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The Best 90s Trends That Are Here to Stay

Baggy jeans were brought to us in the ’90s, but the 2023 version is a bit more updated. Wide-legs, cargo pants-style pockets, and distressed details are just some of the ways the baggy jeans of 2023 set themselves apart from their vintage forebearers.

All of the ’90s Fashion Trends That Have (and Haven’t) Made a Comeback

The resurgence of ’90s fashion has resulted in a truly mixed bag of emotions. While the ’90s can be credited with providing us with now-favorable slip dresses and kitten heels, there’s also a raft of trends we’d like to keep in the past. After reaching out to the rest of the Who What Wear team, we reminisced about all the pieces we used to be so proud to own but can’t imagine ever wearing again (we think), as well as the celebrity looks we’d happily revisit time and again.

Just when you think all of the possible forgotten looks from the 1990s have remained hidden, along comes another one. How much do you want a really ridiculously small right now? And how much better would it be if it had tiny handles and was rendered in silk-satin (see Kate Beckinsale below)? Or what about those ’90s Kate Moss images you come back to time and again for inspiration on what to wear on a night out? We’ve recently rediscovered a love for old-school SJP and combat trousers, too. The revivals are coming in thick and fast, people. Thick and fast.

Keep scrolling for our guide to the ’90s fashion items, trends, and combinations we wore to death and then forgot about until now.

1. Animal-Print Dresses

Style Notes: From the midi length to the snakeskin fabric, we can totally imagine this Cindy Crawford dress being worn by someone on Instagram this season. It might’ve had a bit of a dip in the intervening years, but animal print is officially cool again.

The Best ’90s Trends That Are Here to Stay

Gwyneth Paltrow and Olivia Rodrigo are both seen wearing '90s trends including sheer, long dresses on the red carpet.

Fashion is cyclical, but the return to some eras get us more hyped than others. Y2K fashion, for example, has its hits and misses. The ’90s, however, is a decade we can mostly get behind, three decades later. ’90s fashion trends, from footwear to accessories, have some serious staying power, popping up again and again on red carpets and street style stars alike.

The 13 ’90s fashion trends ahead aren’t going anywhere — and for good reason. Many of them work seamlessly across aesthetics, so you can invest in a piece you can keep wearing for years to come. In short, ’90s fashion trends just keep getting better with time, so do yourself a favor and indulge in some fashion throwback inspo.


Emilie Joseph wears a 90s fashion trend, overalls.

Overalls never really left — recent iterations include pastel tweed and slouchy loungewear versions — but the ’90s were all about denim overalls, slightly baggy, and with one shoulder undone. Wear it over a denim shirt for a luxe Canadian Tux moment or a graphic tee for a more casual vibe.
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Bike Shorts

A woman wears bike shorts, a 90s fashion trend.

In the ’80s, bike shorts were relegated to aerobics videos, but Princess Diana, global icon for all things, fashion obviously included, changed all that. Diana’s oversized, casual top and bike shorts combo can frequently be seen on celebs like Hailey Bieber. There’s really no wrong way to style bike shorts, but we recommend going with a chunky boot or sandal to create some visual contrast.

Baggy Jeans

Kim Kardashian wears baggy jeans, a '90s fashion trend.

Baggy jeans were brought to us in the ’90s, but the 2023 version is a bit more updated. Wide-legs, cargo pants-style pockets, and distressed details are just some of the ways the baggy jeans of 2023 set themselves apart from their vintage forebearers.

Cargo Pants

Justine Skye wears cargo pants, a '90s fashion trend

Cargo pants have been making a comeback thanks to dedicated fashion girlies who love an OOTD that doesn’t cut off the circulation to their legs. You can keep things casual with khaki or go for a bolder textile with texture or print. Whatever you choose, just add your favorite crop top and get going.
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Slip Dresses

Kara Royster wears a slip dress, a '90s fashion trend.

Equal parts sultry and effortless with a dash of rock n’ roll energy thrown in courtesy of Courtney Love’s Hole-era looks, the slip dress iconically celebrated the divine feminine starting in the ’90s. While its modern take is a fave for more minimalist fashionistas, there are plenty of ways to amp up this retro wardrobe staple like adding combat boots, eye-catching accessories, or a hardware-studded leather jacket.
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Illusion Mesh

Precious Lee wears illusion mesh, a '90s fashion trend

The late Thierry Mugler gave the decade (and the years following) a ton of iconic, timeless looks — there’s even more than one on this list alone — and his brand’s latest collab with H&M (available on May 11) proves that his aesthetic will always be coveted throughout the ages. Illusion mesh, whether worn as a top, a gown, or a full-on catsuit, is known for hugging curves and accentuating the body’s natural shape.
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Denise Rosenthal wears a choker necklace, a '90s fashion trend.

’90s, thy name is “stretchy chokers.” It’s great to see the erstwhile It accessory back in full force, especially because one (or more!) of these bad boys is a fast and easy way to add a bit of whimsy to a ‘fit without having to stress over matching metals.

Chunky Platforms

Tina Leung wears chunky platforms sandals, a '90s fashion trend.

Platform shoes were everywhere in the ’90s, from Mary Janes to stacked heels to strappy sandals. The chunky platform reigns supreme even now, as it’s a statement shoe that isn’t difficult to wear (so long as you don’t creep up to Spice Girls heights).
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Flare Jeans

A model wears flare jeans, a '90s fashion trend

Flare jeans hit a happy medium between the more divisive denim styles. They can be high-waisted or low-rise, baggy throughout or more fitted, and they can be dressed way up or way down. For a casual look, we recommend pairing flares with platform boots or sneakers. For a more elevated vibe, rock them with booties or stilettos.
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Corset Tops

Mia Kong wears a corset top, a '90s fashion trend.

Mugler has been snatching waists for decades, and was one designer who brought corsets to the runway in the ’90s. More structural and angular than the corset tops of Gen Z, ’90s and ’90s-inspired corsets are also longer — making them a great choice for layering over everything from an oversized T-shirt to a maxi skirt.
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Long Denim Skirts

A woman wears a long denim skirt, a '90s fashion trend

As Dua Lipa has shown us time and time again, you don’t need to be wearing a denim micro-mini to pull off a high-fashion jean skirt look. The denim maxi was a staple in the ’90s, but spent the aughts being considered on the more mature side of the fashion spectrum. Happily, the latest jean skirt trends are proving that long denim skirts never really went out of style.
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Halter Tops

Heart Evangelista wears a halter top, a '90s trend.

Back in the day, you couldn’t watch TRL without seeing a music video starring a pop icon in a halter top. These days, halter tops are a bit edgier, but also more luxe. Pro tip: Pair a sumptuous halter top in silk or satin with another ’90s staple: baggy cargo pants.

Jelly Shoes

A model wears a pair of high-heeled jelly sandals, a '90s fashion trend.

Most Millennials remember jelly shoes – jellies, if you’re nasty — fondly from their years on the playground. Those flat sandals are a world away from the jellies that rose to prominence on runways in 2019. High-heeled jellies aren’t the only fresh modern take. Most recently, flatform jellies are combining a modern refresh with comfortable arch support for a look that’s totally ’90s and totally comfy.
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