popularity. It’s unlikely you’re meeting a lot of human toddlers named Ethel at preschool today, and similarly, you probably don’t meet many female puppy dogs named Lassie at the dog park anymore.

We’ve compiled the top 100+ most popular girl dog names from American Kennel Club’s purebred registration and mixed-breed enrollment data for 2022 to help you make the best choice.

Trending Girl Dog Name Themes

Popular culture is always a trending theme for female dog names. When the movie “Frozen” came out, there was a 900 percent rise in dogs named after that cast of characters, so there were plenty of “Elsa” girl puppies for a while. Video game character names for girl dogs, like “Zelda” and “Ellie,” are always trending in and out. Names from movies, books, TV or streaming series, and music are always coming in and out of style, such as:

  • Bella (“Twilight” franchise)
  • Taylor (of pop music fame)
  • Willow, Abigail, Marjorie, Betty, Inez, Cornelia, Meredith, or August (for all the Swifties out there)
  • Leia (“Star Wars” franchise)
  • Princess (Disney universe of characters)
  • Nala (Disney)
  • Minnie (Disney)

Nature-themed girl dog names continue to be popular, with names like “Daisy” or “River.” The night sky is extremely popular, with dog names like “Luna,” “Nova,” or “Stella” all high on the list. Food- and drink-themed names are also a favorite, with female puppy names like “Ginger,” “Honey,” and “Pepper” making the list. Mythology is popular for girl dog names, too, with “Freya,” and “Athena” making appearances.

Two Finnish Lapphund puppies sitting side by side outdoors.

How to Choose a Girl Dog’s Name

It’s not all about a cute or clever name when you’re naming your girl dog. A female puppy’s name is an important part of her training and socialization. Take some advice from experts in the field:

  • Choose a name with one or two syllables. These are easiest to say and short enough to keep your girl dog’s attention.
  • Consider a female puppy name with hard consonants, which may be easier for dogs to hear than sibilant sounds, like “Gracie” or “Bailey.”
  • Try not to choose a girl puppy name that sounds similar to a command. Avoid names like “Kit,” which sounds like “sit,” or “Poe,” which sounds like “no.”
  • When a girl dog hears her name, it’s a signal that whatever is coming next is meant for her. So use her name frequently in a positive context so she doesn’t associate it with punishment or anything negative or scary.
  • Don’t name a female dog something that sounds a lot like the name of another family member. If your daughter is “Annie” and the dog is “Franny,” the dog (or your daughter) may be confused and not know when to respond.

Take a little time to get to know your new pet. Sometimes, her looks or behavior will inspire the perfect name. But, if you’re still stuck, this list of our top 100+ girl dog names may help you decide.

Most Popular Girl Dog Names

Luna Lily Lulu Zoe Harper
Bella Hazel Belle Dolly Lexi
Daisy Zoey Ember Holly Mocha
Maggie Gracie Phoebe Leia Oakley
Willow Millie Raven Lilly Riley
Lucy Honey Maple Remi Roxie
Bailey Poppy Cali Xena Scout
Rosie Sophie Freya Callie Birdie
Sadie Pepper Ginger Charlotte Maisie
Lola Chloe Princess Tilly Marley
Molly Skye Kona Cleo Mila
Ruby Olive River Dixie Quinn
Nova Annie Rose Echo Roo
Winnie Athena Cookie Gigi Blue
Nala Ivy Harley Koda Iris
Penny Lady Maya Lilo Missy
Piper Mia Abby Mabel Peaches
Coco Roxy Josie Paisley Pearl
Ellie Charlie Layla Shadow Sandy
Stella Izzy Sasha Bonnie Shelby

If you’re looking for a more original name for your girl dog and want to steer clear of popular female dog names, try out these unique dog names. (We’ve got boy dog names, too.)

700+ Unique Female Dog Names for 2023

When I chose a name for my female dog, the decision was quite easy.

She was already named Amalia by the breeder and from the day we reserved her to the day we could bring her home, I always used that name when talking to my family and friends about her.

So it became familiar and I couldn’t imagine calling her anything else.

Before that, I looked up every possible female dog name on the internet, from the most popular ones to the unique girl dog names.

It is so hard to choose the right name for your puppy as that name will probably be here to stay and you will want it to be music in your ears.

Here are some tips to consider when choosing the right female dog name in 2023:

  • It has to be easy and should consist of one to two syllables
  • It has to be a unique name for a girl which means no other family member or friend’s dog should have the same name to avoid confusion
  • It should not sound like any basic obedience command
  • You should only use it in a positive context

If you are getting a puppy, consider purchasing this complete puppy planner that will make your life so much easier in the first couple of months!

