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Write Great Advertisements

Writing a great advertisement will help engage the right person and present a positive image of your organisation. It isn’t about being super creative and clever, just about providing a clear and engaging message that tells the target audience why the job is a great one for them.

1. Know the job role: not just the PD but what the job is like day to day – particularly the rewarding parts.
2. Know your target: see ‘build and utilise a clear picture of the employee/s you seek to engage
3. Know your selling point: there may be lots of great things about the role but focus on one or two and the main headline or ‘hook’
4. Writing the advertisement:

  • Put yourself in your target audience’s shoes. Think about the elements that will interest them most in the role.
  • Keep it short and impactful – stick to the main ‘hooks’ and important points about the role. Use short, simple sentences and avoid dot points – they use up valuable space and are unfriendly to read.
  • Write it in your organisation’s ‘voice’ – be yourself. If you aren’t a formal organisation, don’t use formal language. Use ‘you’ rather than things like ‘the applicant’. Express your organisation’s personality and passion. 
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