Birthday gifts for her

70 Best Gifts for Women to Make Her Feel the Love

With so many special occasions and holidays that take place throughout the year, it can start to feel like you’re always on the hunt for fresh gift ideas. From anniversaries to birthdays, Mother’s Day to Christmas, shopping for all the women in your life is no easy feat — especially if the woman in question is someone who already has everything she needs.

Birthday Gifts for Her: Foolproof Picks She’ll Love

Don’t miss our latest list of bestselling birthday gift ideas for women, jam-packed with unique ideas for every style and personality.

A hand modeling silver constellation rings — a unique birthday gift for her from Etsy.

When there’s a birthday for her on the horizon, you might be wondering how to choose just one of the wonderful gift ideas for women. The secret to picking out the best birthday gifts for her is to make it personal. If she loves to explore the great outdoors, something nature-inspired is sure to make her smile. If she’s precious about her alone time, she might appreciate a handcrafted decorative treasure that’ll help her perform her favorite self-care ritual. To really make an impression, pair your gift with a fun experiential evening that she’ll love. Whether it’s a paint-and-sip night, or a date night in, the extra thought you put into celebrating the occasion is sure to pull at her heart strings.

As you shop for birthday gifts for women, choose something that’s not only personal, but personalized, too. A handmade and unique birthday gift for her from a small business will always be a hit. And lucky for you, the talented creators on Etsy offer an array of thoughtful, original birthday gifts for women to suit all budgets. To get you well on your way to gift-giving success, we’ve put together a list of the best birthday gift ideas for her, with 40+ outstanding gift picks for every type of personality. Pro tip: Uou might just want to bookmark this page for future birthdays!

Creative birthday gift ideas for her artsy endeavors

If your lady friend is always making things or doing some kind of DIY, whether it’s mending clothes, upcycling furniture, or painting landscapes, these creative birthday gifts were literally made for her.

Artistic birthday gifts for women on Etsy

SHOP: (clockwise from top left) Wildflower letter writing set from tinasosna, from $8; Washed linen apron from MagicLinen, $41; Embroidery kit from Rose Stitch Art, $40; Indigo dye kit from The Love of Colour, $24; Watercolor box palette from Wooden Water Color Box, from $21

Artistic people appreciate any gift that they can put to good use—and can’t resist a fun new tool or kit that’s designed to bring out their imaginative side. When shopping for unique birthday gifts for women, remember, the ingenious lady in your life will love a gift that she can draw inspiration from, too. For a hands-on birthday gift idea for women who love to craft, a fully equipped embroidery kit or natural indigo dye set will keep her busy and happy for hours, while an on-the-go watercolor palette is perfect for spur-of-the-moment splashing around. If she’s artistic in the more literary sense, she will absolutely adore scribbling missives with a gorgeous wildflower letter writing set. Alternatively, you can also get her something practical to use while she gets her hands dirty in her artsy endeavors, like this washed linen apron that is super soft, comfortable, and comes in 15 eye-catching colors.

Unique birthday gifts for women

Never met anyone else quite like her? Then she deserves a one-on-a-kind gift that’s just as special as she is. These unique birthday gifts for her tick all the right boxes for any extraordinary individual who defies categorization.

Unique birthday gifts for her on Etsy

SHOP: (clockwise from top left) Ombre dripless tapered candles from by Michelle handmade, $16; Wobblewave 3D printed planter from Layer Space, from $19; Butterfly earrings from Luanco Studio, $48; Gold-filled nose cuff from Queen Midas Gold, $25; Mohair cardigan from Clew Store, from $98; Custom city necklace from Caitlyn Minimalist, $30

If you’re on the lookout for particularly unique birthday gifts for her, step right up to discover some truly original and jaw-dropping finds. For the whimsical, worldly woman, this custom city skyline necklace keeps the memory of her favorite metropolis close to her heart, while these beautifully detailed butterfly earrings will appeal to her free-spirited, folksy side. If you’re looking for something more edgy, try a gold-filled nose cuff—perfect for the woman who loves to play around with tattoos and piercings. Does her unique style shine through the type of home she keeps? Opt for objects as distinctive as her decor scheme, like this exquisite wobble-wave 3D printed planter (and add some blooms to really make an impression), or these ombre taper candles that not only create an artsy ambiance, but are conveniently dripless and mess-free. And for a unique birthday gift with a more personal touch, we love this cozy yet elegant mohair cardigan that she can dress up or down, depending on her mood.

Sweet self-care birthday gift ideas for women

We all appreciate a good, old-fashioned pampering every so often to help us unwind and recharge for the days ahead. Whether your friend likes to prioritize self-care (as she should!), or you think it’s high-time that she did, these birthday gifts for women will help her make time for some tender TLC.

