13 year old boy gifts

30 Gifts for 13-Year-Old Boys They’ll Actually Use

Bouncing ball you can spin on your fingertips – fun fidgety craze!

Gifts for 13 Year Old Boys

We have a best gifts for 13 year old boys. Their first birthday as a teenager is important, so make sure you mark it with a really cool gift. Tried, tested, and rated as cool by our elves, we have our stock in the US for fast delivery. Don’t forget to add wrapping paper and a card at checkout if you are sending direct!

Spinning Glitter Ball – Color Changing Mood Light

Projects swirling glitter in a rainbow of colors – mesmerizing style!

This or That – 200 Quirky Questions

Fun game of 50/50 answers, which weighs more, turkey or velociraptor?

Einstein’s Freedom – Lock Puzzle

Shift the pieces to open the lock – puzzle to challenge the brain!

Scoot Drone – Control with your Hand!

Easy to fly and perform 360 stunts with infrared sensors – indoor drone.

365 Optical Illusions – Wow your Eyes!

Deceptive eye-boggling images and brain-twisting visual tricks.

Fifty Greatest Card Tricks – Marvin’s Magic

Learn how to do impressive card tricks and seem incredibly clever!

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Birthday Cake

Matchstick Puzzles – 50 Logic Challenges

Test yourself with intriguing challenges, riddles and brain teasers.

Zzzopa Spinning Soccer Ball – Bounce it, Spin It, Fidget!

Bouncing ball you can spin on your fingertips – soccer fidget spinner!

Einstein’s Number Puzzle – How Smart are You?

Sudoku-like wooden puzzle to test the brain – smart as Einstein?

The Upside Down Challenge – Very Funny!

Hilarious challenges wearing goggles that turn everything upside down.

Sonic Booma Sports Boomerang – Returns Every Time!

Awesome boomerang with whistling wings and 60′ flight range.

Pac-Man – Handheld Classic Game

Officially licensed, portable 3.5″ version of the famous arcade game.

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Super Bendy Light – Strike a Pose!

Fun light with bendy poseable legs to grab, cling and attach anywhere!

Happy Birthday Oreo Box – Belgian Chocolate

Delicious Belgian chocolate covered Oreo Cookies – three wishes!

Magnetic Sculpture – Desktop Fun!

Create unique custom magnetic sculptures and designs to display – woah!

Smart Soccer Ball – Counts Juggles Aloud for You!

Interactive Soccer ball with lights and sounds that counts your tricks.

Big Bang to Present Day – Giant History Wallbook

Fully illustrated and folds out to display in 7.5′ timeline.

Little Pack of Optical Illusions – 50 Cards

Selection of mind-bending visual tricks to baffle your brain – wow!

BrainBolt – Fast Light-Up Memory Game

Can you think quick and remember the sequence of lights correctly?

Game Controller – Milk Chocolate, Take a Break!

Safe to interrupt gaming with this choccy treat!

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Action Camera – Waterproof 4K WiFi

Compact mountable HD video camera with tripod, memory card and WiFi.

Brain Ache – Guess the Catchphrase

Fast-paced and fun, guess tricky words and phrases from clever doodles!

Liar! Liar! – Pants on Fire!

Which is the lie in a set of wacky facts – who’s telling whoppers?!

Three Player Chess – Hexagonal Board

Unique wooden chess set for three players at once – how good are you?

Tetris – Handheld Game with Original Sounds

Officially licensed, portable 3.5″ version of the famous arcade game.

Jellyfish Lamp – Color Changing Mood Light

Amazingly lifelike jellyfish move around as the light changes color.

Zorbi Magic Flying Saucer – Incredible Illusion

Cool 3″ disc with LEDs seems to hover in mid-air – just like magic!

Gross Factopia – 400 Fun Foul Facts!

From crocodile poo as make-up to the longest fingernails ever – gross!

IQ Puzzler Pro – 2D and 3D Brain Teaser

Over 100 multi-level challenges from easy to expert – brilliant fun.

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Puzzle a Day – Professor Puzzle IQ

Collection of 365 brain teasers, puzzles and riddles – test your mind!

LED Light Up Gloves – Age 14+

Awesome LED gloves with 6 colorful light modes – light up the night!

V8 Model Engine – Engineer Your Own

Hands-on experience of how a real engine works with 270 piece kit.

