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Innovative Workforce Fund – Applications Open 6 March 2017

Innovative Workforce Fund – Applications Open 6 March 2017

Applications for the Innovative Workforce Fund will open Monday 6 March 2017.

The Innovative Workforce Fund is an initiative of the Australian Government Department of Social Services.

The purpose of the Innovative Workforce Fund is to:

  • support projects that explore more efficient and effective ways to engage, develop and utilise the disability workforce; and
  • build a strong evidence base that supports innovative approaches for participants of the National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS).

The Innovative Workforce Fund has been established from an allocation of the Sector Development Fund and will be administered by National Disability Services.

Applications will open on 6 March 2017, and will be accepted from organisations and individuals throughout Australia.

Applicants must address one or more of the following four Innovative Workforce Fund priority areas:

Stream 1 – Redesign support worker roles and test new work roles.

Stream 2 – Streamlined administration practices such as human resources, recruitment and retention of staff.

Stream 3 – Role of technology in workforce practices.

Stream 4 – Workforce development in rural and remote areas (including Indigenous workers) and strategies to build capacity to attract and develop the workforce in thin markets.

Applications will not open until 9am on Monday 6 March 2017. At this time, you will be able to apply and access funding guidelines at www.workforce.nds.org.au/innovation.

For more information download the flyer or contact:

Leila Wright
Project Manager
Innovation Workforce Fund, National Disability Services

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