Self-care birthday gift ideas for her on Etsy

SHOP: (clockwise from top left) Handmade bath salts from Charmed Bath Body, from $10; Hugging candle from CaiCai Handmade, from $18; Affirmation cards from Lamare, $23; Hand-poured lip balm from Heart Spring, $6; Artisan soap gift box from Natural Amor, from $13

Thoughtfully curated for maximum relaxation and mindfulness, these soothing self-care birthday gifts for women are perfect for creating a magical at-home spa-day experience. Treat her to the luxe life she deserves with these delectable handmade bath salts or artisan soaps made with hydration heroes like virgin olive oil, shea butter, coconut oil, and an array of essential oils. And for a thoughtful little extra flourish, tack on some affordable hand-poured lip balm. A cute hugging candle not only provides a calming atmosphere, but also symbolizes a big embrace from you to her. And if she could use a little reminder of just how amazing she is, then a box of affirmation cards is one of the best birthday gifts for women to start a self-care practice!

Birthday gifts for her big milestone moment

Entering into a new decade—whether it’s her 20th, 40th, 50th or beyond—deserves a grand old celebration, as does, of course, finally becoming an adult at the ripe old age of 21! These gift picks can perfectly commemorate her milestone moment—or, let’s face it, any other birthday you feel like overdoing!

Milestone birthday gifts for her on Etsy

SHOP: (clockwise from top left) Hidden message disc necklace from Lucent Studios, $29; Gemstone stackable bangles from Embers, $131; Personalized gold necklace from Soremi, from $757; Ruby gemstone jewelry set from Embers, from $59; Zodiac 925 silver ring from Kamakula, $23

Not just any gift will do when your lady is celebrating a milestone birthday—it has to be meaningful and appropriately jubilant for the occasion! A 40th birthday is celebrated with rubies, and this stunning set is sure to make her eyes sparkle. It’s also a perfect pick for anyone who has a birthday in July as rubies are the month’s official birthstone. Something gold, like a stackable gemstone bangle, makes a fitting 50th birthday gift for women, but would also be a clever pick for anyone turning 65 as this age marks the beginning of their “golden” years. This exquisite gold disc necklace elegantly conceals a secret hidden message (plus it’s also available in silver—perfect for anyone turning 25). And get ready to see her swoon, because the official 60th birthday gift for her is—drumroll—diamonds! This handmade necklace features a trio of diamond-encrusted gold hoops that can be sweetly personalized with names, dates, coordinates, and more.

Birthday gifts for women who are always the life of the party

If you can always count on her for a good time, show her how much you appreciate her magnetic, energetic vibe with these top birthday gift ideas for women who make every day more fun!

Fun birthday gift ideas for her on Etsy

SHOP: (clockwise from top left) Personalized stemless wine glass from Everly Grayce, $7; Glass cherry drop earrings from November Secret, $16; Oversized seersucker checked dress from OffOn, $135; Large initial necklace from Caitlyn Minimalist, $23; Cocktail infusion kit from Kristin’s Koncoctions, from $13; Monogrammed baseball cap from Everly Grayce, $15

Though she’s easygoing and upbeat, and is sure to appreciate any present you give her simply because it’s from you, you’ll still want to show your favorite gregarious gal that you’ve put a lot of thought into her birthday gift and chosen something you know she’ll love. For fun birthday gift ideas for women who are bubbly and outgoing, these peppy picks suit her vivaciousness to a tee. This oversized seersucker checked dress is bold and bright—just like her—as well as super comfy, and these glass cherry drop earrings are a quirky and pretty way to showcase her playful side. For a more personal touch, opt for a notice-me initial necklace that’s as big as her personality, or give her a super-cool monogrammed baseball cap so that wherever she goes, she can be her own personal cheerleader. And, of course, since she’s the life of any party—especially her own—she’ll most definitely need a personalized stemless wine glass, and a cocktail infusion kit for making delicious concoctions—and hopefully she’ll invite you over to try them!

Birthday gifts for her greenest-ever garden

In terms of birthday gifts for women, nothing makes a lady who loves her garden more giddy than nature-themed goodies she can proudly showcase—or make everyday use of. Opt for one of these birthday gift ideas for her and celebrate her status as a plant lover.

Gardening birthday gifts for her on Etsy

SHOP: (clockwise from top left) ‘You Grow Girl’ plant illustration from Esme L Designs, from $11; DIY macrame hanging planter kit from Rustic Pots and Knots, from $13; Vegetable and herb tags from Clay Hive Co, $8; Linen and canvas fabric basket from ApocaWear, from $9; Scissors and pruners gardening set from Plantheology, from $23

Your plant-loving person will hardly be able to wait staking these vegetable and herb tags or getting her hands dirty with this expertly equipped gardening set—complete with scissors, pruners, and shears. She’ll also be absolutely obsessed with this gorgeous plant illustration, which she’ll surely hang up in a sunny spot. To really thrill her—especially if she also happens to have a creative side—buy her this DIY macrame planter kit so she can make hanging pots for her beloved blooms. Still want more gift ideas for women with a green thumb? Consider potting a lovely new plant in this reversible fabric basket, which is fashioned from a sturdy combo of linen and canvas, and can be personalized with 22 different colorways and patterns, plus four sizes.

