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The Best Head Shavers for Bald Men Make for Smooth Sailing

With all that in mind, here’s our rundown of the best head shavers to buy in 2023. Oh, and if you’re after other grooming gear, feel free to check out our round-up of the best electric shavers, best beard trimmers, and best body hair trimmers too.

The best head shavers for a smooth, sleek bonce

Some men are not as follicley blessed as others. Some opt for the smooth, hairless approach out of choice, but regardless of the situation, we respect our bald-headed brethren, and think you deserve a device that’s going to keep that shiny bonce perfectly hair free and clean. And before you start waxing lyrical about the merits of shaving with a manual razor, the best bald head shavers are purpose-built to achieve Guardiola-status shaves, and we swear by them.

Available in wet and/or dry variants, they can make shaving your head an absolute breeze, while reducing irritation in the process. The best part, though, is the fact that they’re designed for easy solo use, which means you’ll never have to rely on someone else to cover trickier areas like the back of your head, keeping costs and frustrations low. And talking of costs, considering the Black Friday and Cyber Monday offers are landing across the internet as we speak, now is the best time to level up your bonce shaving for considerably less.

With all that in mind, here’s our rundown of the best head shavers to buy in 2023. Oh, and if you’re after other grooming gear, feel free to check out our round-up of the best electric shavers, best beard trimmers, and best body hair trimmers too.

What’s the best head shaver in 2023?

Best head shaver

The RX7 combines top-notch performance for a reasonable price, from a well-known manufacturer, making it the best choice for most people.

Best head shaver

With eight (yes, eight) rotary blades, this head shaver will soon make quick work covering your entire head, with a plethora of extra accessories thrown in for good measure. Superb bang for your buck.

Best head shaver

Remington Quickcut Pro

The Quickcut Pro is an absolute godsend for those who leave a bit too much time in between head-shaving sessions. With no guard, these clippers can trim your entire head hair down to a few millimetres in minutes, letting you enjoy a faster, smoother shave with your dedicated electric head shaver. A must-have accessory for those who don’t have the discipline or time to shave their head every few days.

  • Best overall head shaver: Remington RX7, £75, at
  • Best premium head shaver: Skull Shaver Pitbull Platinum PRO, £219. At
  • Best budget head shaver: Snowtaros, £46.99, at
  • Best beard and head shaver: Braun Series 9 Pro, £539 £310, at
  • Best prep head shaver: Remington Quickcut Pro, £59, at

What is the Black Friday sale 2023?

Regardless of your follicle blessings, you’ll likely want to invest in your grooming arsenal right now, as the Black Friday sale has finally arrived to rescue your bank balance from being depleted. The gigantic autumn shopping event is packed full of deals, offers and discounts on all your grooming needs, be that beard trimmers or moisturisers, but also on anything else, like kitchen appliances, mattresses and 4K TVs.

It’s serendipitous timing, given that many of the below head shavers are reasonably pricey, so if you’ve had your eye on something and not quite been ready to commit or you’re hinting to a loved one that it would absolutely be the perfect gift for Christmas this year, then now is the time to buy.

Almost every major retailer takes part in Black Friday at this point, with the likes of Amazon, Boots, John Lewis, Superdrug and almost any other brand worth mentioning in the grooming arena will be dropping prices throughout November, so all you need to do is head over to the retailer of choice and hit the buy button on a bargain.

When is the Black Friday sale 2023?

Black Friday itself is technically just the final Friday of the month, the 24th of November. In its infancy, the Black Friday sale would be a single weekend of offers that finished at midnight on the following Monday, termed Cyber Monday, but we’ve evolved way beyond that these days. In fact, the sale has blown out to include pretty much the entirety of November, so keep this page tabbed, sign up to our newsletter and start paying serious attention to your inbox because you’re about to be inundated with offers for the next 30 days.

How we test the best head shavers

Where possible, our team of grooming experts include head shavers that we’ve personally tried ourselves. We’ve used everything from budget models to premium devices from the likes of Braun and Remington, taking into consideration their ergonomics, ease of use, functionality, and features. Elsewhere, we look at a combination of reviews, specs, and standout features like USB charging and more, combined with years of grooming expertise to help select the best products.

