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State-Wide Initiatives

A number of state-wide workforce supply and capability initiatives have been developed to build workforce intelligence, inform changed practice and provide sector leadership.

These initiatives will help to:

  • Analyse the big picture across the sector skills ecosystem to identify state wide drivers, responses and emerging trends to help build a sustainable workforce;
  • Research Queensland’s current and future NDIS workforce to inform, evidence-based state wide and local workforce planning and development;
  • Coordinate articulation of the disability workforce in Queensland, drawing on existing intelligence and identifying gaps;
  • Provide easy to use data to support workforce planning and preparation;
  • Provide initiatives, tools and resources produced in Queensland and other jurisdictions to support placed based planning of responses to workforce need;
  • Engage strategic leaders to assist all stakeholders in understanding the full and systemic change and workforce transition required as a result of the introduction of the NDIS; and
  • Develop organisation’s capability to plan for their future workforce through the delivery of a NDIS workforce planning skills program.



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