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La Trobe University makes risky business a good choice

La Trobe University makes risky business a good choice

Disability workers are often called on to support people with cognitive disabilities, including people with intellectual disabilities or acquired brain injuries. La Trobe University has taken a look at issues surrounding choice – how can disability support workers safely enable the people they support to live an engaged and meaningful life, while minimising potential harm involved in ‘risky’ activities?

Enabling Risk: Putting Positives First is a La Trobe University online resource library specifically for disability support workers. It examines risk enablement and how taking take risks positively can empower the people they support.

The course is comprised of five modules that define risk, its types of outcomes and factors that can influence risk-taking behaviour; the four essentials of risk enablement; the risk enablement process for supporting people with cognitive disabilities; applying the process; and the benefits.

If the course interests you or you would like to find out more, please click here.


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