If you cannot seem to find your perfect fit, try one of our other dog name articles:

Long story short, here’s the list of 700+ female dog names:

Unique Female Dog Names

A.J. Amina
Abby Amy
Ada Angel
Addie Angelica
Addison Angie
Adelaide Anika (Annika)
Adele Anna
Adeline Annabell
Adelyn Annabelle
Adriana Annie
Agatha Anya
Aggy Applejack
Agnes Apricot
Aida April
Airabell Aria
Aja Arianna
Alexia Ariel
Alexis Ashley
Ali Asia
Alice Aspen
Allie Athena
Alma Aubree
Alyssa Aubrey
Amanda Audrey
Amari Auggie
Amber Autumn
Amelia Ava
Amelie Avery

Female, chocolate Labrador Retriever.

Babe Bitsy
Babette Blair
Babushka Blakely
Baby Blanche
Bacon Blondie
Bailey Blossom
Bambi Blue (Blu)
Basil Blueberry
Bea Bonnie
Bean Boo (Boo Boo)
Bear Boots
Beatrice Brandy
Bee Brielle
Bell (Belle) Brooklyn
Bella Brownie
Bertha Brynn
Berty Bubblegum
Bessie (Bessy) Bubbles
Betsy Buddy
Betty Buffy
Bianca Bunny
Billie Buttercup
Billie Jean Butternut
Bindi Butterscotch
Birdie Button (Buttons)
Cadence Chica
Cali Chloe (Khloe)
Callie Choco
Cameron Chocolate
Camilia Cinderella
Camille Cinnamon
Candy (Candie) Claire
Cappuccino Clara
Caramel Clarissa
Carla Clementine
Carly Cleo
Carmela Clover
Carmen Coco (Cocoa)
Carolina Cocoa
Carolyn Coconut
Casey Cookie
Cassie Copper
Cece (Cici) Cora
Cecelia Coraline
Cha-Cha Cordelia
Chaca Cotton
Chance Courtney
Chanel Cricket
Chantilly Crystal
Charlie Cuddles
Charlotte Cupcake
Cher Cutey
Cherry Cutey Honey
Cheyenne Cutie
Chi Chi
Daisy Destiny
Daisy Duke Diamond
Dakota Dido
Dallas Diva
Dana Dixie
Danica (Dani) Dolly
Daphne Dolores
Darla Dora
Darlene Dorothy
Dee Dee (Didi) Dory
Delia Dot
Delilah Dottie
Demi Duchess

Nova Scotia Duck Tolling Retriever laying on a log.

Eartha Emma
Eden Emmie (Emmy)
Edie Emmylou
Edith Enid
Effie Erin
Eleanor Esme
Electra Esmerelda
Elena Estelle
Elf Esther
Eliza Etta
Ella Eudora
Ellie Eva
Eloise Eve
Elsa Evelyn
Elsie Evie
Ember Evy
Emery Ewok
Faith Fifi
Fancy Fiona
Fannie Flo
Fantasia Foxy
Farrah Frances
Faye Frannie
Felecity Frida
Fern Fuzzy
Gabby Giselle
Gemma Gizmo
Genesis Gloria
Geneva Goldie (Goldy)
Georgia Goldilocks
Geraldine Grace
Gertrude Gracie
Gia Greta
Gidget Gretchen
Gigi Gwen
Ginger Gypsy

Pitbull surrounded by purple blossoms.

Hadley Haven
Haley Hazel
Halle Heidi
Hallie Henley
Hannah Hershey
Happy Holly
Harley Honey
Harlow Honeybear
Harper Honeybee
Harriet Hope
Ibby Isabella
Ida Isabelle (Isabell)
Imani Isadora
Indigo Isla
Inez Ivory
Ingrid Ivy
Irene Izzy
Jackie Jill (Jilly)
Jada Jinx
Jade Joan
Jamie Jojo
Jane Jolene
Janelle Jordan
Jasmine Josie
Java Journey
Jawa Joy
Jazzy Jude
Jellybean Juliet
Jemima June
Jenna June Bug
Jersey Juno
Jessie Justice
Jewel Justine

Corgi stands elevated in front of orange background.

Kahlua Kennedy
Kaia Kenya
Kali Kewpie
Kallie Kiara
Kamila Kiki
Karina Kimmie
Karla Kinley
Karma Kinsley
Kate Kira
Katie Kit
Kay Kit Kat
Kayla Kiwi
Kelly Koda
Kelsey Koko
Kendall Kona
Lacey Lizzie (Lizzy)
Lacy Lo
Lady Lois
Lady Rover Lola
Ladybug Lolita
Laika Lollipop
Laney London
Lassie Lorelai
Layla Loretta
Leela Lorraine
Leeloo Louise
Leia Love
Leisel Lovely
Lena Lucia
Leona Lucille
Leslie Lucinda
Lexi Lucky
Lexie Lucy
Lexy Lucy Lu
Liana Lula
Libby Lulu
Liberty Luna
Lila Lydia
Lilly Bell Lyla
Lily (Lilly) Lyric
Mabel May (Mae)
Mackenzie Maya
Macy Mazie
Madden Mckenna
Maddie Meadow
Madeline Megan
Madison Melina
Madonna Melody
Mae Mercy
Maeve Mia
Magdalena Mika
Maggie Mila
Mai Tai Miley
Maisie (Maisy) Millie
Makayla Mimi
Malia Minnie
Mallory Miranda
Mamba Miriam
Mamie Miss Beazley
Mandy Missy
Mango Misty
Maple Mitsy
Mara Mitzi
Margaret Mocha
Margot Molly
Marianna Moon
Marigold Mopsy
Marilyn Morgan
Marley (Marly) Mouse
Marshmallow Moxie
Martha Muffin
Mary Munchkin
Mashmallow Mya
Matilda Myra
Maude Myrtle

If you’re not able to find the perfect name for your pup, check out this list of an additional 700+ badass working dog names and 200+ hunting dog names!