Electric head shavers vs razor blades

Nothing beats the close shave of a traditional or disposable razor. Their biggest downside though (apart from the extra time the lathering ritual and cleanup demands), is the fact that they can be quite intimidating, especially to novices. Taking a razor directly to your bonce is a rather daunting prospect, especially when you’re dealing with the back of your head and tricky areas around the ears. Given how long cuts can take to stop bleeding, it’s far from the most practical option.

Electric shavers, on the other hand, have a much lower chance of nicks and cuts, due to the nature of their built-in blade guards. They can normally be used wet and dry, letting you use foam and other products to help reduce irritation, and provide a faster shaving experience for most people to boot. They might result in stubble growing back a day or two earlier, but that’s a fair tradeoff for sheer convenience.

What’s the difference between electric shavers and head shavers?

Electric shavers designed for your face and electric head shavers are, in essence very similar. In most cases, the key difference lies in their ergonomics. Face shavers tend to be elongated, providing a handle-like grip to easily follow the contours of your face and jawline. Head shavers, on the other hand, are often much shorter and wider, letting you more easily hold them in your palm for a more comfortable experience. The majority of dedicated head shavers also tend to use rotary blades, of which there are many. We’ve seen some with as many as eight blades, for maximum coverage and the fastest shave possible.

That’s not to say you can’t use any face shavers on your head, mind. In fact, we’ve had success shaving our heads with all manner of electric shavers from the likes of Braun and Philips. But there’s no denying the superior ergonomics of a dedicated palm-held head shaver either.

How to shave your head with an electric head shaver

Before you shave your head, you’ll want to ensure that your hair is properly prepped. Anything longer than a few millimetres will make for a more difficult and irritable shaving experience, so you’ll want to prep properly.

The Best Head Shavers for Bald Men Make for Smooth Sailing

Whether you go electric or razor, smooth or stubbly, we’ve found the best shavers for a perfectly bald head.

The 10 Best Head Shavers for Bald Heads in 2023

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Whether you’re joining the chromedome elite out of genetic necessity, aerodynamics, or curiosity, getting the best head shaver (or razor) is your first step to smooth satisfaction. There are so few ways to approach shaving your head that the device you choose kinda defines the experience—and the result. How do you want to look: stubbly or dolphin-sleek? What kind of hair density, strand thickness, and curl pattern are you working with? How sensitive is your scalp’s skin? How much time do you have in the morning? (And do you really just want a set of clippers? In which case, we’ve got the best hair clippers over here.)

Point is: finding the right head shaver requires more than just grabbing whatever’s cheapest when you search “head shavers” on Amazon. Below, we’ll break down what you should consider before you add to cart. Then we’ll make sure you get the right gear, whether you’re chasing the barely-there stubble of Jason Statham or the flawlessly shiny dome of vintage Air Jordan.

The Best Bald Shavers, at a Glance

  • The Best Electric Shaver (and Best Overall):Remington Balder Pro Head Shaver, $60
  • The Best Face + Head Shaver:Philips Norelco S9000 Prestige, $290
  • The Best Foil Shaver:Bevel Electric Foil Shaver, $110
  • Best Grooming Shaver:Braun Series 9 13-in-1 Grooming Device, $130
  • The Best Razor Overall:HeadBlade Moto Razor, $15
  • The Best Cartridge Razor:Gillette Fusion ProGlide razor kit, $20
  • The Best Safety Razor:Tatara Masamune razor, $187

What to Consider When Buying a Head Shaver

We know there are plenty of variables to consider when you’re buying new gear of any kind, and the best bald shaver is no different. You’re looking at price, brand name, quality, and ease of use—all the same factors we’re considering when testing and selecting our favorite hardware for shaving your head. But the biggest decision may also be the easiest. And it’ll start you in the right direction.

When it comes to head shavers, you’ve got two sides to choose from: a manual razor-based shaver, or an electric shaver. Within our picks we’ve got plenty of options for both sides. But both categories of bald shaver have their strengths and weaknesses—and they tend to inform or align with your goals for getting the bald head of your hopes and dreams.

They come in the same three basic flavors: foil shavers (the ones with the straight-across trimming heads), rotary shavers (the ones with circular heads), and multi-tasking flat-bladed groomers (like you’d use on a beard). Some of these are multi-tools built to go from hairline to jawline (and even farther south), while others are scalp-specific.

Truth be told, we think every man with a DIY-done bald head should have an electric razor on hand, even if you go the razor blade route. It’s a safety net for when you need a super-fast shave, or your scalp starts acting up.