Underwater Metal Detector – National Geographic

Detect precious metals – flashing LED lights and waterproof to 32 feet!

Slam Dunk Zzzopa Ball – Spin it, Bounce it, Throw it, Fidget!

Bouncing ball you can spin on your fingertips – the new fidgety craze!

Chocolate Phone – Smart and Tasty!

Delicious 4.5″ chocolate treat – for the mobile phone fanatic.

Waboba LED Flyer – Lights Up on Impact!

How long can you keep this feathered Flyer off the ground?

iMagic – Virtual Reality Phone Magic

Perform amazing tricks on your phone with App – smart magic!

Factopia – 400 Crazily Connected Facts

Incredible fun facts from panda poo to outer space – mind-boggling!

Flashing Blue LED Baseball Cap

Lights up or flashes in funky electric blue – the coolest of caps.

Waboba Wingman – Flying Silicone Disc

Flies straight over 40 yards – then fold up and fit in your pocket!

Waboba Big Kahuna Ball – Bounces on Water!

Amazing 3” ball that actually bounces on water – great for pools!

Lawn Darts – Glow in the Dark

Brilliant version of the classic game with 9” glow in the dark darts!

Interactive Glow T-Shirt – Black age 12-14

Draw on the glow in the dark canvas panel with UV light – Stand out!

Beat That! – Battle of Wacky Challenges

Complete 160 challenges with cups, balls and random objects – bonkers!

Dynamic Coins – Now You See Them!

Intriguing tricks with coins that appear, disappear and even shrink!

Upshot Smart Bow – Virtual Reality Game

Augmented reality game hunting targets on your iPhone- bow action!

Fun Tape Measure – Filled with Silly Facts

Shows the size of the largest diamond to how high a pig can jump!

IQ Circuit – 120 Challenges

From Easy to Expert, can you connect the dots to complete the circuit?

Make a Flinger Bot – 78 Piece Set

Create an awesome wooden catapult with gears and propeller – cool!

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Zombie Brains – Bath Bombs to Die For!

Fizzing, fragrant bath bombs with a brainy twist – for zombie fans!

Pac-Man Puzzles – 100 Classic Challenges

Fun visual puzzles with 10 levels of difficulty to test your brain.

MindTrap Game – Riddles, Brain-Teasers and More!

Awesome 2-player card game packed with puzzles – a real brain workout!

Mega Bounce H2O – Water Bouncing Ball

Awesome 2.75″ ball smoothly bounces and skips on water – poolside fun!

Frilled Lizard – Build your own Robot Pet

Amazing interactive robot kit with Artificial Intelligence – Frilling!

Phone Escape Room – Crack the Code

An Escape Room game for your phone – work together to solve the clues.

Illusion Cubes – 120 Fun 3D Challenges

Crazy optical illusion puzzles to baffle your brain and wow your eyes!

Klask – Magnetic Wooden Game of Skill

Award-winning, fast paced 2 player game – simple and exciting!

Space Lava Lamp – NASA 17” Rocket Ship

Glowing red lava weaves and flows through a cool blue – awesome!

Lemelia Mood Light – Color Changing

Stylish design wooden 2.5″ light with 7 vibrant colors – Touch Control

Deluxe Box of Tricks – Marvin’s Magic

Unique, special limited edition set for the serious magician.

Eric The Memo Elephant

Never forget again with this adorable 5 in dry-erase elephant – cool!

Spinning Zzzopa Ball – Bounce it, Spin It, Fidget!

Bouncing ball you can spin on your fingertips – fun fidgety craze!

Cordless Lightbulb – A Bright idea!

Clever rechargeable light, cool to touch, adding style and ambience.

Birthday Cake Pretzels – Covered in Chocolate

Great for a birthday – or any other occasion!

16 x 32 Binoculars – National Geographic

Top quality, robust set with 16x magnification – for the adventurer.

PAC-MAN Waffle Maker – Tasty Treats

Make Pac-Man shaped waffles and start your day with a smile!

Tetris Waffle Maker – Tasty Treats

Make tasty Tetris shaped waffles – delicious gamer treat!

Gamer Lap Desk – Play in Comfort!

Cool wooden lap desk with a soft comfy cushion to play on – game on!

Superhero Tablet Pillow – Keep Hands Free!

Cool hands-free holder for your phone, tablet and devices – wow!

