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Finding Person-Organisation Fit

This is about finding out if the candidate’s values and attitudes match those of the organisation. There are no robust measures to effectively assess an individual’s degree of fit within an organisation but the inclusion of the following process in your recruitment processes may offer insight.

  • Clearly articulating your organisational values and culture in the position description and marketing will help potential candidates understand your organisation and self-assess their own degree of fit.
  • Behavioural and attitudinal questions in the selection process are essential. For example: Tell us an example of a complex customer service/service delivery issue you needed to deal with recently – what was the issue, how did you resolve it and is there anything that you would do differently if this came up again?
  • Use your reference checks wisely. Ask deliberate questions about the candidate’s values and behaviours. For example: Tell me about when ….. demonstrated her/his commitment to quality care. Was this typical of the way ….. worked with clients? 
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