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Resource: Workforce Planning Connect

Resource: Workforce Planning Connect

Workforce Planning Connect is a suite of user-friendly resources designed to support small and medium-sized businesses to undertake workforce planning, regardless of their knowledge or experience.

Workforce planning involves planning for the people who will help your business deliver its products and services to your customers. Similar to business planning, it is a continuous process of identifying the existing skills of your workforce (where you are now), desired future skills (where you are going), workforce gaps, and strategies and actions to close those gaps (how you will get there). These strategies and actions can include training and development, recruitment and improving workforce performance.

Businesses that align strategic, business and workforce plans are better placed to identify current and future workforce requirements. Aligning these processes also allows workforce decisions which respond to business or industry changes and opportunities as well as to identify business risks.

Download the toolkit or follow the steps below to begin your workforce planning journey.

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