Nadia Nikita
Nala Nikki
Nana Nina
Nanette Noalie
Naomi Noel
Natalie Nola
Nell Noodles
Nellie Nora
Nema Nori
Nermal Norma
Nessie Nova
Nettie Nutmeg
Octavia Olivia
Odessa Opal
Olive Oreo

Did you know that you can get dog name tags?

Very helpful in case your dog should ever go lost and a great keepsake to memorize all that time you probably spent searching for the perfect name.

Check these colorful dog tags if you want them to be more colorful.

Paige Phoebe
Paisley Phoenix
Panda Pinky
Pandora Piper
Papoose Pippa
Paris Pippi
Parker Pippy
Patches Pixie
Patsy Poet
Payton Polly
Peach(es) Pookie
Peanut Poppy
Peanut Butter Porkchop
Pearl Portia
Pebbles Precious
Pee Wee Primrose (Prim)
Peggy Princess
Penelope Priscilla
Penny Puddin
Pepper Pumpkin
Perdia Punky
Perdita Quin
Petra Quinsey
Rainbow Roma
Raven Rosalie
Reba Rose (Rosie)
Reese Rosebud
Regina Rosemary
Remy Rosie
Rey Rowan
Ridley Roxie
Rigby Roxy
Riley (Rylee) Ruby
Rio Ruffles
Ripley Rumba
Rita Ruth
River Ruthie
Rococo Rylie
Sabine Skylar
Sadie Smokey
Sadie Mae Smooches
Sage Snickers
Sally (Sallie) Snookie (Suki)
Sam Snowball
Sammie Snowflake
Sandy Snuggles
Sansa Sonya
Sasha Sookie
Sassy Sophia (Sofia)
Savannah Sophie (Sofie)
Sawyer Sorbet
Scampers Sparkle
Scarlet Sprinkles
Scooter Squat
Scout Squirt
Selena Star
Selma Starla
Serena Steffi
Serenity Stella
Shadow Storm
Shasta Sue
Sheba Sugar
Shelby Suki
Shiloh Summer
Shirley Sunny
Sienna Sunshine
Sierra Susannah
Silvia Susie
Sissy Sweet Pea
Siti Sweetie
Skittles Sydney
Skye Sylvia

Beautiful dog on the beach.

Tabitha Theodora
Taffy Tiana
Tahiti Tiara
Talia Tiger
Tallulah Tilly
Tasha Tizzy
Taylor Tootsie
Teddy (Ted) Tricky
Teegan Trixie
Tessa (Tess) Trudy
Thea (Theia) Twinkie
Theo Ursula
Valentine Viola
Valeria Violet
Velma Virginia
Venus Vivi
Vera Vivienne
Victoria Vixen
Waffles Wilma
Whitney Winifred
Whoopi Winnie
Widget Winter
Wiggles Wren
Willa Wrigley
Willow Xena
Yasmin Yumi
Yasmine Yuna
Yoko Yvonne
Zailey Zoebelle
Zara Zoey
Zeda Zola
Zelda Zuni
Zia Zuri
Ziggy Zuzu
Zoe (Zoey)

Here are some of my favorite puppy owner tools

Thanks for reading, I hope you’ve found the perfect name for your pup. If you’re interested in what I’ve been using as a puppy owner, here are a couple of simple tools to help you navigate life as a dog mom or dad. These are all products I’ve used and would recommend to my own family.

Name tag: We all hate just thinking about it… But if your pup gets lost, a stainless steel tag is not only a fancy name tag but will also help get your pup back quickly. Here’s a QR code version as a fancier version, not everybody might be able to know how to scan it though.

Playpen and/or crate: If you’re getting a new puppy, you probably need to place him or her into a playpen or crate sooner or later. While playpens are not as secure, they’re good as a safe haven or to play outdoors. Crates are great for getting your pup to sleep at night.

Puppy training treats: Every time you’re using your pup’s name for recall training, leash training, or anything else, you’ll want to pack single-ingredient dog treats. Avoid using multi-ingredient treats with unhealthy additives, just liver is what I’m mostly using for my dog (besides homemade dog treats).

Now that you have hopefully found the perfect name for your future female puppy, it’s time to make a few preparations. Head over to my puppy training section and gather as much knowledge as you can.

Furthermore, you can download my free printable puppy checklist which includes everything you need to welcome your new family member.

If you’re interested in more:

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