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Local Initiatives

A number of local initiatives were delivered across the state as the NDIS is rolled out in Queensland, which will provide local solutions for local needs. These initiatives:

  • Provided local level stakeholder engagement and coordination
  • Developed new relationships to support new worker entry
  • Provided new insights, ideas, ways of understanding and solving local problems and understanding where opportunities lie at a local level
  • Established local working groups
  • Local workforce initiatives were delivered in 14 regions across the state as the NDIS was rolled out in Queensland from 2016 to 2019.

Regional initiatives and resources:


New Entrant Engagement

A number of new entrant engagement opportunities took place regionally to promote the NDIS to job seekers, career changers and students as the NDIS was rolled out across the state. These engagement opportunities helped to increase the supply of the workers in the disability services sector, where and when they were needed.

This engagement was targeted at specific populations including high school students, job seekers, tertiary students, Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander workers, CALD workers, people with a disability and carers.

Where possible and practical this work was done collaboratively with the appropriate local stakeholders and existing programs and projects.

NDIS Working Groups

Local working groups were formed in each region in line with the roll out timetable identified in the NDIS rollout for Queensland.

These working groups included stakeholders interested in making a contribution to ensuring the workforce meets the requirements and needs of people with a disability, their carers and families.

Local working group members worked together to help to manage the supply of the disability sector workforce in their region by identifying the priorities, and developing and implementing locally appropriate and responsive strategies to support the transition and implementation of the NDIS.

Local Leadership and Coordination

A Place Based Coordinator was appointed in each region to lead local work and network with service providers and workers on the ground.

Local Workforce Plan

Local Workforce Plans provided a local blueprint for action on workforce priorities for each region in Queensland. The plans were developed by local working groups who work together in identifying local issues, setting priorities for action and outlining place based supply, capability and utilisation initiatives to support the region in having the right people, with the right skills, in the right place, at the right time to support the implementation of the NDIS in the region.

Workforce Capability

Workforce development activities were held in each region that responded to identified local needs that had been prioritised in the Local Workforce Plan. These workforce development activities helped to build the capability and capacity of workers to respond to the consumer demand as a result of the rollout of the NDIS in Queensland.

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