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54 Meaningful Best Friend Gifts She ll Love, Even if She Has Everything

A thoughtful present will show your bestie just how much you care.

50 Unique Gift Ideas to Treat Your Best Friend

A thoughtful present will show your bestie just how much you care.

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You know who they are: the Gayle to your Oprah, the peanut butter to your jelly, your best friend in the whole world. If you’ve been lucky enough to be blessed with a bestie who’s always, always there for you—through the highs and lows, late-night and early-morning phone calls, and life’s moments big and small—you should be showing your love in every way possible.

There are plenty of non-material ways to show that love, like sharing sweet quotes, but gifts are pretty much always appreciated, too. Whether you’re celebrating your best friend because it’s their birthday, your BFF anniversary, a holiday, or just because you want to say I love you, we’ve got your back here.

Below is a list of unique—but all equally incredible—gifts to give your best friend. Each is just as special as your tried-and-true bestie, whether they’re a foodie, cozy gal, or book enthusiast. Seriously, these are some extra-special gift ideas—you may be tempted to grab some items for yourself, too. That’s encouraged, and in some cases (read: the sweet matching friendship bracelets), it’s actually necessary. And by the way: These gifts work for whoever your bestie is—childhood BFF, work best friend, and even your mom.

Ahead, we’ve curated a list of the most unique gifts for your best friend—including affordable Amazon options and handcrafted finds. Of course, we’ve also included suggestions from Oprah, who knows a thing or two about picking perfect presents. You’ll definitely want to shower your friend with a few of these—good luck picking just one!

54 Meaningful Best Friend Gifts She’ll Love, Even if She Has Everything

Show just how much you care with these unique and touching gifts.

best friend gifts

Your best friend has always been there for you. She’s given much-needed advice, celebrated your accomplishments as her own and supported you at times when you just wanted to burst into tears. And let’s not forget all of the beautiful memories you created together! With all that she’s done, it might feel overwhelming to find a gift to show how much she means to you. To help you out, we’ve rounded up the most unique best friend gifts out there so you can tell her just how important she is, even if you’re not good at expressing your love.

Our list has a present for every kind of best friend: the long-distance pal you’re always missing, your childhood friend who is more like your sister and your work BFF who helps you through each day. Whether you’re shopping for a sentimental gift idea or a Galentine’s Day party, these touching gift ideas have you covered. They’ll even work for the woman who has everything!

If you’re trying to stay on budget, we’ve included a ton of affordable options, like some of the best gift ideas under $20 and memorable finds for less than $10. We’re sure you’ll find a meaningful present on our list.