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Build and Utilise a Clear Picture of the Employee/s You Seek to Engage

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1. Clearly define the type of employee you are seeking for the role/s you are trying to fill We are looking for flexible, trainable new entrants who have a desire to help others and a commitment to community. We are looking for a skilled service coordinator with Bachelor level Qualifications and strong team leadership skills and/or potential to develop We are looking to engage new staff that are reflective of the cultural diversity of our community
2. Brainstorm and identify how and where to engage these specific types of people. Make sure you are thinking about people who may not necessarily be looking for work in your field, as well as those who are. Volunteer groups, community events, a shopping centre stall or display, CareCareers, Jobs Expos, organisation open days Professional networks, LinkedIn jobs, headhunting, secondments, word of mouth Cultural groups and leaders, shops and meeting places, appropriate marketing material (eg. multiple languages and culturally appropriate design); Government programs (eg. DATSIP)
3. Ensure effective ‘on boarding’ into your organisation (see onboarding section) Offer thorough inductions and have a suitable training plan in place immediately. Offer thorough induction and clarity about role expectations Offer thorough induction and have a suitable training plan in place immediately
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