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Alternatives to the Traditional Interview

Interviews don’t work for everyone and some of those might be the best people for your job. Interviews are also incredibly time consuming and may not give you the information you need about the candidate. Many organisations are experimenting with a range of alternatives to traditional panel interviews that allow for candidate, client and co-worker interaction. Here are some examples:

  • Meet n Greet: a lot less formal than an interview, this can be done in a café and is generally an unstructured conversation. As the recruiter, you may want to have some topics you want to cover but this is a general ‘get to know each other’ conversation.
  • Speed Meeting (similar to Speed Dating): this is useful if you have a number of roles to fill about 10 shortlisted candidates to select from. You’ll need the same number of interviewers as candidates and these may come from across the organisation and may even include clients. Each interviewer should have a particular topic or set of topics to cover in conversation with the candidates and a template to record key points on. Each candidate spends approximately 7 – 10 minutes with each interviewer. A timekeeper should facilitate shifts from one interviewer to the next. Following the Speed Meeting you should have some ‘mingling’ time for interviewers to follow up with candidates that they would like to hear more from. Afterwards, interviewer feedback, assessments and recommendations should be compiled and assessed.
  • Recruiting Parties: particularly useful for recruiting a number of staff or when there are a large number of shortlisted candidates to choose from. After selecting the top candidates invite them to an after-hours BBQ or afternoon tea, where they can meet and mingle with potential clients and co-workers. You can encourage interaction by introducing some group activities or icebreakers. Through this interaction, recruiters can see how candidates respond to clients and co-workers and how they might fit into the organisational culture. 
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