Birthday gift ideas for her next big adventure

Fully stamped passport, bulging agenda, and a tan that never has time to fade. If this sounds like a particular special lady in your life, then these travel-ready birthday gift ideas are the perfect picks to pack for her next fabulous getaway.

Adventure birthday gifts for women on Etsy

SHOP: (clockwise from top left) Leather blanket roll straps from Haversack, $124; Scenic forest landscape print from Danger Dust, from $38; Personalized 18-ounce glass from Wilde Nomad, from $15 Tree of life T-shirt from Scatterbrain Tees, from $21; Personalized leather key fob from HORD, from $27

When you’ve finally managed to track her down—no doubt in between back-to-back escapades—for long enough to give her a birthday present, make sure it’s something that suits all that glorious globetrotting, and watch her face light up with glee! Naturally, our favorite birthday gift ideas for women on-the-go must make wonderful travel companions, too. For delightful day trips, these leather straps are ideal for toting blankets to beaches and picnics, while this personalized leather keyfob is a great way for her to keep a little bit of you with her at all times, even if she’s on the other side of the planet. If she’s the outdoorsy type, she’ll be proud to sport this hand-illustrated tree of life tee, and she’ll love gazing longingly at this scenic forest landscape print while she’s home in between excursions. And don’t be surprised when this 18-ounce beer glass, customized with her name, a phrase of your choosing, and a picturesque mountainous scene, becomes her new go-to drinking vessel for celebrating another summit.

Birthday gifts for women who are happy homebodies

While we absolutely adore the outgoing, outdoorsy women in our lives, we can’t deny the special charm of our more introverted loved ones who would rather spend their evenings at home—in their sanctuary—reading, cooking, or doing some kind of relaxing craft. These birthday gift ideas say, “I wouldn’t want you any other way.”

Homebody birthday gifts for her on Etsy

SHOP: (clockwise from top left) Personalized handwritten recipe cutting board from Morning Joy Co., from $56; Custom pet hand-embroidered sweatshirt from Vyshyto, from $47; Animal throw pillow cover from Nabis Fabric, from $32; Natural linen scarf from Linen Bloom, from $32; Personalized best friends line drawing from Custom Art N Craft, from $12

A truly great homebody birthday gift idea for her will be anything she can use at home to cultivate coziness. Whenever she’s missing her grandma’s home-cooked meals, this personalized cutting board—engraved with a handwritten family recipe—will whip up lots of meaningful memories (just be prepared for a few tears). Meanwhile, thrown over her shoulders, this large natural linen scarf will keep her nice and snug as she settles in with a good book, and also doubles as a cuddly couch throw should she fall asleep. Other meaningful birthday gift ideas for her home might include plush throw pillows perfect for luxurious napping or, personalized artwork featuring the two of you together. Alternatively, if she has a pet, then this custom-embroidered sweatshirt showcasing her favorite furry friend is a brilliant bet.

Romantic birthday gift ideas to melt her heart

Since there are only so many love songs, rom-coms, and chick lit novels you can buy her, these unique-yet-fittingly sweet birthday gift ideas are perfect for any self-professed hopeless romantic in your life.

Romantic birthday gifts for her on Etsy

SHOP: (clockwise from top left) Upcycled spoon floral heart necklace from Freckled Heart, from $27; Crystal suncatcher from Mugh Design, $14; Wooden geometric patchwork heart card from Hereafter, from $15; Box of date night idea cards from A Year of Dates, from $39; Macrame daisy keychain from Tied Knots by Kay, $11

Whether she’s your wife, girlfriend, or simply a loved one who’s a sucker for anything aww-inducing, when it comes to choosing the right romantic birthday gift idea for her, it should satisfy her saccharine side to really make an impression. A great place to start? This prismatic crystal suncatcher and vintage silver heart necklace crafted from a spoon from the ‘40s, which are romance personified. A macrame daisy keychain makes a cute, affordable choice bursting with charming boho-chic vibes. And for a wife or girlfriend, nothing can be more valuable than getting to spend more time with you, so this box of date night ideas is bound to make her swoon. The ultimate sentimental birthday gift idea for her? A wooden heart card where you can scribble down every sweet something you’ve ever wanted to say to her.

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70 Best Gifts for Women to Make Her Feel the Love

No matter her age or the occasion, treat her to something extra thoughtful.

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With so many special occasions and holidays that take place throughout the year, it can start to feel like you’re always on the hunt for fresh gift ideas. From anniversaries to birthdays, Mother’s Day to Christmas, shopping for all the women in your life is no easy feat — especially if the woman in question is someone who already has everything she needs.

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And because we’re big believers in staying on budget here at GH, we’ve made sure that there are plenty of affordable picks on this list too, including lots of gifts under $20 (you’re welcome to splurge on a custom birthdate necklace, though). From sentimental personalized items to practical, everyday gadgets, we’re certain you’ll find something here that she’ll be thrilled to open. But if you’re looking for even more great gift ideas for her, check out our guides to the best gifts for women in their 20s, women into their 30s and even women celebrating the big 6-0!