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You can find your perfect job in the disability industry – there are a diverse range of jobs to match your life experience, skills, or qualifications and to suit the stage you are at in your life or career.

Everyday Support

Everyday Support is working directly with people with disability to support them in their daily life. It can include different aspects of a person’s life such as support to participate in social activities, build life skills, go shopping, budget, plan, travel and live independently.

Everyday Support jobs suit a range of people and offer a number of benefits like good work-life balance, job variety, local work, entry level positions and salary and benefits

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Job Support

Providing Job Support includes working directly with people with disability to support them find work or succeed at work. Support to find work can include finding suitable roles, coaching on job applications and interviews, providing information to employers and coordinating skill development and training. Support to succeed at work can include coaching and training people on the job or sourcing and organising any supports and modifications needed in the workplace.

Job Support suits people with good communication and relationship building skills and offers workers a number of benefits such as seeing people achieve their goals, job variety and salary packaging.

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Specialist Support

Specialist Support includes a broad range of areas under the general term of ‘allied health’ such as physiotherapy, speech therapy, occupational therapy, psychology and social work. As well as other specialist services like interpreting, art and music therapy, providing aids and equipment and assistive technology.

Specialist Support roles suit people who are qualified in a specialist area and want to focus on disability work or expand their expertise to the disability industry.

With the introduction of the NDIS providing greater choice and control for people with disability, it is expected that there will be increased demand for specialist supports into the future.

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Administration and Management

Like with all industries, Administration and Management jobs in the disability industry, support and lead organisations to deliver services and operate efficiently and effectively. Roles vary from entry level administration to senior and executive management. You may work in a small organisation and team or a statewide organisation offering services in multiple locations.

Administration and management jobs can suit people at any stage of their life or career, or industry background and the disability industry offers workers a number of benefits comparable to other industries.

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