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Utilise Skills Pathways


There are a multitude of education and training pathways into the sector that can give you an advantage in bringing employees into your organisation. A great place to start is to have a conversation with a field officer from your Local (DET) Training office. Local Training offices can assist with a range of training services and enquiries, including services relating to apprenticeships and traineeships, including school-based traineeships.

Find your local Training regional office.

Some ideas:

  • Engage with local higher education and training providers to place students undertaking relevant qualifications
  • Employ staff on traineeships – thereby getting a training subsidy and an employer incentive payment, and support on-the-job training
  • Develop Skilling Queenslanders for Work programs to support clients and carers into employment
  • Use school-based traineeships or VET in Schools to attract younger workers
  • Work with schools to take work experience placements to attract students to work in the sector 
Workforce Engagement Strategies

Workforce Engagement Strategy 2 – Build and Utilise a Clear Picture of the Employee/s You Seek to Engage