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Zensu – Game of Stealth and Strategy

Outwit your opponent and steal their pieces in this fun 2-player game!

IQ Mini – Fun Logic Challenges

Brilliant pocket-sized single player game – there’s always a solution!

Magnetic Levitator – Defies Gravity!

Levitator floats in the air and spins when touched – so intriguing!

Illuminated Sand Art – Color Changing

Glass frame with shifting sand and an illuminated base – mesmerizing.

Color Changing Nebula Mood Light

Stylish mood light changes color with swirling effects – mesmerizing.

Disco Bath Light – Color Changing

Awesome 3.5″ disco light for the bath – turn tub time into party time!

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Frequently Asked Questions

What are the best birthday gifts for a 13 year old boy?

As he is finally a teen, gifts should reflect this with tech gadgets, games that can be played with friends, and things that can be used for showing off high up on the ‘desirable’ list. We have selected the best ‘cool factor’ products available for these new teens and ensured they are great fun too. Gift the best gift possible with the confidence Wicked Uncle gives you!

What’s the average height for a 13 year old boy?

The average height for a thirteen year old boy is around 5 ft 1.5 inches. It’s important to bare in mind that children’s heights can vary a lot plus they go through stages of growth spurts. Why not get a height chart and keep track of them as they grow – or even use the door frame?

Looking for a gift for a teen who is too cool for school? We actually test our gifts and make sure they are the coolest gadgets, games, science kits, magic tricks and more. With so much effort put in on our side into ensuring these gifts will be a hit, you can be assured anything you get from Wicked Uncle will make you the coolest gift giver EVER!

Let’s get one thing straight: 13 year olds are intimidating. Teenage boys are tall and fuelled by testosterone. so how are you supposed to find an awesome gift for them? Easy – leave it to us.

We understand young teenagers. We know 13 year old boys are going through some big life changes, and it’s not easy. Their voices are dropping, they’re worried about acne, and every emotion is felt on a level not seen since Game Of Thrones.

Fortunately, as an adult gift-giver, you’re older and wiser. You’ve been through your teen years and survived! (And you even did it without Fortnite.) Unfortunately, they’re never going to ask for your help. Young teens are becoming independent young adults, and they want to have “”their say”” over their bedroom, their fashion choices, and their friends. Cool gifts that allow them to express their individuality, like funky room accessories or funny gadgets, will always be a hit.

It can also be awkward to try and make conversation with a 13 year old boy. But show an interest in his school life and his friends. Respect his opinions, thoughts, and feelings, and you’ll get respect in turn. (We hope.)
Remember: being 13 is hard, so treat 13 year old boys with kindness. You’re already grown up. and they still have to deal with high school!

30 Gifts for 13-Year-Old Boys They’ll Actually Use

boys playing with toy wheels

If you’ve ever shopped for a 13-year-old boy, you know it can take some extra time to find a gift that’s not lame and is something they’ll actually enjoy. No longer a tween but not yet an adult, teenage boys aren’t always the first to be chatty about what they want for the holidays, their bar mitzvah, or even middle school graduation. So what do you get for the 13-year-old boy whose hobbies and interests are still changing day-to-day?

To make shopping simple, we’ve rounded up the best gift ideas for the 13-year-old boy on your list. Whether they’re into video games, sports, art, STEM, or a combination of them all (or none of them), we found a present that your teen will actually enjoy. If you’re really at a loss for what he likes, you can’t go wrong upgrading something he currently has for the newest model, like headphones, sports equipment, or a gaming console. But if you’re looking to get him something new or different, we rounded up the most popular gifts for your 13-year-old based on his interests, the top-selling items for teens we’re seeing online, and the most viral gifts on TikTok.

You just might find these gifts for 13-year-old boys will even elicit some excitement out of Mr. Too-Cool-For-School.

KOMBOID Ball Bouncing Skill Game for Teenagers and Adults

Ball Bouncing Skill Game for Teenagers and Adults

KOMBOID Ball Bouncing Skill Game for Teenagers and Adults

For the teen who likes to keep to himself, this game is designed to be played solo (but can also be enjoyed with friends). Put your hand-eye coordination to the test by bouncing the ball against different sides of the cube at varying angles to achieve repeating pattern combos.

If he loves a challenge and getting competitive, even against himself, this is the gift for him.