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Seeding youth interest: Orientation sessions promote disability sector benefits to leaders in education

Seeding youth interest: Orientation sessions promote disability sector benefits to leaders in education

WorkAbility Queensland Coordinator, Natalie Palelei presented an orientation session and resources for Careers in Disability to more than 80 Industry Liaison Officers, Heads of Senior Schooling, Deputy Principals, Principals, Industry and state government representatives.

On 20 and 21 March, the Department of Employment, Small Business and Training (DESBT) hosted the Vocational Education and Training Professional Development Forums to school representatives in the Logan, Gold Coast and Redlands areas. The purpose was ‘Connecting with Industry’, and WorkAbility Queensland was joined by hospitality, construction, health, automotive and local government program representatives.

Other industries are competing for a younger workforce with similar soft skills. Interpersonal skills are highly valued alongside aptitude, suitability, literacy, numeracy and driver’s licenses.

Engaging with staff and leaders within schools ensures the active development of frontline champions to promote exciting disability sector workforce opportunities.

Vocational Education and Training in Schools (VETiS), School-based Apprenticeships and Traineeships (SAT), work experience and sampling are all ways local employers can ‘grow their own’ workforce, while growing the interest of young people to start their careers and training in the sector.

What careers?

The careers created by the NDIS implementation are wide and varied. Does your organisation have a Career in Disability Pathway?

Careers in disability pathways include: Allied Health Services, Planning, Management and Coordination, Home Services, Support Services, Education Services, Government, Peak Bodies, Advocacy and Legal Services, Working with Children, Australian Disability Enterprises, Employment Programs and Adaptive Technology

A list of some potential pathways for careers in the sector.

What are some potential VET pathways?

There are many opportunities and pathways for training. All parts of the sector are potential training grounds for the necessary new workforce, and TAFE certificates can provide a solid path forward.

Potential VET pathways include: Adaptive Technology - Cert III in Allied Health Assistance, Advocacy and Legal - Cert III in Auslan, Allied Health Services - Cert III in Business/Admin, Australian Disability Enterprise - Cert III in Community Services, Education - Cert III in Early Childhood Education & Care, Employment Programs - Cert III in Education Support, Government - Cert III in Individual Support, Home Services - Cert III in Sport and Recreation, Peak Bodies - Cert IV in Allied Health Assistance, Planning and Coordination - Cert IV in Disability, Support Services - Cert IV in Employment Services, Working with Children - Cert IV Mental Health

Meet with potential employees by joining our roadshows – follow the WorkAbility Queensland events page.

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